[Coladam] ADAM Gear for Sale

Ron Mitchell rm2892 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 19:52:48 CET 2013

Well folks, I knew this sad moment would come. The house is on the market
for sale, and we've already had some action (no sale but lots of interest.)
Sue and I are now preparing for a move to the UK, which means that I have
to dispose of my ADAM gear. Voltages are different over there, and more
importantly, we don't need the extra weight.

Accordingly.... I have the following here for sale. Buyer pays the freight.
Price in all cases is ZERO, except for the freight. If it's not gone or
spoken for by March 31, it will be disposed of in a rather unfortunate
manner. To the best of my knowledge - as of about 3 years ago - all these
items were working, with the exception of the 3-1/2 inch disk drive.

1   ADAM stand alone computer with joysticks and keyboard

1  right slot memory card with 4 SIPPS  (1 Meg RAM)

1 ADAM Power supply. (power supply portion of the ADAM Printer in its own

1 Micro-Innovations 5-1/4 inch disk drive  (last tried about 3 years ago,
was working then)

1 Micro-Innovations 3-1/2 inch disk drive (not working as of last try.
Might need cleaning - runs continuously, does not appear to read or write.
Might be something really simple - I hope).

2 Micro-Innovations power supplies for the above

1 IBM Power supply modified by Doug Slopsema for use with ADAM disk drive

1 Dynomite Sound Digitizer (Tri-Syd Video) unused and untried for years

1 Digital clock card for ADAM side Port

   Assorted 5-1/4 inch floppy disks (25 or so - all used but erasable)

1 Orphanware Serial Port (needs repair)

1 Midi-Mite MIDI Interface (Bona Fide Systems)

All items FREE, as is where is, buyer pays freight.

First come first served.

Just for your info, I also have an assortment of Colecovision/Atari game
cartridges sitting in a box out in the garage. Over the next few days I'll
make an inventory of those and make them the subject of a separate "for
sale" notice.

NOTEZ BIEN - Much as it pains me to unload this stuff, it will be unloaded
in one way or another. We've been advised by our mover that shipping
internationally is way more expensive than it used to be. We're therefore
taking only that which is essential. You may all argue that ADAM IS
ESSENTIAL. However for once in my life, I've decided to get real. Maybe
there'll be a British ADAM for sale somewhere in Yorkshire. In any case,
it's my intent, equipment or no, to maintain contact with you guys from
wherever we might end up.

Ron Mitchell

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