[Coladam] between earthquakes and hurricanes... (Tommy Scott)

Rob Bairos rbairos at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 13:53:38 CET 2012

"And that's where Earthly wisdom falls short. There is only one way to
eternal salvation. All other paths lead to death. Jesus is the way the
truth and the life. Repent and put your trust in Jesus and you will be
saved. Anything else leads to death. There are NOT multiple paths to get
to the same place in the end, unless that place you refer to is Hell."

Sadly we still live in a society where its okay to tell someone they're
worthy of hell, but not okay to tell them they're an idi*t.  Apparently one
of those two things is considered offensive.

"..I, like all human beings, are so easily deceived and misled. If I were
to trust in my own feelings and logic then I'd be lost."

Err... who wants to tell him? ;)

"One can believe the Bible is 100% historically accurate and at the time
believe in observational science that proofs the Bible is true.

How could it be that tens of thousands of hard working honest (even
Christian) geologists, mineralogists, palaeontologists have *not*
thought of the 'arguments' posted there?
Could it be the decades of investigative research they've done which seeks
to  find truth by working diligently to disprove ideas is actually one
big conspiracy?
 Or could it be "Answers" In Genesis, is notoriously misleading and down
right fraudulent, and provably so?  Hmm..

Feel free to use it for your own purposes, but do not assume its scientific,
any more than one would assume an actor wearing a lab coat and stethoscope
on a TV commercial is proof their product is healthy.
If you want to accept ideas based on rigorous elimination of alternatives
and continuously developing new scenarios  to confirm them, use science.
If you want to believe notions based on what you want to be true, use your

Don't pretend one supports the other, because thats dishonest.
That's pretty much it.


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