[Coladam] Chat schedule

Frances and/or Richard Clee cleechez at tamcotec.com
Thu Dec 19 05:36:35 CET 2013

Since everyone has - other obligations - a Christmas day chat this 
coming Wednesday won't work. However the consensus so far is that Boxing 
Day (Thursday) evening at the usual time (9 eastern) will work well for 
all the regulars.

So for now consider that to be set, and do try and join us. If it turns 
out to be impractical for too many people, speak up and other options 
will be considered. Otherwise, see you Thursday Dec. 26th.

No decision has been made yet concerning New Years Day. An informal poll 
suggests most plan a quiet New Years Eve and find the idea of doing the 
countdown online with friends kind of attractive, so we are leaning in 
the direction of Tuesday, Dec. 31st. Backchat is welcome.

So if you're receiving this newsletter, do feel free to drop in on the 
chat when you can, and exchange greetings with the other Adam 
enthusiasts. - Rich-c for the chat group.

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