[Coladam] the Drushels are safely back in Cleveland

Rich Drushel rfd at case.edu
Tue Jul 23 03:09:54 CEST 2013

	Hi all, we got back home about an hour ago.  Long border wait
and long wait to get off the eastern leg of the New York Thruway, plus
rain from Erie to Mentor.  However, we got here in one piece and are

	It was great to see everyone at AC25.  AC26 will be somewhere
on the east side of Cleveland area, 17-20 July 2014, so please save the
date and make plans to be there!


	*Dr. D.*

Richard F. Drushel, Ph.D.            | "They fell:  for Heaven to them no hope
Instructor and Executive Officer     |  imparts / Who hear not for the beating
Department of Biology, CWRU          |  of their hearts."
Cleveland, Ohio  44106-7080  U.S.A.  |         -- Edgar Allan Poe, "Al-Aaraaf"

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