[Coladam] 2013 Mighty Mitchell Award website updated

Rich Drushel rfd at case.edu
Fri Jul 26 00:43:30 CEST 2013

	Hi all, I have greatly expanded the 2013 Mighty Mitchell Award
website at


It now has the contest photos and all the responses received for each.
I need just one piece of info:  who had the STORE/GET key for the contest?
I want to credit you for the caption that Erin picked as her favorite for
Photo #1.

	In addition, there are links to my two PowerPoint presentations,
and a 32K ROM image for the non-DSOUND version of Time Pilot, Mighty
Mitchell edition.  This plays just like the prize cartridge, except that
it still uses the little Marcel de Kogel music flourish at the end.  No
emulators I have tried were able to reproduce the DSOUND of Ron speaking,
so the prize cartridge remains a unique item.  Remember that pressing
keypad '5' turns the immortality feature on and off.

	*Dr. D.*

Richard F. Drushel, Ph.D.            | "They fell:  for Heaven to them no hope
Instructor and Executive Officer     |  imparts / Who hear not for the beating
Department of Biology, CWRU          |  of their hearts."
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