[Coladam] 2013 Mighty Mitchell Award website updated

Ron Mitchell rm2892 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 20:55:57 CEST 2013

Well...... I just have to say.......

This year's MMA contest will be long remembered as one of the most
interesting and ADAM related yet. It required imagination and certainly a
sense of humor.

And the prize! . As I said to Dr. D. earlier, I was never a great Time
Pilot enthusiast, but now I intend to play often and lose regularly....
just so as I can be narcissistic at the end.

We owe Dr. D. a huge cheer and round of applause. Causes me to wonder how
he's going to top that next year.

Ron Mitchell

On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 3:43 PM, Rich Drushel <rfd at case.edu> wrote:

>         Hi all, I have greatly expanded the 2013 Mighty Mitchell Award
> website at
>         http://drushel.cwru.edu/mm2013/
> It now has the contest photos and all the responses received for each.
> I need just one piece of info:  who had the STORE/GET key for the contest?
> I want to credit you for the caption that Erin picked as her favorite for
> Photo #1.
>         In addition, there are links to my two PowerPoint presentations,
> and a 32K ROM image for the non-DSOUND version of Time Pilot, Mighty
> Mitchell edition.  This plays just like the prize cartridge, except that
> it still uses the little Marcel de Kogel music flourish at the end.  No
> emulators I have tried were able to reproduce the DSOUND of Ron speaking,
> so the prize cartridge remains a unique item.  Remember that pressing
> keypad '5' turns the immortality feature on and off.
>         *Dr. D.*
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