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rich-c: hi Rich, well on time I see
Dr.D.: Rich, I am going home from the lab...back in 30 minutes.
Dr.D.: Bye,
rich-c: OK c u later
Dr.D. left chat session
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rich-c: having trouble getting in?
changed username to james
james: no, i had a very premature senior's moment
james: so how have you been?
rich-c: I'm doing just fine, as it happens
rich-c: though teh weather could be kinder to me
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rich-c: how are things tomorrow?
james: tired
james: did not get a very deep sleep last night
changed username to George
rich-c: that seems chronic with you - unsurprisingly
james: too much rem and not enough stage three nrem
rich-c: hello George, see you're back
james: actually, for the last couple of months i'd been sleeping much better
rich-c: comes with kids and jobs, james
james: i expect it would
rich-c: haven't had a chance to look at those OSs yet, George
George: hi Rich, James
rich-c: but I have notes of them and want to see them
rich-c: I have been oversleeping the last few mornings, but they have been dark which may be a contributing factor
james: hi, george
rich-c: I have aphotocell porch light that sometimes is still on at 9 A.M.
George: i'm late for dinner
james: sec. someone is trying to put cheerios in the printer
rich-c: yes, if you haven't eaten by now you are definitely late, George
rich-c: how come you put off dinner so long?
George: i have to get out of the oven
rich-c: aha - forgot to thaw something, I'll bet
George: my dinner that is
james: must be hot in there, george
George: LOL
rich-c: when you live alone, your mealtimes get erratic
james: ok, i have to head off to my other job, but i thought i'd say hi
james: hope you're healing well, rich
rich-c: good you dropped in, james - success and take care
George: i'm overdrafted
rich-c: and yes, teh healing is coming along very well, thank you
rich-c: overdrafted, george? what do you mean?
George: at the bank
rich-c: oh - that's sort of an American tradition, isn't it?
George: not for me!
james: thanks. i'll try to make it on for longer next time
rich-c: you're more prudent than that, sreyou? well, good for you!
George: this is a new result from my stroke
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: what, holes in your memory?
Pamela: Good evening (or morning) all
rich-c: hi daughter
George: very much so
George: hi Pam
james: hi pam.. you're just catching me going out the door
rich-c: it happens - strokes close off access to some portions
Pamela: well my timing is better than usual then
George: nite James
Pamela: nite James
james: nite everyone. take care
james: *poof*
rich-c: nite
james left chat session
Pamela: Hey Dad, is Mom around?
rich-c: what did you lose in teh stroke, George?
rich-c: yes, Pam, she is
George: most things
rich-c: well, specifically, what that would lead to the overdraft?
Pamela: sorry I'm late - I tried to call last night
George: my memory is very poor
rich-c: ah - should have sent an email; did have the monitor on
Pamela: wasn't home Dad
rich-c: ah, OK, that does complicate matters
Pamela: tried to call tonite too around 7:45
George: can't remember PIN numbers or transactions
rich-c: it being Wednesday I did get on early, but I didn't realize I was that far in advance
Pamela: I'd only just gotten home
Pamela: figured I'd try my luck earlier
rich-c: better break out the Adam, George, and start handling your records in Adamcalc
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changed username to BoBS
Pamela: Hello Bob
changed username to BobS
rich-c: usually I don't get online until 8 but tonight got lucky
rich-c: hi Bobs
Pamela: hello Bob twice?
BobS: hi there kids
George: i have quicken it olny can complicate matters
Pamela: brb, I'm gonna go get the space heater - it's freezing in here
rich-c: btw Dr. D. is on the way home from the lab and will be with us later
George: Hi Bob, Bob
BobS requested to ban BoBS
BoBS confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS: killed myself i did
rich-c: Quicken is a Windows program, ld
BobS: so what's up
rich-c: lets you go online, is vulnerable to penetration, George
rich-c: George is having memory problems from his stroke
BobS: Quicken goes online?????
George: yes, my bank uses it
BobS: ah
rich-c: don't put PINs or financial information or passwords on a computer that goes online
rich-c: especially if you are having trouble remembering what's going on
BobS: cold ther in Philly Geo?
George: i also have to have a home aide
George: yes
rich-c: what's your temperature now, George?
Pamela confirmed ban
BobS: was about 25 at noon, but will get to about 5 tonight.....and it is on the way to YOU Richard
George: it looks like a pillow fight outside
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changed username to Ron
BobS: ah snow!!!!!
Pamela: hello Ron
BobS: Ronald.......
George: 20 F
Pamela: ah, heat - blessed heat
BobS: how's mum?????
