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I do not understand your reasoning. When ColecoVision was originally 
released it was state-of-the-art cutting edge video game technology. It had 
millions of dollars behind it, along with TV and magazine ads. Now we have 
Smart Phones that are capable of running more advanced games than 

With the Smart Phones, PCs, Xbox 360s, Sony PlayStations, Nintendo Wii - who 
would honestly buy a CV2 over a more advanced...and possibly less expensive 
machine? As a CV fan, I would want one, but only to guard against the 
electronic failure of my 30-year-old hardware which will probably come 
sooner rather than later. If I'm a gamer, I would bypass the 30-year-old 
technology in favor of a new machine.

If there are 10,000 potential buyers out there based on your figures, why 
has Opcode's SGM barely topped 200 orders? Surely more of these 10,000 
buyers would want the SGM...not just 200. Likewise, why do the fantastic 
homebrew cartridges barely sell out a run of 100 games?

Don't get me wrong...200+ SGMs is fantastic for what we are dealing with 
here...as are 100 homebrew cartridges...but 10,000? Without millions of 
dollars in marketing, advertising and production expenses, it just won't 

I think you are taking a "Build it and they will buy" attitude...but unless 
you are willing to be stuck with 9,800 CV2 consoles in your back bedroom 
anyone tackling this project and producing that many...or even a run of 
500...would be taking a huge financial risk.

I know Eduardo has millions in his Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts, 
but even he seems to be balking at the numbers of units you are tossing 

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The Colecovision first came out in 1982 and then was discontinued by October 
1985. Total amount of Colecovisions sold is estimated to be over 2 million 
back in the spring of 1984. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = 
"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
In 1986 a lower quality Colecovision clone called the Telegames Personal 
Arcade was sold. The problem with the Telegames Personal Arcade is that it 
was not compatible with some Colecovision cartridge games and it lacked the 
expansion module slot. It is estimated that several thousands of consules 
were sold but that has not been verified.
Its been 30 years since the Colecovision first came out in 1982. Out of 2 
million Colecovisions sold perhaps only 1% are still being used. If 1% of 
people are still using their Colecovision then that would mean there are 
currently 20,000 active users of the Colecovison console with perhaps many 
more using a PC Colecovision emulator (how many thousands of Colecovision 
emulators have been downloaded?).
            So I believe that if a Colecovision II existed within the next 
2-3 years that a minimum of 10,000 consules could be sold if it did 
everything the old Colecovision did (including the front expansion slot) and 
offered a HDMI output with standard composite video output. A small company 
could start off by running off 500 Colecovsion II’s at a time and then once 
those are sold then another 500 could be made. Until one day perhaps 10,000 
are sold after a few years.
Maybe no one is interested in making that many Colelecovision II’s and would 
only want a limited run of 200. The problem with a limited run of 200 is 
that it would not meet the demand.

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