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I would love to have access to any of the below!

On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 6:19 PM, Jim Notini <jnoti2 at comcast.net> wrote:

> Back in the day, late 80's and early 90's, Jim Walters of Walters Software
> Co. started producing cartridges for use with the ADAM Computer. His
> initial cartridge release was the "SmartDSK Cart", which was a set of
> ramdisk utilties, later he drastically updated this cart and changed the
> name to "ADAM's DeskTop" and also made it available on a Prom Chip which
> could be installed in an open socket on the M.I. Parallel Interface Card.
> He also developed a cart called "SmartMATE", which was for use with the
> original MFM (and RLL ??? ) line of M.I. Hard Disk Drives... I don't think
> that he ever updated this Hard Drive utility for use with M.I.'s later line
> of IDE Hard Drives, but if he did, then all we need to do is track down one
> of these carts and dump it to a rom image file and then place on either the
> AtariMax 128-in-1 USB or Ultimate SD MultiCarts to use with ADAMcon's new
> IDE/CF package.
> Seeing as Jim Walters spent all the time and effort to get setup to
> produce cartridges, he also made available a service to place numerous ADAM
> programs onto cart as a special order service. There were limitations as to
> what could be placed onto a cart and the program had to be 32K or
> smaller... SmartBASIC v1.0 was one of these program that could be placed
> onto cart and numerous copies were sold although I haven't seen one become
> available since getting back into the scene in late 2009.
> Probably the only people that might have some of these different carts are
> ADAMcon and Rich Clee seeing as they were smart enough to keep there
> original collections all these years as well as acquire numerous systems
> over the years from people looking to find a good home for them when they
> didn't need them anymore.
> I've been meaning to send Jim an email to discuss some things and now I
> have even more reason to do so.
> Jim
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>  What's this about a SmartBASIC boot cartridge?  And where do I get
>> one?  And how much does it cost?  And can its ROM be used via the
>> Atarimax Ultimate SD cart... when/if I get one?
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>>> The Atarimax Ultimate SD cartirdge could be used as a boot cartridge if
>>> someone spends the time to do so. Just like the old SmartBasic and Walters
>>> EOS boot cartridges.
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