Ron: Evening
rich-c: we are at 8 below F here right now - you gonna warm us up, Bob?
Ron: not too good I'm afraid
rich-c: hey Ron, you're here early
BobS: thas C-O-L-D
Pamela: still not feeling too good Ron?
Pamela: that's a good description, George
Ron: no. Very weak, but at least now she's able to keep solid food down
George: artic express hits thursday
Pamela: how long was she on liquids?
George: light fluffy snow
Ron: little less than a wek
Ron: week
George: Hi Ron
BobS: that sucks sir
Pamela: oh, that's bad
Ron: Doc says she had a flu bug
Ron: and it's really hit her
Pamela: and what about you, have you gotten sick?
rich-c: it's been quite devestating to our elders this winter
Ron: not yet (touch wood)
Pamela: knocking wood as we speak
Ron: exactly
rich-c: the shots targeted teh wrong variety and teh bad guess proved expensive
Ron: we both had 'em back in Nov. But apparently the kind that's now going around is not covered
BobS: oh bummer dude
rich-c: yes, that's exactl;y teh problem, Ron
Ron: pretty much one day at a time around here lately
BobS: and "how often" doi they hit the right bug??????
Pamela: give her our best, Ron
Ron: certainly will, thanks
BobS: yes, say hi ........softly and gently
rich-c: when there's that order of illness in the house, that is the way it is
Ron: She just went to bed
Pamela: that's funny Bob - I have this vision of the lab people running around the lab smacking at flu bugs with flyswatters
Ron: :)
Pamela: and missing
Ron: let's see, we'll thrown in a couple of these, and one of those, and oh... we better have that one over there
BobS: that is probably clser than you know Pam
rich-c: well, missing the important ones sometimes, anyway
Pamela: tee hee
rich-c: mostly they manage to guess pretty accurately, but when they don't...
Ron: mix thoroughly, and serve
Ron: meanwhile, the rain continues
George: ah dinner
Pamela: are you sharing George?
rich-c: finally got it cooked, did you, George?
George: yes
George: roast beef
rich-c: what are you treating yourself to tonight
Ron: mmmm
Pamela: mmmm, sounds good
rich-c: OK, that's well worth waiting for
George: rie and mixed veg
George: rice
Ron: sounds good George
rich-c: yep, gotta get your roughage and vitamins
Pamela: oh oh, mixed veg usually means the dreaded peas
BobS: you have rain Ron ?????? we had 7 inches of snow.........
Ron: yes, we freeze it for transport east
rich-c: yes, we have snow in progress now
Ron: helps with the freight charges
rich-c: been going all day, no end in sight - light, but it builds up
Pamela: what, to make it more easily transportable?
Ron: yes
BobS: thanks a lot..........[kidding]
George: zuccini carrots caul, and broc,
Pamela: no peas?
rich-c: that's quite a mix, George
George: no
Pamela: bring it on then
Ron: I like peas, peas are good
Pamela: ick
Ron: my sentiments on onions
rich-c: I can tell you, driving today has been real entertaining
Ron: onions are NOT good
Pamela: one of the few veggies I don't like
George: italianblend
Pamela: onions do not agree with me
Ron: I don't agree with onions
Pamela: tell me about it Dad - it took me nearly an hour to get home from Wilson station
BobS: exactly Richard.....Judy just got home from the druggist (went for Mandy who has had the flu all week and still vomiting)
BobS: said it is NOT good out there
Ron: Had to tell my sister's boyfriend one morning over in Edmonton that I didn't want onions in my breakfast omlette
George: also side of appelsauce
Ron: he looked at me like i had 4 heads
rich-c: well, the truck has only the all-season tires, though they have lots of tread
Pamela: this just gets better and better, George
George: roll and butter
Pamela: I know what you mean Ron - every time I order a toasted Western without onions at my breakfast restaurant, they screw it up
rich-c: better email Pamela a serving, George, or she might crawl through teh wire to get it
BobS: throw some weight in the back and dirve on, young man
Ron: thought applesauce went with pork
BobS: drive
Ron: that's it Pam
George: hot green tea
rich-c: oh, the snow amount and type was the worst today, the kind that turns to ice under teh wheels
Pamela: I've gotten to the point where I'll only order from one person (the one who actually listens to me)
Ron: I hear ya Pam
Pamela: it's funny, I had drifts on the car when I got to the station - out beyond the actual car and unsupported by anything
Pamela: snow sculpture, one might say
rich-c: so much for slab-sided vans - I just sort of waved teh broom by and all the snow fell off
Pamela: it was so pretty I almost hated to remove it
rich-c: but man, does it accumulate a load on the back windows
Pamela: and you have no heat on the back windows do you Dad
rich-c: fortunately with a truck it's legal to have the back obstructed
rich-c: hey, I have virtually no heat anywhere in the van - it has too much cooling for this weather
Pamela: that's the problem with open-concept vehicles - too much space to heat
rich-c: the temp gauge moves up about 1/4 way and stops
rich-c: no, it's that the engine isn't producing enough heat to do the job
Pamela: that far? Mine only moves just above heat and stays there
rich-c: I need to buy a winter front for the thing
Pamela: not new, George
Pamela: news
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Pamela: what will that do DAd?
