[Coladam] newsletters

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at comcast.net
Fri Feb 7 18:18:22 CET 2014

I have added a number of new newsletters to the newsletter page of my web site recently. These include M.O.A.U.G., AUGment and a few miscellaneous ones.

If you have any scans or text files of newsletters that you don't see up there, please send them to me at jblenkle at comcast.net.

Likewise, if you have hardcopies of newsletters that are not there and would be willing to send them to me to scan, please drop me a line...they will be returned to you, of course.


Some of the newsletters on this page are PDFs of the originals. Others, I have re-created from text files or OCR'ing them and putting them back into a cleaner more modern format.


Joe Blenkle

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