[Coladam] Call the new Adam Colecovision II

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Thu Oct 25 21:37:30 CEST 2012

Personally, I think $200 is a bit steep. At $90, the SGM is worth it, but
just barely. Knowing that likely I won't get another crack at it ever is
what makes the price just affordable. A CV2, in my opinion, would need to
be at about $150 to be affordable as a collector item. If it was more of a
mass-market thing like the retro clones I showed, then it would need to be
less than that. To really sell them as current market items and not just
to collectors it would probably need to be about $75. I doubt you'd be
able to do that without some major backing.

Just a thought, but maybe one of those companies already making those
clones would be interested in a partnership. Worth a looksee at least.


> I was not suggesting to make 10,000 units all at once. One could make 500
> or less units at once and then after those are sold another 500 units
> could be made. Of course if it is not profitable to make a Colecovision II
> it should not be made, my point is I think it would be easy to sell 10,000
> Colecovision II’s for around $200 over a couple year period.
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> OK, just for the sake of argument...10,000... Each unit costs $100 to
> produce (hardware, box printing, manuals, etc.)...you got $1 million to
> invest? Bank loan? Ummm...well, I want to re-create a modern version of a
> 30-year-old video game console...DENIED... Plus you would be competing for
> sales & shelf space with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.----- Original
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> Perhaps Walmart would require 100,000 units, however 10,000 units would be
> ideal for Amazon , EBAY, and some small retail stores.
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> Indeed.
> Eduardo
> On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 12:54 PM, Joe Blenkle - Comcast
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> While I share your enthusiasm for all things ADAM/ColecoVision, I don't
> think Wal-Mart would give you the time of day unless you could supply them
> with several 100,000 units and guarantee them a substantial flow of
> software
> for the machine. The kind of money needed to produce all this would kill
> the
> project before it started.
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