rich-c: it is in Philly, Pam - down there they don't know about winter ;-)
rich-c: it reduces the airflow through the radiator, Pam, so teh engine can get up to normal temperature
changed username to Dr.D.
Pamela: and where have you been young man?
rich-c: hi Rich, long drive back from the lab?
George: Hi Dr.D
Pamela: really Dad - I didn't know that. Wonder if I should try one
Dr.D.: Long detour taking a student home who had biked in, and so much snow had fallen that it was not safe for him to bike back.
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changed username to Meeka
Ron: a truly noble gesture Dr. D.
rich-c: ah, I thought you were just having road troubles like teh rest of us
Dr.D.: Hello all.
Pamela: hmm - I saw someone cycling on the way home tonite - and he was making better time than i was
Pamela: Hello Meeka
George: Hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
Ron: allo Meeka
rich-c: Pam, winter fronts are only for vehicles with heavy duty radiators
Dr.D.: I had just enough time to login to the chat at 9:00 and tell your Dad that I'd be back, Pam.
rich-c: hi Meeka, didn't see you come in
BobS: getting snowed in Rich ??????
Pamela: yes, he mentioned you checked in
rich-c: yes, our roads are really quite a mess at the moment
Dr.D.: Not what I'd call "snowed in", I think it's a nice snowfall. Just that about 2 inches fell between when I came home for supper at 6:00 and when I went back to the lab with Gretchen at 7:00.
Pamela: actually I think I have a thermostat problem or something Dad -need to get it checked out
BobS: 2 inches?????? that's ALL ????
BobS: shame it is
Dr.D.: But I have a new minivan with new tires and a V6, so I am happy.
rich-c: well, if you can't get up to normal operating temperature, you should ask the question at least
Pamela: did you notice - the word plow seems to have been dropped from Toronto's vocabulary?
Dr.D.: 2 inches in an hour, Bob, on top of the 3 already there since 2 PM today.
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: if you're getting up to say 160 or more, it's likely oK
Dr.D.: Plough, Pam?
Ron: Dashing thu the snow, in a one horse open minivan
changed username to Judy
Meeka: lol
Dr.D.: Don't recall how many horses the beast has under the hood, Ron...
Judy: hi, everyone
Ron: o'er the fields we go, we'll use the roadways whenwecan
Meeka: hello
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Dr.D.: Hello, Judy.
BobS: ahso !!!!! that's 5 then
rich-c: and hi,Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes, it's me! :) bonsoir! hello! hi!
Pamela: I don't think I am Dad - the temp guage barely gets off the bottom, even at highway speeds
Pamela: hello Daniel, Hello Judy
Judy: you don't want to be out on the roads tonight
Dr.D.: I like snow. I even like driving in it.
Pamela: funny you should say, Judy
Dr.D.: Just go slower.
Pamela: Rich, quick go and check your temperature - you must be delirious
Ron: out here, it tends to muss peoples' day
rich-c: then something is worth checking, Pam
Judy: did that , didn't like it
Ron: they think they can drive in it, but in truth..... they cannot
Dr.D.: The student I took home is from Australia.
BobS: HI Daniel
Pamela: plan to
George: hi Judy, Dan
Dr.D.: He said they'd shut down his town if it snowed that much there.
BobS: and Meeka.......and whoever else I missed
rich-c: the problem is, Ron, they insist on proving it
Ron: exactly
rich-c: oh, Daniel, did you get that program I sent you OK?
Pamela: hey, as long as they have their accidents behind me, they can proceed to remove themselves from the road as much as they want
Ron: hey's snowing outside, let's go for a drive
Judy: the roads are awful tonight
Pamela: all the more road for us safe drivers
Dr.D.: Works for me, Ron.
Daniel Bienvenu: rich: the "clip board software? yes!
rich-c: they've been awful here all day, Judy - sympathy
rich-c: is it working for you, then, Daniel?
