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Tried that several times and it failed.  I eventually opened the drive door
(this is one of the drives where that does not automatically eject the
tape), but as I was watching the tape spin, it popped off the spindles.
With the tape out of the cage, I powered off and then powered back on.  I
tried putting in a known blank into the other DDP drive (Drive 2).
SmartWriter was able to pull up a directory listing (blank, but successful)
from Drive 2.  I then reset, put the same known blank into DDP Drive 1 (the
problem drive).  SmartWriter was unable to load a directory listing from
that drive.  I then put the tape back into Drive 2, reset, and once again
SmartWriter WAS able to pull up a directory listing from Drive 2.

Does it sound from the above like Drive 1 is pretty much dead and I need to
replace it?

On Sat, Aug 17, 2013 at 5:47 PM, Rich Drushel <rfd at case.edu> wrote:

> On Sat, 17 Aug 2013, Kevin Powers wrote:
> > Now my DDP drive is spinning endlessly and won't stop.  It has been
> running
> > for probably an hour.  It has my only boot tape for the Bob Slopsema
> flash
> > memory hard drive inside and I'm concerned that if I turn off the power I
> > will destroy the tape, the drive, or both.
> >
> > Please advise!
>         Hit the ColecoVision reset and eventually the drive should stop.
>         *Rich*
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