[Coladam] Coladam Digest, Vol 88, Issue 9

Steve Pitman swp at cinci.rr.com
Wed Oct 24 13:26:40 CEST 2012

Maybe you should check out kickstarter.com,  a lot of projects get funded that way, it's worth the try.  An Android based console got funded 8 1/2 million dollars on there recently (they were only asking for like $900,000) and it's coming out next year for $99. Not saying you would get anywhere near that for Colecovision/Adam of course but something is better than nothing.

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On Oct 23, 2012, at 11:49 PM, Eduardo Mello <eduardo at opcodegames.com> wrote:

> Jim,
> Now how about something a little more advanced than that. How about an
> improved ADAM.
> Because once the SGM is out, I was planning to start working to on an
> improved ColecoVision. So we would expand on that and have an improved
> ADAM based on the new CV architecture. Of course we would need to add
> ADAMnet, which I am not totally familiar with, but I guess that can be
> emulated by a large CPLD.
> For the new CV I am planning a Z80 at 7.14MHz, with software
> selectable clock, a V9958 for video, which is TMS9928 compatible but
> offers a number of interesting improvements specially for computer
> applications. It has four new bitmap modes, maximum resolution of
> 512x424 interlaced, 256 simultaneous RGB colors on screen, and a 80
> columns text mode. 16 programmable color palettes from 512 colors on
> all modes, hardware scroll. It also offers a special variation of the
> 256 color modes where we can have 19,000 colors on screen, using YJK
> encoding (a kind of JPEG variation). The V9958 also offers a blitter,
> like some 16 bits from the 80s.
> In addition to that a DMA and interruption controllers. And a couple
> of new sound chips, the extra PSG from the SGM + a YM2151, awesome for
> music.
> For the ADAM variation we would add a RTC, a more flexible and
> powerful MMU (perhaps allowing 16MB of RAM to be mapped), a few on
> board connection ports like serial and parallel, and of course
> ADAMnet. And was you mentioned, SD. Perhaps even ethernet, I know that
> you can buy an ethernet controller those days that even includes a
> TCP/IP stack, so you don't need to implement that by software, which
> would be very inefficient anyway using a Z80.
> So it would still keep the retro flavor of the original, but expand on
> many areas. Of course I would need help with the base software stuff,
> like OS, BIOS, etc.
> But I believe that with good planning it would be possible.
> Eduardo

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