[Coladam] Sue's Surgery

Joe Blenkle - Comcast jblenkle at comcast.net
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Great news!!!

>From personal experience, I am somewhat envious of people with knee 
replacements. About 10 years ago I got knocked off my bike by a car and 
broke my leg at the knee. It shatterd the knee joint. While I'm sure we all 
agree it's nice to keep your own body parts, they put my knee back together. 
I wasn't allowed to walk for three months and had to go through physical 
therapy. Sneaky bast*rds in the hospital said they were giving me a shot to 
relax me. Next thing I knew I was waking up and it was all over.

After I was mobile again, I was talking to someone at a high school football 
game I was taking pictures at. He had just had a knee replacement a few days 
before and was up walking around perfectly normal. I think I got the short 
end of the deal!!!

Anyway, successful surgeries are always good news!!!

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> Hi Everyone,
> Just wanted to let you all know that Sue's knee replacement surgery was 
> successful and finally was able to see her late this evening. She's doing 
> well and wanted to say Hi to all. Will keep you updated.
> Guy

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