Judy: had to go pick up a perscription for Mandy, she has the flu
Ron: I'm getting to cautious in my old age..... no courage
Pamela: still want to go to skid school, though
Ron: more common sense
rich-c: a sensible ambition, daughter
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't install it
Daniel Bienvenu: i had a problem with my printer
rich-c: decided it wasn't suitable, or something else, Daniel?
Pamela: problem here is we have yet to see a snowplow and it's been snowing since 6:30 this morning
Ron: just watching our news..... what's this about President Bush going to Mars?
rich-c: ah - OK, that can get a guy preoccupied
Daniel Bienvenu: can be usefull, right. but I don't need it right now
Dr.D.: Martians have oil and vote Republican.
Ron: rotfl
rich-c: the second half of that is not a necessary precondition, Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: and the problem with my printer was simply a cable connection. I installed and re-installed the drivers for nothing. I'm stupid.
rich-c: sometimes teh simplest things are easiet to overlook, Daniel
George: I vote liberal
Ron: No Daniel, you are just experiencing regular computer type adventures
rich-c: now for all of teh males here - how about this?
rich-c: I installed my new DVD drive last week
Pamela: la la la la la, I'm not listening
Ron: oh wow
Ron: and...??
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam: what's going on?
Dr.D.: What was the first DVD he watched?
rich-c: and found that Windows was showing three drives on my secondary IDE connector
Pamela: it's for all the males, Daniel so I'm not listening : )
George: XXX DVD
rich-c: it showed a removable drive, my CD burner, and the new DVD burner
Daniel Bienvenu: i see...
Ron: beautiful
rich-c: except I don't have a removable drive and an IDE connector only supports two drives anyway
Ron: the hard drive on my iMac has "gone away"
Ron: system can't see it
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope I don't botter you with my "rom files".
rich-c: that's worse than having the OS see a drive that isn't there
Dr.D.: ROMs aren't a bother, Daniel.
George: good tea
Ron: Haven't had a chance to look at the problem yet
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, it's bother the word I wanted to use.
Ron: except to establish that none of my assorted Mac OS's can see a hard drive there
rich-c: well, I found teh answer to mine and it is fascinating
George: more tea ma!
Ron: enlighten us Rich
rich-c: there is a new DVD format called DVD-RAM which can be used like a floppy or hard disc
Ron: enlightening
rich-c: full writing, rewriting, reformat, drag and drop, the works
rich-c: my drive can use it as well as the DVD- and DVD+
Pamela: so where's my DVD of the pictures, Dad?
Dr.D.: Oh, "pr0n
Ron: patience Pamela, patience
rich-c: but to do it, there has to be special software that creates the virtual drive!
Pamela: "patience heck, I'm going out and kill me something"
rich-c: I'd love to know how anyone wrote something that convinces Windows to see a drive that isn't there
Ron: I am sick and tired of hearing about Michael Jackson
Ron: must change the channel
rich-c: and I might add, gets the BIOS to ignore it, which it does
Dr.D.: Tell your BIOS to ignore Michael Jackson, Ron.
Ron: thank you.. that sounds like a plan
Dr.D.: There must be some setting for it...
Ron: Zap_Michael_now
rich-c: seems not, Rich - just some incredibly clever programming
Pamela: try Newsworld, Ron - they usually manage to avoid MJ
Ron: or Zap_Michael_Now= yes
rich-c: remember this trick basically has to work on any otherboard with any processor chipset and BIOS
Dr.D.: Registry setting...
Ron: yup
Dr.D.: I think we have registries for Weird_Pervy_Singer_Who_Must_Hate_Himself.
rich-c: reistry is a French word meaning "hands off!", isnt it?
George: my BIOS detects a thermal nuclear device
Ron: news to me Rich
Ron: I go in there and look around.... but ... well maybe you're right. I don't touch much
rich-c: well, teh dark happenings in teh snake pit are not always for polite discussion...
Ron: heh heh heh
BobS: walk softly inside the register BUT carry a big delete key
Ron: actually I haven't been in the snakepit for any longer than 5 minutes lately
rich-c: I'm getting thermal reports from my CPU - it says it's running at 45C right now
Ron: most of my computing being done upstairs
Daniel Bienvenu: rich: maybe there is too many things in your computer.
rich-c: fiddling with registrys is beyond the bounds of my courage at the present time
rich-c: no, 45C is not bad for a 1.4 gig CPU
Dr.D.: Crays used to have the motherboards in a bath of Freon...
Dr.D.: Wanna bug out to coleco?
rich-c: oh, even teh Z80A could get fairly hot, if I recall
rich-c: in fact, didn't they say not to run it more than six or eight hours at a time?
BobS: don't know never read the instructions !!!!!
BobS: those are only for when it breaks
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Dr.D.: Cursed Netscape bug on this 486 iaam typing blindd.
