[Coladam] SmartBASIC PDL function

Kevin Powers kjpmail at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 14:44:46 CET 2012

Is it possible to read an analog position between 0 to 255 from a Coleco
controller via SmartBASIC's PDL function?  Or are Coleco controllers
strictly digital, such that they only produce 8 readings, for the 8 compass
positions of up/up-right/down-right/down/down-left/left/up-left?

I can't really tell based on page A-66 in the SmartBASIC manual.  It says
"it's like having a joystick, paddle, and numeric keypad in a single unit,"
but I don't know whether Coleco controllers actually have an analog

I'm asking this because I also do AppleSoft BASIC programming and the Apple
joystick IS an analog controller, so I'm wondering whether the presence of
readings from 0-255 in SmartBASIC is merely a vestige of their copying of
AppleSoft, or whether it actually serves a purpose on the ADAM.  (Similar
to the FP command, which registers as a valid OS command in SmartBASIC but
does not actually serve any purpose, because it was the means by which
AppleSoft programmers would switch from Integer BASIC to Floating-Point
AppleSoft BASIC.)

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