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That could be a tall order to accomplish, Shon, to emulate thru the AtariMax cart.

Actually, something on the lines of Opcode's upcoming SGM might be easier seeing as it's " BASICALLY " (and I say this very lightly as I don't have the hardware skills to know for sure) a very scalled down Expansion Module #3 ADAM Logic Board that retains the onboard 32K of RAM, but adds an additional sound chip.

What could be a very interesting project for someone with the abilities such as Opcode would be to expand upon the SGM and add the necessary elements of the ADAM Computer (ADAMnet, E.O.S., I/O, 96K of RAM (32K standard plus 64K expanded to cover programs that require expanded memory), etc. and do away with items that wouldn't be necessary such as the Digital Data Drives, BUT replace them with an ADAMnet compatible and built-in SD Drive. So in essense, you have a miniaturized Expansion Module #3 (probably could be the size of the originally planned Coleco SGM) with the additional sound chip that Opcode's SGM provides that would install in the CV's Expansion Bus. Again, I'm no hardware guru, but it probably could even be powered by the CV Power Supply. Seeing as this dream configuration would contain the ADAMnet communications protocol, one could even connect an ADAM Keyboard and Disk Drive to it as long as 2 ADAMnet ports where provided as well.

Something like this could be very enticing for current CV owners who would have all the benefits of Opcode's SGM along with having a nearly complete ADAM (everything someone would want) without the space drawback and then have access to all ADAM software via the SD Drive and disk images. While there are a lot of dudes among the ADAM Homebrew software, there are indeed enough quality titles that could make this a worthwhile project as well as all the Coleco made ADAM software.

Also, if an SD Drive could be developed in the manner mentioned above, it could be offered as an individual product as well for those that own an ADAM.

Kinda reminds me of a series of articles that Barry Wilson used to write, "What the ADAM World Really Needs...".
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  I would love to have access to any of the below!

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    Back in the day, late 80's and early 90's, Jim Walters of Walters Software Co. started producing cartridges for use with the ADAM Computer. His initial cartridge release was the "SmartDSK Cart", which was a set of ramdisk utilties, later he drastically updated this cart and changed the name to "ADAM's DeskTop" and also made it available on a Prom Chip which could be installed in an open socket on the M.I. Parallel Interface Card. He also developed a cart called "SmartMATE", which was for use with the original MFM (and RLL ??? ) line of M.I. Hard Disk Drives... I don't think that he ever updated this Hard Drive utility for use with M.I.'s later line of IDE Hard Drives, but if he did, then all we need to do is track down one of these carts and dump it to a rom image file and then place on either the AtariMax 128-in-1 USB or Ultimate SD MultiCarts to use with ADAMcon's new IDE/CF package.

    Seeing as Jim Walters spent all the time and effort to get setup to produce cartridges, he also made available a service to place numerous ADAM programs onto cart as a special order service. There were limitations as to what could be placed onto a cart and the program had to be 32K or smaller... SmartBASIC v1.0 was one of these program that could be placed onto cart and numerous copies were sold although I haven't seen one become available since getting back into the scene in late 2009.

    Probably the only people that might have some of these different carts are ADAMcon and Rich Clee seeing as they were smart enough to keep there original collections all these years as well as acquire numerous systems over the years from people looking to find a good home for them when they didn't need them anymore.

    I've been meaning to send Jim an email to discuss some things and now I have even more reason to do so.


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      What's this about a SmartBASIC boot cartridge?  And where do I get
      one?  And how much does it cost?  And can its ROM be used via the
      Atarimax Ultimate SD cart... when/if I get one?

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        The Atarimax Ultimate SD cartirdge could be used as a boot cartridge if someone spends the time to do so. Just like the old SmartBasic and Walters EOS boot cartridges.

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