[Coladam] between earthquakes and hurricanes...

tscott at magiqueproductions.com tscott at magiqueproductions.com
Tue Oct 30 18:57:18 CET 2012

Actually, we'd do well to remember that God created the Earth and
everything in it only several thousands of years ago. That's the wake-up
call. ;)


> Yes, thanks. Thinking more about all of you in the east, and watching
> developments on the tube. Hope everyone is safe.
> Our contribution to the events of the past few days did not touch us
> here nor Jeff and Francesca in Vancouver. It served as a wakeup call.
> St. John's Ambulance will no doubt run earthquake preparedness
> sessions over the next week, and for as long as they think they have a
> suitably  scared audience. After  that we'll return to our idle
> speculations  about 'The Big One'.
> Tektonic (sp??) plates will continue to shift beneath us .
> 60 million years ago this island of ours was completely under water.
> We would do well to remember that. They've just found rather large
> fish fossels high atop Mt. Benson, a 3000 ft prak that overlooks
> Nanaimo.
> End of off-topic rant
> Ron Mitchell

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