[Coladam] web page newsletter update

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at comcast.net
Thu Jan 10 05:26:12 CET 2013

OK, admittedly I've got way too much time on my hands these days...but I just finished another Expandable Computer News project on my web page.

As you may know, I originally had all 24 issues of ECN in HTML format on my page with color graphics, etc. -- jazzed up versions of the original black & white newsletter that was published from 1984-88.

I decided about a month ago to go back through all these online newsletters and turn them into actual newsletter format PDFs which I just finished the last of tonight.

I have completely re-done the front pages and insides, but basically, they are still what you will find in the HTML versions. Only now they can actually be printed out as a newsletter.

Unfortunately, going back through these HTML newsletters, I found a lot or errors...mispellings, formatting problems, etc. ...so I think I'm going to have to go back and clean all those up too.

I started the HTML project 15 years ago (according to the date on one of my files!!!) and at the time used a simple text HTML editor. Now I use Front Page which has a spell check and justification amond other things!!!

You can find the newsletters at http://www.sacnews.net/adamcomputer/newsletters.html  -- I've also got a number of other old newsletters still on my desk to convert at some point and add to the collection.

If you find any errors in the new PDFs of ECN...please let me know and I will correct them.


Joe Blenkle

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