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 I’m not sure that I’d want to go at that price, but yes you’re right about some HAM operator possibly being interested. Not sure how much the code is used any more, even by diehard HAMs and I think they’ve long since dropped the requirement for 16 words per minute from the HAM license exam. 

Dots and dashes still bound around in my head. Used it during the ‘70s for ship shore communications from the Coast Guard Station at Tofino on the west side of Vancouver Island. Those were the days. Speedwise, I was not great… but adequate for the purpose. By the time I got to the coast, the days of good fast Morse coms were long gone. 20 words a minute was good enough. 

This unit would be good for learning purposes, although I’ll tell you, the code generated by these boards is usually way too perfect and might mislead one who wants to use Morse in the real world. Human senders tend to develop  little irregularities in their use of it. Much like handwriting. If you’re on the circuits long enough, you get to know who’s at the other end just by the style of their “fist”.  

Ron Mitchell

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I think this is pretty unusual, don't you think?

Would be nice for a HAM radio operator I'm sure... not sure about the price
though. ;)

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