[Coladam] ADAMcon XXVI webpage updates

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Sun Jul 27 04:58:35 CEST 2014

I think the only thing missing are links to our presentations, like my link to blog post with sound effect tool might be a good idea.


Le Samedi 26 juillet 2014 20h25, Rich Drushel <rfd at case.edu> a écrit :

    Hi all, I have posted a few updates to the ADAMcon XXVI website:

(1)  (fairly) final schedule (rev.2, which I didn't have a chance to
distribute in paper form)

(2)  link to photos of the raffle prizes

(3)  complete results of the Mighty Mitchell Award (tm) contest

(4)  hi-res photos if you click on the thumbnail pictures already on the
MMA page

(5)  a separate page with a whole lot more MMA photos (also hi-res if
you click on the thumbnails)

main page:


MMA main page:


MMA photos-only page:



    *Dr. D.*
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