[Coladam] ADAM Con Picture Site

Doug & Meeka Slopsema slopsema at hollowdreams.com
Fri Aug 15 22:08:46 CEST 2014

Ok, I have been a busy beaver since we came home.

I can now report that the AC20, AC21, & AC22 albums are up-to-date.  YAYYY!!!!  All the pictures are in, however I have yet to do the editing to add the names of all the people who are in them.

I still need some help with this list however.  I have figured out about half of the list, but need some help to complete it. If you got the award, or know who did please let me know.

Mighty Mitch Award Winners:

AC26 (2014) - Meeka S

AC25 (2013) - Rich D

AC24 (2012) - Erin D

AC23 (2011) - ?? Francis C ??

AC22 (2010) - ??  Dale W ??

AC21 (2009) - Rich C

AC20 (2008) - Bob S

AC19 (2007) -  ?

AC18 (2006) -  (was not held - per Guy B)

AC17 (2005) -  ?

AC16 (2004) - Doug S

AC15 (2003) - Rich D

Thanks for any help.  :)


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