[Coladam] between earthquakes and hurricanes...

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Very well said Rob and I give you a big, but not in the least bit facetious 
towards anyone, Amen.

BTW, what's the point of the ever expanding Universe if Earth is the only 
planet that can sustain life? Wouldn't that just be the biggest waste of 
Space and Someone's time that you have ever heard of.

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> "Just ask science how to make a seed, or where the evidence is of any
> civilizations older than several thousands of years, or how a butterfly is
> explained through evolutionary processes, or any number of other things
> that confounds science."
> Just to be clear. You're confusing science with faith.
> Faith is beginning with conclusions and reinterpreting (or ignoring)
> evidence
> to best suit those conclusions.
> Science is looking at the evidence, and formulating models that best
> describe
> the evidence, and modifying those models as new evidence arises.
> Scientists careers are defined by how well they can poke holes in other
> scientists theories and/or keep their own theories from being debunked.
> The fact that scientific models adapt to new evidence is not its weakness,
> but
> its strength.  The fact that you think there's a easily refuted web of 
> lies
> regarding
> basic geology speaks to your ignorance (and arrogance) on the topic of
> scientific
> investigation.
> As for your specific questions of things that 'confound science', lack of
> knowledge
> doesn't imply 'science is wrong' anymore than a 14th century peasant could
> dismiss
> the scientific method because atomic theory was not yet understood.
> Anyways: There are countless examples of multiply-corroborated man made
> tools
> dating well past the 6 thousand years ago your specific tradition insists
> (actually
> best estimates around 2.6 million years ago).  And what specifically about
> the
> butterfly 'disproves' evolution?
> Sorry for the rant, but if you're going to push non-coleco agenda here, at
> least
> try to be factual.
> -Rob
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