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: you're here though
Guy B.: Greetings!
Dr.D.: Chat window has stoop[ped uip[dfating
Pamela: hello, Guy
rich-c: hello Guy - late, but here!
Meeka: hello
Dr.D.: Closing, bee right back I hope///
Judy: hi, Guy
Dr.D. left chat session
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu2
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dr.D.Take2
George: Hi Guy
Pamela: well?
rich-c: what's the seconmd Daniel for?
Guy B.: Seems we have a pair.
Daniel Bienvenu2 requested to ban Daniel Bienvenu
Dr.D.Take2 confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Dr.D.Take2: Now I have a working screen again.
Pamela confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu2 changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela: where did you drop off Rich?
rich-c: this seems to be one of those nights
Dr.D.Take2: I love my 486, but WinNT 4.0 is a pig on it.
Meeka confirmed ban
rich-c: Guy, what's the weather doing in Chicago?
Dr.D.Take2: The old girl was 10 years old in September.
Pamela: boy, you don't hear those words very often "I love my 486"
Dr.D.Take2: A few Ages of Middle Earth in computer years.
Guy B.: Dr D., don't you have a faster system other than the Macs?
Dr.D.Take2: Nope, Guy.
BobS: I am now Bob, he is working on my computer, was getting an add on IM
Dr.D.Take2: I'm 486ing because Spousal Unit is on the Mac now.
Guy B.: Did you ever consider one?
Meeka: ok, doug crawled outta the cave (ie computer room) so I am gonna go say good night and watch a movie with him
Pamela: does your wife know you talk about her that way???
Dr.D.Take2: Yes, but the lack of $$$ keep getting in my way.
Guy B.: Bye Meeka
Pamela: nite Meeka - tell Doug we said Hi
rich-c: maybe you should put some flavour of *nix on the 486
BobS: night, Meeka from Dad and me
Dr.D.Take2: Bye Meeka.
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: then it would be about as fast as a 1 gig Pentium ;-)
rich-c: nite Meeka
Dr.D.Take2: I actually had been hoping hoping hoping that no major expenses would come up this fall, so I could use the $4K bonus I got for being a Teaching Fellow to buy a new computer, just for me.
Pamela: and then, along came the dead van
Dr.D.Take2: Then Christina decided to go to France with the French Club, and the '89 Caravan died.
Pamela: wow, where do I get a bonus like that?
Guy B.: Consider looking for a used computer.
Ron: so much for the 4K
rich-c: no point, Guy, the new ones are so cheap now
Dr.D.Take2: It was for participating in a special weekly seminar series with 21 other faculty, we met every Wednesday for 2.5 hours to discuss undergrad education issues.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I'm back...
Pamela: oh yes, I remember you mentioning that
Guy B.: True, but even you can find used ones under $200 or even less than that.
Daniel Bienvenu: problem with my IPS probably. I was "disconnected"
Dr.D.Take2: We had to keep detailed journals about what we did, hence the payment as inducement to really participate.
rich-c: some around here, at a kilobuck price they toos in printer, monitor, DVD burner and gig memory and 120 gig HD
Pamela: speaking of bonuses, does anyone have any employment contacts in Toronto?
Dr.D.Take2: If you want to read about what I did, take a look at
Dr.D.Take2: Just be aware that any links mentioning my robot course will point now to a new redesigned version, not yet the old one that I archived.
Dr.D.Take2: I did redesign the grading scheme of the robot lab based upon stuff I learned.
Guy B.: Now, I just discovered that two games that I bought need a 32mb video card. The 8mb won't cut it. Fortunately, a computer show is this Sunday. Going to check one out.
rich-c: speaking of archives, Frances was complaining that the chat archives end with August
Dr.D.Take2: BTW, the rest of the faculty thought our class was tops anyway, but they did have some small tweaks to suggest that were excellent.
Dr.D.Take2: I asked Dale about it and offered to clean them up.
Pamela: it's nice to be appreciated, isn't it
Dr.D.Take2: Other than his reply to my spam lament today, I have not heard anything from him.
Guy B.: Since he's so busy, good thing you were made a co-admin of the list.
Dr.D.Take2: The $4K is nice, but I didn't do it just for the $4K.
rich-c: I wish I could get away with a mere 15 spams a day - I'm getting anywhere from 70 - 100
Pamela: oh not the money, although that's nice too, the fact that they think your class was tops
Daniel Bienvenu: (and for the members from US here): What do you think about the "space future missions" suggested by your president?
Guy B.: I got 25 in a two day period. And it's either drugs or Paris Hilton.
