[Coladam] Transferring ADAM tape/disk images to physical media

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A little off subject or maybe not. I had in my possession in the 90's (thanks to Doug Rosenvinge) an actual Coleco DDP Formatter for making standard Center Directory DDPs and non-standard Right Directory DDPs (Super Game DDPs). The unit was actually a modified Expansion Module #3 Memory Console with two Data Drives, a custom chipset/firmware that IIRC was installed in place of the SmartWRITER chips and was powered by a ColecoVision Power Transformer... it did not require hookup to a TV or Monitor especially seeing as there was no video output, obviously.

To use, you would decide what type of DDP you wanted to create and place an audio cassette in the appropriate drive (the unit being already plugged in). After a short delay, the drive would start and the formatting process would begin. A couple of minutes later and the drive would stop and you would have yourself an ADAM DDP that only required the user to perform an INIT(ialize) command in SmartBASIC or other program to write a proper directory block to it.

What would be of interest here is the firmware that was included with this unit seeing as it contains the formatting code for making both styles of Data Packs. Unfortunately, I sold my original CV&ADAM collection back in 1998/99 to someone via a sales thread in the ADAM Section on CompuServe and for the life of me,  I can't remember who it was! What is you, Bob S.? Also, as far as this Coleco DDP Formatter,  l also don't recall if I gave it to Lyle Marschand when we closed up shop wth N.I.A.D. or it went to the buyer of my collection. Anyway, if we could find this unit and get it into John Turner's hands, it could be very beneficial to all.

As far as making WAV files of DDPs, I'm not an expert on this, but it would seem to be a lot less work to write a program that could do the conversion than performing all the steps necessary using a computer hooked up to a Stereo/Tape Deck thru the sound card. It's easy enough to split a DDP up onto two ADAM disks, then use DCOPY to create two Disk Images and then from there to join the two Disk Images using ADAMem and write to a DDP Image. Also, Disk and DDP Images have been made off almost all the ADAM software that is worthwhile, so it would just be a matter of someone writing this Image to WAV Conversion program to get the ball rolling. Thankfully, I have everything I need to convert between an old PC (bought for $75 a couple years ago when I got back into the ADAM scene) and the ADAM, but there are others that could benefit from such a conversion utility.

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  Couldn't you just put the DDP in a standard tape deck, connect the "LINE OUT" from the tape deck into the "LINE IN" of the PC, and record the sound using any wave audio recording software (e.g., Audacity, which is free)?

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    As I see it, someone would have to write a program (Windows, DOS or Mac OS) to convert the DDP or Disk Image to a WAV file.
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      One post that went unanswered at the end of the "easiest way" thread, below, referenced something that I'm also curious about:  With the Apple II, it's possible to play back a WAV of a cassette, into a tape recorder, and then use the tape with the Apple II cassette in/out jacks.  Is it possible (assuming that one drills the necessary holes in the cassette to allow it to sit in a DDP drive) to do the same thing with ADAM DDP images?  That would save me an enormous amount of work-around attempts!

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        I posted a bunch of information on AtariAge about transferring programs back and forth between an ADAM and PC. Follow these links for all the message threads and everything that you will need. The Serial transfer method could be used as well, but is a lot more involved in my opinion.






        AtariAge, as well as this list, is a great source for information, just remember to put that Forum Search feature to good use to find items of interest.


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          Is it possible to transfer an ADAM tape (or disk) image to physical media?
          How is this done?  I'm familiar with the process on the Apple II, but are
          there transfer programs (similar to ADTPro on the Apple II) and serial
          connectors (similar to the Super Serial Card on the Apple II) available for
          the ADAM?

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