[Coladam] Subject: Adam Bible programs

Rob Bairos rbairos at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 19:29:26 CET 2012

>There are many scientist with PH.D?s in several fields that believe in a
young Universe. Around 5% of the scientist in the world are still young
earth creationist that use both the historical evidence in the Bible and
science to support their worldview.

Complete and utter falsehoods.
5% of scientists believe in a young earth?
And you provide a link with about 200 'modern' scientists that support
creationism as evidence?

Well here's a list of actual scientists that support evolution:
There's 1200 and counting..

And before you get too excited, thats a list of scientists named Steve ;)

Based on this, you can do the math on what portion of scientists actually
 support creationism   Hint: Somewhere much less than 0.1% or, fifty times
less than your website claims.
Ask them to come up with their own list of scientists named Steve, see how
many they can find.... (They don't care, because truthfulness does not
concern them).

>Both evolutionist and creationist have the same facts, however when it
comes to historical science they interpret those facts differently.

No they don't.   Creationist websites *knowingly* misrepresent evolutionary
theory, scientific claims and omit entire disciplines of  science when
presenting their objections.   This is obvious when a creationist spouts of
a talking point like "If we came from monkeys, why are there still
monkeys?"  And other one-liners that demonstrate their ignorance of the

>When it comes to observational science regarding technology that makes
things like the space shuttle both creationist and evolutionist at  NASA
have the same scientific view regarding modern technology, its just on what
occurred in the past (historical science) is where the worldviews are

Again no its not.  Creationism is not a theory. Its not scientific. It
makes no testable claims.  It suggests no experimental procedure to
determine any claims.  It starts with an assertion that the Abrahamic bible
is factual,  (6,000 year old earth, global flood wiping out all animals
except those stored on a magic boat, all humanity descended from Adam +
Eve), etc and ignores evidence to the contrary. That's not science.

>Some modern scientists who have accepted the biblical account of creation
can be found at the following link

Care for a link to websites that promote a flat earth, or a hollow earth,
or an expanding earth?

This vid shows a quick number of dating methods of the Earth, and how they
agree with each other, (in cheat proof experiments, aka "blind" setups),
and how creationists fail miserably to address these claims:


Warning:  not for the close minded.


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