Ron: Maybe that's what happened to my iMac hard drive. the spam filter under OS X really works... but maybe it crammed the HD with spam
rich-c: doesn't it automatically delete it, Ron?
Guy B.: You need to empty that folder Ron.
Dr.D.Take2: Paris Hilton sounds like a hotel.
Ron: I just did.
Ron: before the hard drive died
rich-c: with me, the spam never even gets downloaded - it's deleted from my mailbox
Guy B.: She is the heir to the hotel family.
Ron: puts it into a "junk" folder Rich
BobS: hmmmmmm.......and I have ONE question......when the spammers send it to me and have no return address, WHY in the heck should I even consider their product????
Dr.D.Take2: So it is a person?
Ron: but even if you delete the contents of the junk folder, it remembers
Dr.D.Take2: A real one...ha, I just thought it was a dumb spam title.
Ron: What I would like to read is an honest defence of spam
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: Which "UCITE Learning Fellows Journal" number to read?
rich-c: of course they have a link in the spam, don't they?
Daniel Bienvenu: there are too many!
Ron: haven't been able to find one so far
Dr.D.Take2: They are in chronological order, Daniel.
Guy B.: Yes, and she is on that The Simple Life on Fox which just ended yesterday.
Dr.D.Take2: They asked us to answer questions every week based upon our seminar discussions and outside readings.
BobS: I have follwed a few links Richard and the link was bad.........
Pamela: Did you actually watch that Guy?
Dr.D.Take2: So some of it might not make too much sense, no context.
rich-c: the indefensible can not be defended, Ron
Ron: would seem not Rich.
rich-c: unless you're a Republican talking about Dubya, of course
Dr.D.Take2: Spam is a great food and I will defend it to my last tin and key!!!!!
Ron: :)
Guy B.: No, the only shows I watch on Fox is The Simpsons and King of the HJill.
Guy B.: Hill.
Pamela: are you watching the Bachelorette?
Dr.D.Take2: Except they did away with the key about 5 years ago, the b*stards!
Guy B.: How do you guess? Yes, I did.
Dr.D.Take2: Now it has a pull tab lid like a Hunt's Snack Pack.
Pamela: what?? no key?? that's it, I'm going to keep on not eating Spam
Guy B.: That's why I was late.
Pamela: I wondered - you were hooked on the last one
Guy B.: I'm hooked on both.
rich-c: I don't think they sell Spam here, Pam - at least not under that name
Dr.D.Take2: Argentinian tinned corned beef, however, still has a proper key.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: There is no way to build a robot with LEGO to filter the spam? :)
Ron: Not that kind of spam Dr. D..... I to reserve the right to eat unlimited quantities of spam
Dr.D.Take2: No Spam? Really?
Ron: I too.... I mean
Dr.D.Take2: I'd like to try, Daniel.
Dr.D.Take2: Spam...Some Parts Are Meat.
Guy B.: Finally created my first two musci CD's on the Dell. And boy, they sound great in my car stereo.
rich-c: you missed my story of my new DVD burner, Guy
Guy B.: Did you get that resolved?
Dr.D.Take2: It actually worked, Guy.
Dr.D.Take2: Runs off Richard's ADAM and everything.
Dr.D.Take2: Needs an IDE HD interface, though.
Guy B.: You have to be kidding me?
Pamela: now quit pulling tails, Rich
Dr.D.Take2: I think it is technically possible.
Dr.D.Take2: Certainly a CD reader is, Dale has done it.
Pamela: yes but possible and probable are two very different things
rich-c: where would you get the memory?
Guy B.: We can't even get HD's anymore for the Adam.
Dr.D.Take2: If you can read, you can write, just need a drive that can write.
Dr.D.Take2: You'd burn at 1X or maximum buffer underrun protection.
rich-c: weren't the MI Adam hard discs IDE? or are we thinking size issues?
Dr.D.Take2: It would take forever, but we don't care how fast it is, we just want it to work with the ADAM, right? :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: I'm not 100% sure but I think you like puzzles.
Dr.D.Take2: I do like puzzles, Daniel.
BobS: yup MI's are ide straight out od the3 box
Guy B.: My new CD burner does have buffer underun.
Dr.D.Take2: An even more fun puzzle would be to use ADAMserve to have an ADAM think it can talk to a PC CD burner drive :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I read (i think) 30 times the word puzzle in one single web page... the #6. :)
rich-c: face it, Daniel, all Ph.Ds have to like puzzles or they don't get to be Ph.Ds
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Guy B.: Boy, that would be great if that worked.
left chat session
Pamela: did we just lose someone?
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D.L I think you know well many mathematical games like NIM. I'm right?
