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This 6 million units is a number I have heard quite a bit going all the way back to the 80's when the ADAM Users Group (including NIAD) were in full swing and still purchasing stock directly from Coleco... before the big sell off to the major retailers like KayBee Toys, Zayre, etc. and then the final big sell off of mostly loose items to ADAM's House (eColeco), American Design Components and a few others.

I wish I had kept my original collection instead of selling it off in '98 as I had a lot of Coleco correspondence, but for the most part now, all I can go on is my memory of these items and discussions that I have been lucky enough to have with former Coleco employees.

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  I always wondered where that 6 million number came from. Do you know? Is there an official source for that? I remember reading a Coleco quartely report mentioning 2 something millions around 1984, but nothing after that.


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    Good old Wikipedia... there were 6 million ColecoVision sold worldwide.
    Also, there were roughly 950,000 ADAM Computers that were MADE... don't know
    how many were actually completely packaged up into those huge ADAM boxes
    that everyone loves to talk about. Out of this number of ADAM Computers,
    there is no idea of how many were the Stand-Alone ADAM with built-in
    ColecoVision and how many were the Expansion Module #3 ADAM.

    For discussion sake, let's say that less than half of the 950,000 number
    were the Expansion Module #3 variety, which would put the Stand-Alone number
    of ADAM's at 500,000 or more.

    So, 6 million CVs and 500,000 Stand-Alone ADAMs equals 6.5 million
    ColecoVision compatible systems, then add in the clones like the Dina
    (Personal Arcade, SpliceVision, etc.) and computers that had expansion units
    that allowed them to play ColecoVision carts and probably the total number
    would be close to 7 million.

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    The Colecovision first came out in 1982 and then was discontinued by October
    1985. Total amount of Colecovisions sold is estimated to be over 2 million
    back in the spring of 1984. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =
    "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
    In 1986 a lower quality Colecovision clone called the Telegames Personal
    Arcade was sold. The problem with the Telegames Personal Arcade is that it
    was not compatible with some Colecovision cartridge games and it lacked the
    expansion module slot. It is estimated that several thousands of consules
    were sold but that has not been verified.
    Its been 30 years since the Colecovision first came out in 1982. Out of 2
    million Colecovisions sold perhaps only 1% are still being used. If 1% of
    people are still using their Colecovision then that would mean there are
    currently 20,000 active users of the Colecovison console with perhaps many
    more using a PC Colecovision emulator (how many thousands of Colecovision
    emulators have been downloaded?).
                So I believe that if a Colecovision II existed within the next
    2-3 years that a minimum of 10,000 consules could be sold if it did
    everything the old Colecovision did (including the front expansion slot) and
    offered a HDMI output with standard composite video output. A small company
    could start off by running off 500 Colecovsion II’s at a time and then once
    those are sold then another 500 could be made. Until one day perhaps 10,000
    are sold after a few years.
    Maybe no one is interested in making that many Colelecovision II’s and would
    only want a limited run of 200. The problem with a limited run of 200 is
    that it would not meet the demand.

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