[Coladam] Merry Christmas/Happy Boxing Day/Happy New Year

Rich Drushel rfd at case.edu
Mon Dec 29 23:04:02 CET 2014

	Hi gang, hope you are all having a Cool Yule.

	On 12/26, I discovered an "Easter Egg" in the Mugrat ColecoVision
emulator (MacOS X version, at least).  When I started Mugrat, instead of
the "INSERT CARTRIDGE" screen, it started to play a snowfall screensaver
with music, "Winter Wonderland".  After about 5 minutes, a credits screen
came up, with a picture of Daniel Bienvenu, 2001.  See attached screenshots.
By playing with the date setting on my computer, I found that the "Easter
Egg" is active from 12/21 to 12/28, inclusive.  At least for 2014; it might
be programmed to activate during the Sunday-to-Sunday "week" containing
Christmas Day.
	I don't know if Daniel gave permission for this or not...

	*Dr. D.*

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