[Coladam] Versions of ADAM?

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Thanks for the link to the eBay auction, but I already saw that one a couple 
months ago. Thought about it, but I'm currently not collecting CBS 
releases... but if I ever start, I'll probably be kicking myself for not 
grabbing one of these immaculate CBS CV boxes.

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Interesting info... I wonder if any other versions included the additional 
keys on the keyboard that are hidden on the US model?

Just found this on ebay.co.uk.... 

Might be a good addition to you collection. ;)

On Aug 2, 2012, at 5:31 PM, Jim Notini wrote:

> The ADAM was, of course sold in North America (U.S. and Canada) with some 
> of the Canadian ADAM boxes and ???manuals??? being multilingual (English 
> and French).
> You are correct that it was sold in England in association with CBS 
> Electronics, but I'm not sure if both versions (Exp. Mod. #3 and 
> Stand-Alone) were sold there... probably both. England actually saw 
> widespread availability as can be evidenced by the large users group that 
> was based there... U.K.A.S. run by Keith Marner for many years.
> The Exp. Mod. #3 WAS sold in FRANCE as well and included a Slot #2 
> Language Card that was populated with the French language version of 
> SmartWRITER. I heard about these Interface Cards BITD, but never saw one 
> until about 6 months ago when a system with this card showed up on eBay 
> France. I grabbed the pic and should have went after the system, but 
> shipping would have been crazy expensive although I could have told the 
> seller to keep/junk the printer.
> As far as any other countries such as Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, 
> etc., I'm have no clue but would assume that they may have made there way 
> to these countries, but in extremely small quantities.
> Jim/NIAD
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>> Am I right in thinking that the ADAM was only ever sold in North America?
>> Are there any other localizations besides English in the system ROM?
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