Ron: brb
rich-c: I still haven't managed to get my PC to read/write Adam discs within teh emulator
Dr.D.Take2: The reason "puzzle" appears so often in that journal, Daniel, was that the exercise in class that day was to work in groups to solve some word puzzles.
Dr.D.Take2: We were then asked to evaluate our learning strategies.
BobS: ah richard...that is the easey part
Daniel Bienvenu: if you can explain to me the mathematics behind the game "tiouk tiouk" (a "nim-like" game from africa), send me an e-mail.
Guy B.: I have to get those programs up my website on reading and writing with different Adam disks.
Dr.D.Take2: The last "undefined" person was me: stupid browser opened another chat window when I just wanted to open a new blank window to answer Daniel's question.
BobS: problem I have is with the one ibm desktop.......1.2m drive won't read or write correctly all the time......but
rich-c: by the way, you and Bob have changed your ISPs and email and website addresses recently, right?
Dr.D.Take2: I don't know what "nim" is...
BobS: a 386 with a 1.2m drive works great all the time
BobS: NO Richard
Guy B.: I have a 1.2 on the P133 and the works fine with single side disks.
BobS: same as always
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: I'm very surprised... Nim is a mathematical game; you win if you know the mathematics behind it to always win.
rich-c: that is still valid?
BobS: alwasy.........
rich-c: OK - I had a message from someone saying he'd got a bounce from there
BobS: I am thinking about changing from my local ISP but that willnot effect the ones @
rich-c: OK - anyone recommend a good webmail free ISP?
Guy B.: I'm going to cancel my account with Netzero, finally. E-mail is now practically nill.
rich-c: what's your email address now, Guy? bonag@?
Daniel Bienvenu: The mathematic rule behind nim is the number 4.
Guy B.:
BobS: the guy who wants all the pd stuff, etc ??????? there is a mistake on your sales page = no dot between the netzero and the word net
BobS: got dumped there nminute
rich-c: anyway yes Bob him
Guy B.: I have setup a separate e-mail for the Adam Em Utilities. You can find that at my website.
Daniel Bienvenu: In nim, there are some "things" (named nim?) each player have to take. but, the rule is : you can take only 1,2 or 3 nims per turn.
rich-c: URL for your website, Guy?
BobS: did he get back to you Richard?????
Guy B.:
rich-c: not since my reply to him Saturday
BobS: FREE email OR OR
Guy B.: That's the correct one.
rich-c: OK, netzero isn't a force here and yahoo is too popular - maybe I'll look at juno
BobS: BUT, use a name at the end of the alphabet.....will take longer for the spammers to get to yoru name
rich-c: Frances is getting the itch to hit some groups and will need a diversionary address
rich-c: I already have three webmail addresses that the spammers have yet to find
Guy B.: You have to watch Juno. If you take Juno's free one. They will watch to see if you go on a lot and they may make you go on the pay service.
BobS: YES, use a different one than your personal one
Dr.D.Take2: I loved the old "Concentration" game show on NBC with Hugh Downs...used to be on right after the "Today" show was done at 8 AM (back when the "Today" show was Frank McGee and Barbara Walters and only 1 hour long).
Guy B.: Do I remember that Dr. D.
George: i have an early early morning tomorrow
Dr.D.Take2: Pam was asking me about the rebus puzzles in my Journal #6.
rich-c: got to leave us, do you, George?
Dr.D.Take2: The one that Daniel asked about.
George: yes
Guy B.: See you later George.
George: nite all
Dr.D.Take2: So I took it offline...but if you guys want to talk "Concentration"... :-)
BobS: nite Geo
Judy: night, george
rich-c: well, hope you enjoyed that dinner - should help you snooze
Dr.D.Take2: Wonder if there's an ADAM version.
Pamela: thanks for dinner, George : ) goodnight
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Dr.D.Take2: I remember lots of PC versions that were similar to the ADAM/PC Jeopardy game.
rich-c: anyway, nite, George
George: poof
George left chat session
Guy B.: I even have an old DOS game of The Price is Right.
Pamela: I love Jeopardy too
Guy B.: And Wheel of Fortune.
Pamela: for a while there we were watching Wheel and Jeopardy every night
rich-c: how good is the Adam Jeopardy game?
Pamela: I got really good at Wheel
Judy: I like Wheel of Fortune, too
Pamela: I've actually guessed some puzzles without any letters on the board at all
BobS: tis good !!!!!
Pamela: not very often, but occasionally
Judy: it isn't bad, we used to play with the kids
Guy B.: What about Monopoly?
