[Coladam] Transferring ADAM tape/disk images to physical media

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Geoff - I'm about to head out to work, but just wanted to note that currently the device is nothing more than a CF card and mapping circuitry - it doesn't support IDE hard drives at all. A cf card uses three address lines to access all of it's functionality, which is why this requires 8 consecutive memory locations. I have done both 8 and 16 bit IDE interfaces for my various vintage machines and it would be trivial to add one to this. Note that an 8-bit ide interface can still use the newer drives, but it only uses half the drives capacity, but I don't fool with the 8 bit interfaces anymore because they are so wasteful - I switched all my designs to use a latched 16-bit mode as you mention. Of course, until I can get the proper pinouts for the adam slots - I wont be able to lay out the PCB....- John

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It might be good to stick with convention and use the same slot that the Powermate IDE controller uses. The Powermate controller. From what I've seen, the controller latches the read/write data so that you can do 16-bit data access and the controller steps to the next address when you read out high or low order byte of the receive data (otherwise it would have to use difficult to find XT IDE drives). They used the same idea on the XTIDE controller that's floating around now. If you could make a workalike then you wouldn't have to worry about the device driver issue.
The PM IDE plugs into the leftmost slot (number 1). Here's a list of all the existing IO ports in the ADAM...

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> I have a quick question: Does anyone have legible pinouts of the 3 expansion connectors of the Adam? I have managed to get the pinouts for the RAM expansion connector from Richard's 64K schematic. The other two, I am having difficulty. I can make out most of it from Richard's Adamboard_working schematic, but I can't make them all out. The reason that I ask is that after I returned home from work this morning (I worked third shift last night and have to be back at 4pm to close the store so I am about to have to go to sleep, but anyway... back to the point..) I have created a schematic for an CF Card adapter for the Adam. I just need the pinout for the three expansion connectors so I can A) Decide which slot to stick it in and B) do the actual PCB layout. The CF Card requires 8 consecutive addresses in the I/O map. Since I do not know what all hardware exists for the adam and what addresses remain available, I have designed the device with jumpers so that it can be mapped to any 8 bytes in the I/O space. Let me know if anyone has the pinout info and when i return home from work around midnight tonight I will complete the design and share it with you folks. -John
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>> Coleco were evil and specifically designed the DDP shell to not
>> fit into an audio tape deck.
>> I actually have in my possession several DDPs that did have the proper guide holes in them to fit in an audio tape deck. These were new and sealed, so it really surprised me when I opened them and saw that. I'm thinking Coleco might have gone to regular shell casings late in the game perhaps as a cost cutting measure or perhaps whoever manufactured the casings accidently produced them with the holes in them.
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