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Gerry Brophy gerry at eriscreations.com
Thu Mar 20 16:05:41 CET 2014

This sounds very interesting. I have the original setup and it works well. I
would love to figure ou how to add more programs to it via a windows
interface through mounting the image on an emulator possibly.

I may take advantage of this upgrade.

Gerry Brophy

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   1. IDE cards (Bob)


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MicroFox Technologies has introduced a new larger compact flash ?hard drive?
system.  The original system instituted by Micro Innovations and recreated
by MicroFox 
Technologies used a 10 EOS and 4 TDOS partition setup.  The new system uses
2 compact flash cards and gives the user 40 EOS partitions spread across TWO
flash drives; as well as keeping the 4 TDOS partitions.  The original system
used 20mb and 40mb sizes as it?s standard; the new system uses 2 compact
flash drives and 
gives 100mb of space and many more partitions (drives, if you will)  The
cost is only an additional $10.00 more than the original setup and includes
a 2nd cf card, a different
compact flash adapter, and different software driver.

IF you want the new setup and you already have the original setup; it can be
purchased including the new flash drives (2) and double cf adapter for $20
complete incl shipping.  
The IDE card, cable and power supply are all interchangeable.  The cf cards
form original to new system are not interchangeable, which means you can
keep your original cf setup for backup.


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