[Coladam] Invitation to hold Adamcon in Amsterdam, NY.

Frances and/or Richard Clee cleechez at tamcotec.com
Sat Mar 1 02:58:43 CET 2014

As a frequent Adamcon member, I am immensely pleased that the Adam's 
home town remembers its friends and would like us to visit.

Obviously we are already committed to our plans for this year, so the 
topic becomes: should we urge the chair of #27 to make this offer his or 
her first consideration?

I'm not sure I have a stake in this. I expect I will still be able to 
drive, but whether my health will be up to any convention anywhere is, 
as you know, less than a slam dunk. But if I can get there, I wanna go!

Amsterdam is down on that big curve between Schenectady and Utica where 
the NY Thruway changes from north to westbound. From Toronto or Montreal 
we would likely take 401 to Ivy Lea and pick up I-87 to Syracuse, 
switching to the eastbound Thruway there. Depending on one's age and 
level of ambition, it's a tough one day or soft two day drive for most 
of us. Or maybe the Chicago-NY Amtrak service stops there.

Amsterdam is not just historic for us. It's a major stop on the lower 
reaches of the Erie Canal, which is still in use. It's in the Mohawk 
valley, which played a major part in the history of what are now the 
United States and Canada. Seems they are aware of this and working hard 
to present it accessibly and attractively. It's at the foot of the 
Catskill and Adirondack mountains, beautiful vacation country with a 
wide range of attractions. Should be a lovely place to visit.

There will be issues of currency exchange, and who knows (after the 
mid-terms) what the levels of border paranoia will be like, but 
basically it should be a trip our Quebecois members could cope with and 

I'd certainly encourage our group to look long and hard at this invitation.

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