[Coladam] ADAMcon 26 hotel confirmation announcement

Rich Drushel rfd at case.edu
Wed Apr 2 19:47:34 CEST 2014

	Hi all, I am happy (and relieved) to announce the hotel for
this year's ADAMcon 26 (17-20 July 2014).  We will be staying at:

The Crowne Plaza Cleveland Airport
7230 Engle Road
Middleburg Heights, OH  44130-3427  USA
(440) 243-4040

	Monday last week (3/26), Ms. Rin and I had lunch with their sales
director and got a full tour of the hotel.  It was fully renovated within
the last couple years.  The rooms look nice (available with 1 king or 2
queen beds for double occupancy), there are fully-ADA compliant rooms, the
hotel restaurant is family-owned and can easily do the banquet, we had our
pick of many available meeting rooms, there is a great indoor pool next to
an outdoor multi-level sunning veranda, it is right off an I-71 exit, easily
accessible from I-90 for those coming from the east or west, there are plenty
of restaurants and shopping centers right there, with other Cleveland
attractions within a short drive, and they have a free 24/7 airport shuttle
if you are flying in/out via CLE Hopkins.

	I have signed a contract for 6 rooms double-occupancy.  I already
put dibs on an ADA-compliant room for Richard and Frances Clee, per their
request.  Additional rooms beyond the 6 guaranteed will be available at
the reduced convention rate assuming that they have vacancies.  ADAMcon
weekend falls in a bit of a lull between Independence Day weekend and
some large Northeast Ohio events (the Gay Games and the Cuyahoga County
Fair); but obviously it would be better to confirm numbers sooner rather
than later.

	The full delegate rate will be $500 each, double-occupancy.  This
will include 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and the banquet.  T-shirts will be
extra, still working on the design.  Day pass rates for those who wish
to attend ADAMcon 26 but not stay at the convention hotel are still TBD.

	The $500 delegate fee is the break-even point for 6 rooms, 12
delegates.  12 is the count of people we felt most likely to attend based
on recent past ADAMcon attendance.  This includes me and Ms. Rin; we are
fully paying our own way the same as the rest of you.  We are getting a
nice price break on the sleeping rooms, but our numbers are nowhere near
enough for a break on the meeting room.  So, if more than 12 full delegates
attend, or if we get some day passes, there will be "extra" funds to subsidize
additional amenities (e.g., another meal, or admission to some group activity
for the Away Mission we are planning for Saturday afternoon).

	Outside food/drink are not permitted in the meeting room.  However,
I have been granted an exception for a special post-banquet cake that I am
going to bake, since there is no way the hotel's caterer could do it :-)
We have sole 24/7 access to the meeting room, and it is plenty big, so we
can set up all kinds of stuff there.

	We will need to provide our own digital projector and portable
projection screen.  The hotel could provide it, but it would add another
$100+ per day to the meeting room cost.  Either Dale Wick brings his
projector, or I make arrangements to borrow one from the Biology Department
here.  I have a portable projector screen somewhere packed away.

	A website and formal registration form etc. will be available
soon.  However, if you're sure, or pretty sure, that you'll be coming to
ADAMcon 26, even on a day pass, please let me know.  So far, we have had
verbal commitments for 6 full delegates, so that's halfway there to the
guaranteed minimum.  I'll be on the chat tonight to answer questions, or
you can E-mail me.

	We are also in need of session presenters and content.  Even if
you are not able to attend, we can arrange to present something if you
send it to us.  Of course, it would be best if you come and present it
yourself :-)  Also, arms may be gently twisted to ensure participation :-)

	Hope to hear from you soon, and glad that the hard part is done
(with many thanks to Ms. Rin for legwork),

	*Dr. D.*

Richard F. Drushel, Ph.D.            | "They fell:  for Heaven to them no hope
Instructor and Executive Officer     |  imparts / Who hear not for the beating
Department of Biology, CWRU          |  of their hearts."
Cleveland, Ohio  44106-7080  U.S.A.  |         -- Edgar Allan Poe, "Al-Aaraaf"

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