[Coladam] SmarTrix 1 & II by Data Doctor

Ron Mitchell rm2892 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 30 00:21:07 CET 2014

Oh I wish.......

Smar Trix was one of the neatest programs available for the ADAM at one point. I used to have one of the two (not sure which),  on disk, but alas, no more.

As I recall it could be used to build up various combinations of arcade sounds for the sound chip. The sounds could be used for various purposes, ie.... games.  Smar Trix would even provide you with the decimal data statements for a sound so that you could include it in your own smartbasic programs.

If anyone has a working copy of this image, I'd like to know about it too.

Ron M. 

On 2014-01-29, at 1:47 PM, Joe Blenkle wrote:

> Just curious if anyone can help...
> As I continue my PDFing of ADAM newsletters and cataloging my software, I have discovered I have a non-working SmarTrix I & II by Data Doctor.
> Judging from the ddp directory, SmarTrix I appears to have at one time been copied to disk and then for whatever reason back to ddp. So while all the various programs on it are listed in the directory, not all of them are actual on the ddp and/or are corrupted and won't run.
> I think the same is probably true of SmarTrix II, although it won't boot at all and displays no directory whatsoever.
> Does anyone have working images of these two programs so I can fix the DDPs I have?
> thanks
> Joe Blenkle
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