[Coladam] Coleco Controller v. Atari Controller

Joe Blenkle - Comcast jblenkle at comcast.net
Fri Oct 26 07:38:58 CEST 2012

I would say...not completely...the Coleco controller has two separate fire 
buttons...Atari only one...games that utilize the second button would be 
difficult to play with only one button. Plus you usually need the keypad to 
start the game. I have successfully started a game like Donkey Kong Jr. with 
a Coleco controller and then unplugged it and plugged in my Atari compatible 
Amiga powerstick and played just fine.

But recent messages here...or was it on AtariAge???...suggest hot swapping 
controllers is not a good idea. Now I have something else to be paranoid 

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> Is the Coleco Controller interchangable (as a matter of pinouts, etc.) 
> with
> the Atari controller?  I'm asking because RetroZone has a USB interface 
> for
> Atari controllers and I'm wondering if that same interface would work
> (albeit probably not for the numeric keypad) with the Coleco Controller?
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