[Coladam] CF card questions

Kevin Powers kjpmail at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 01:23:30 CEST 2013

I have been kicking around some CF card issues with Bob Slopsema and
thought I would ask for insight from the list, too.  I could really use
help with any of the following:

1) When I got the CF card from Bob, PowerPaint was installed on EOS
Partition #5.  Setting the CF card to Partition #5 and booting BOOTPAINT,
however, produces a white screen with a bunch of speckled stuff on it (not
the PowerPaint boot screen that I see when running PowerPaint on AdamEm).
Does anyone else have this problem?  Any known fixes for it?  I would hate
to think that I can't use that program on the drive...

2) I have several original DDP tapes of the Coleco CP/M & Assembler
package.  Am I right in thinking that this just cannot work, no way, no
how?  Bob and I both seem to think it's a dead-end, but I figure it's worth
getting total confirmation.

3) I also have a lot of the original Coleco home software packages on DDP.
Flash Facts, other Flashcard programs, Letters & Forms, SmartFILER, Recipe
Filer, etc.  Does anyone know how to install those programs onto a CF EOS

4) Is there an assembler for TDOS that can be installed onto a CF TDOS
partition?  I don't seem to have an ADAM assembler at the moment, other
than the one on the CP/M DDPs.  I would like to install one onto the CF

5) When copying public domain SmartBASIC compilation tapes to an EOS
partition, I have found that I occasionally wind up with multiple "Hello"
or "menu" programs on the same EOS partition.  I have gone into File
Manager and edited the file names to be distinct, but that seems to always
have the side effect of removing the file typing from the files in question
(in otherwords, removing the "A" or "H" etc. designation from files, such
that their names are no longer recognized when typed into SmartBASIC).  I
have occasionally circumvented this by using the SmartBASIC "RENAME"
command, but is there a way to do it directly (without losing the file type
designations) via File Manager?

6) Does anyone know how to move between the four TDOS partitions on a CF

I would really appreciate any insight that anyone on the list has.  It
would also allow me to waste less of Bob's time with figuring out my CF
drive, too!

Thank you,

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