[Coladam] ADAMEm emulator

Geoffrey Oltmans oltmansg at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 17:14:19 CEST 2015

After a long break and some prodding from someone using the emulator (David
Harley, if he's on here) I've been tinkering with the emulator again. Just
thought I would update the group on the current status of what I've been up

There is an annoying bug where the emulator will hang after about 30
minutes. I'm hot on the trail of a fix for this. This is due to a rollover
condition in the video interrupt routines. I should have this addressed in
the next couple days.

David is using a nifty Coleco Vision/Intellivision -> USB HID adapter which
allows you to use those joysticks as any normal USB controller. I have
modified the joystick handling routines to scan the entire range of buttons
that a normal Coleco Vision controller supports (the two side buttons, the
keypad, and the two additional buttons found on the Super Action
Controller). I'm also working out a joystick config file that will allow
you to remap the buttons however you wish. I also intend to allow you to
'shift' the keypad buttons by using the 'aim' button (the right button) on
a real Coleco Vision controller. The idea is that some of the emulator
controls could be used (Game Reset, Computer Reset, Pause, etc) to the
keypad after the aim button is held down for a period of time, say 3
seconds or so. These changes are by no means tied to that specific USB
adapter, but I think its fair to say that it's pretty cool to have the
option to be able to use the actual Coleco Vision controllers with the

I have a revamped/improved sound emulation driver, with some rudimentary
support for the Yamaha PSG found in the Eduardo's Super Game Module. It
supports the three additional voices + noise, but only square tones
currently, you can't control the envelope for each voice yet. A test image
someone posted on AtariAge will discover the "chip" and run, but I don't
have  any other software to try on it yet to really test it out that much.

I'd like to incorporate Doug's changes to support a second hard drive found
in rev 1.81. I don't have sources for this so Doug if you're listening
could you send your changes to me?

Lastly, I've been doing some cleanup in the driver itself removing some
cruft. I also need to update the documentation and get this thing under
source control. Doug I know has tinkered with it a bit and it would be nice
to have the source where multiple people can work on it. I know Doug, Dale,
and I discussed this several years ago and we set something up to use svn
on adamcon.org. I use XCode for development on OS X and it has some team
sync features that support svn, but I haven't really messed around with
like I should. I am familiar with git, perforce, and star team, but svn,
not so much.

Once I finish up the merge and documentation related stuff I'd like to make
this release 1.9. Should be soon.



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