[Coladam] between earthquakes and hurricanes...

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The Earth is only several thousand years old? Must be Satan's handiwork, 
that is, all this evidence that the Earth is millions of years old.

Never mind, this List is about a videogame system and computer that is 30 
years old... at least that much we can agree upon.

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> Actually, we'd do well to remember that God created the Earth and
> everything in it only several thousands of years ago. That's the wake-up
> call. ;)
> Tommy
>> Yes, thanks. Thinking more about all of you in the east, and watching
>> developments on the tube. Hope everyone is safe.
>> Our contribution to the events of the past few days did not touch us
>> here nor Jeff and Francesca in Vancouver. It served as a wakeup call.
>> St. John's Ambulance will no doubt run earthquake preparedness
>> sessions over the next week, and for as long as they think they have a
>> suitably  scared audience. After  that we'll return to our idle
>> speculations  about 'The Big One'.
>> Tektonic (sp??) plates will continue to shift beneath us .
>> 60 million years ago this island of ours was completely under water.
>> We would do well to remember that. They've just found rather large
>> fish fossels high atop Mt. Benson, a 3000 ft prak that overlooks
>> Nanaimo.
>> End of off-topic rant
>> Ron Mitchell
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