[Coladam] Will ANYONE convert Buck Rogers Super Game to SGM-Cartridge format?

Kevin Powers kjpmail at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 04:40:18 CET 2013

I am desperate to have Buck Rogers Super Game in a format that will not be
subject to tape/disk degredation over time.  Desperate.

When I saw the SGM coming out, and when I saw that conversions of Zaxxon
and Dragon's Lair are coming out, I got my hopes up.  But it looks like the
folks doing those games have no plans to release Buck.

All I would need is a conversion into ROM format.  Then, I could
conceivably put it on a ColecoVision SD cartridge.  But it doesn't look
like anyone is going to be doing that.

Could ANYONE do this conversion?  ANYONE?

I love Buck Rogers Super Game.  It is one of my all-time favorite video
games from the very first video game system I ever owned.  I would really,
really love to have it in a format that could last forever.

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