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Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Tue Jul 22 01:12:47 CEST 2014

Back home safely YAY!
A bit sleepy, but I ate my dinner and quite happy.  

I had such a narrow time between planes, it was insane. I'm glad the security at the custom on my way back in Canada was so fast, they let me pass without all the typical list of questions. I had to run a little bit in the somewhat too big and confusing airport in Toronto but I made it. I've check and I've not lost anything or forgot anything on my way back.


Le Lundi 21 juillet 2014 18h39, Guy Bona-adamemut <adamemut at sbcglobal.net> a écrit :

Hi Everyone,

Got home just after 5 pm Chicago time to three very happy dogs. Hats off to Dr. D for a job well done on this year's convention. See you all on the chat this Wednesday night. 


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