[Coladam] Dr. D. will be a bit late to the chat tonight, and ADAMcon 27 update

Rich Drushel rfd at case.edu
Wed Jul 8 16:15:09 CEST 2015

	Hi all, I have a jazz band rehearsal tonight 7-9 PM, so I may
not be able to get on the chat until 10:00 PM or so.

	I have been working away on my ADAMcon 27 presentation project,
which is a complete disassembly and detailed analysis of the "Project
Name By Line" cartridge (a.k.a. Coleco Graphics Processor).  I last
worked on it 25 years ago, and somehow all my original work has gotten
lost over the years (I spent a few hours looking), so I started over.
I have better tools than I did back then, and/or am better at taking
binaries apart, because I got to reassemblable source in only 2 days
of work.  Now to read the code and understand it.

	I plan to bring the actual PNBL cartridge and a working base
ADAM system to ADAMcon 27, since there is a good chance that some parts
of PNBL will not work under emulation (it is another one of those
low-level bit-banger programs that must have been written before all
of EOS was developed).

	If Jim Notini is out there... your "C.G.P. CART" review article
in NIAD March 1990 (p. 16) states that there were 2 revisions to this
cart, dated 1985 and 1986.  Mine internally is dated 1984.  If you have
ROM images for the others, I would be happy to do a comparison at some
point, even if not in time for ADAMcon 27.

	*Dr. D.*

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