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Sure it will work...at the time, the #1 module was a "future" expansion 
device. It works just as anything else designed to plug into the side port 

I suppose you could try plugging it into one of the internal expansion slots 
or ADAMNet, but I am almost sure it won't fit <grin>...

Is this a good time to give a plug to Opcode's Super Game Module which will 
also plug into the side expansion port?

For details and to order, go to: http://www.opcodegames.com/

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> OK gang, got a question here.  Kevin has an ADAM I sent to him and he 
> wants to add an Atari module 1 to it.  My understanding was always that it 
> was a no brainer into the side expansion slot; but Kevin was looking at 
> the setup docs for the ADAM and it qualifies the side expansion slot as 
> for “future” expansion.  Please jump in and clarify the use of that slot 
> for use with the Atari module # 1 so’s Kevin doesn’t buy a lot of Atari 
> carts with the add on module and it won’t work.
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