[Coladam] ADAMcon 26 updates

Frances and/or Richard Clee cleechez at tamcotec.com
Sat Mar 15 04:27:17 CET 2014

As you know we are not without our issues, but as long as they are under 
control, figure on us being there.

Don't know what Cleveland claims in the way of attractions, but should 
they exist you might give us some sense as to what extra days would cost 
- and if you can make them count toward the convention quota.

- rich (and Frances)

On 3/14/2014 9:23 PM, Guy Bona-AdamEm Utilities wrote:
> Hi Rich,
> This is great news. We were all wondering what the progress was on the convention. Count both Sue and I in.
> Guy
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>      Hi all, sorry for the long radio silence, but I am happy to inform
> you that we are very close to finalizing the ADAMcon 26 hotel location on
> the west side of Greater Cleveland.
>      After valuable initial surveying by Ms. Rin, I had a long phone
> conversation with the hotel sales director to clarify many fine points.
> We still need to get the tour next week, but assuming no surprises, we
> think we have a pretty good choice, with many amenities and lots of food
> and shopping options in the area.
>      Tentative delegate cost is $500 US, some meals plus banquet included,
> T-shirt extra.  This is based on 6 rooms double-occupancy, which is the bare
> minimum to cover those who we 99%-certain will attend; but we can easily add
> more rooms.  So, whether you are an ADAMcon verteran or a newbie, if you are
> planning to attend ADAMcon 26 (17-20 July 2014), even on a day pass, please
> let us know ASAP.
>      Exact details will be available once a contract is signed.
>      *Dr. D.*

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