[Coladam] between earthquakes and hurricanes...

Tommy Scott tscott at magiqueproductions.com
Tue Oct 30 20:58:00 CET 2012

Well, you just need to get past the years and years of lies science has 
heaped on society and take a closer look and you'll even see that the 
geological evidence doesn't need to be put aside as it supports what we 
believe. But no more on that. Just couldn't resist spreading a little truth.


On 10/30/2012 11:42 AM, Ron Mitchell wrote:
> Geological evidence and our own legends of ADAM notwithstanding, I'm 
> with you Tommy
> R
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> On 2012-10-30, at 10:57 AM,tscott at magiqueproductions.com 
> <mailto:tscott at magiqueproductions.com> wrote:
>> Actually, we'd do well to remember that God created the Earth and
>> everything in it only several thousands of years ago. That's the wake-up
>> call. ;)
>> Tommyl 

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