[Coladam] Direct-writing to an ADAM-formatted CF card

Kevin Powers kjpmail at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 02:56:21 CET 2012

Bob is in the process of setting up a CF card for me.

I have a bunch ("bunch" is understating it) of the homebrew games that
folks like Daniel Bienvenieu, etc. designed over the years.  I would very
much like to put them on the CF card.  However, due to me not having a
5.25" drive (other than a completely-incompatible Apple II 5.25" drive), it
is NOT possible to get this done via the traditional method of moving the
files to 5.25" disks and then moving them on the live ADAM.

Frankly, I would also like to move some SmartBASIC programs that I have on
my ADAMEm disk images over to the CF card.

So what I'm wondering is this:  Is it really, truly, absolutely,
categorically IMPOSSIBLE to direct-write files, currently stored on disk
IMAGES, tape IMAGES, or cartridge rom IMAGES, straight to an ADAM-formatted
CF card by inserting the CF card into a modern PC (say, Windows 7) with a
CF reader?

If it is impossible, then I'm probably just out of luck.  But if it is
possible, I'd really like to know what I could do to realize it.


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