BobS: now too busy to play games.........must be slowing down with age
Pamela: never liked Monopoly much - don't have the cutthroat instinct
Dr.D.Take2: The girls got Lord of the Rings Monopoly for Christmas...they have been playing it.
Guy B.: I was playing with some Microsoft board games last night. had Chinese Checkers, Checkers and Taipei (Mahjong). Taipei was really good.
BobS: say what ????? they will make any game into Monopoly yes??????
Dr.D.Take2: I wanted to be Gollum, but they didn't have a figure of him. So I sat it out.
Guy B.: I have Monopoly Vegas Edition.
Judy: I have played that for a while, Guy
Judy: Taipei that is
Daniel Bienvenu: Which Monopoly version they didn't do? There is a "Quebec" version.
Pamela: a Toronto version
Guy B.: That I liked. Reminded me of that game from the Adam. I think it's called Dragon from Reedy Software.
Pamela: a chocolate version
Pamela: darn, shouldn't have mentioned chocolate
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam: I think the Toronto version will be done too. Where they will put the CN tower?
Dr.D.Take2: Free Parking?
Pamela: that's cruel, Rich
Pamela: I think the Toronto version has been done, Daniel
Guy B.: That Diet Coke should help.
rich-c: around teh CN Tower, parking is far from free
Dr.D.Take2: (Reese's Peanut Butter Cup)
rich-c: I went to lunch downtown last week and parked at city hall
Pamela: thanks Guy - maybe it'll help take the edge off
rich-c: the parking cost me almost as much as the lunch
Pamela: sheesh, you'd think I was Kimberly or something
Dr.D.Take2: Take the bus next time?
Pamela: really cruel, Rich
BobS: take the spudway
Guy B.: Does all the time with me. Except when my dog wants to see what I'm bringing her from the kitchen.
rich-c: well, as soon as the doctor says my hip can take teh sudden movements of transit vehicles
Dr.D.Take2: I'm serious, I don't know what public transportation you folks have.
Dr.D.Take2: It would be true in Cleveland.
rich-c: oh, until my hip problems I always took the subway automatically
Pamela: Two subway lines, one E-W and one N-S, one rapid transit line into Scarborough, and lots of buses to everywhere
Guy B.: I take the L here in Chicago to work everyday.
Dr.D.Take2: Round-trip on the Red Line train from University Circle to Downtown and back, $3.00. Parking anywhere downtown, at least $5, likely $7-10.
rich-c: I'm not masochist enough to voluntarily subject myself to downtown Toronto driving
Dr.D.Take2: Unless you have a carload of people, the train is cheaper from where we are.
Pamela: driving and downtown are not words that should be used in the same sentence
Pamela: One fare of $2.25 from Etobicoke city limits in the west to Scarborough city limits in the east
Guy B.: Our fares just went up to $1.75 . The first time they have raised that in 13 years.
rich-c: they're almost a tautology, like non-rush hour
Pamela: positively oxymoronic, Dad
rich-c: do you have discount passes for regular users, Guy?
Guy B.: Well folks, got to go. I don't know about Saturday. My sister wants me to help clean the basement from my mom's place. She was in the hospital last week. Had a false stroke, but she's Ok and home with my sister. So, I'll visit her. I'll see you all next week.
Guy B.: Yes, we do on the discount passes.
Pamela: best wishes to her, Guy
BobS: ok careful out there
rich-c: OK Guy, see you maybe Saturday, otherwise Wed. take care now
Pamela: g'nite
Judy: well, it is that time of the night , so night all , talk at you next week
Dr.D.Take2: Bye Guy.
Dr.D.Take2: And you too, Judy.
Guy B.: Poof
rich-c: goodnight Judy, see you next week
Guy B. left chat session
Judy left chat session
Pamela: nite, Judy
BobS: when did Meeka getoff?????
rich-c: seem to be getting into the high-attrition zone
Dr.D.Take2: All right, gang, I am going to go to sleep now.
rich-c: OK Rich, catch you again whenever
Pamela: Sleep is good Rich. Get some for a change.
Dr.D.Take2: I had a nasty long stretch without sleep earlier in the week that I have not quite recovered from.
BobS: shees you too Rich?????
rich-c: drive carefully in all that snow
Dr.D.Take2: :-)
BobS: guess tis time for me to wander yonder also gang
BobS: see ya's later eh?????
Dr.D.Take2: And drumlie war his ee, Sir Patrick Spens...
rich-c: yes, don't want to leave Judy alone too long :-)
Dr.D.Take2: She won't get lost.
BobS left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: May I ask you ONE IMPORTANT QUESTION FOR ME?
Pamela: g'nite Bob
rich-c: go ahead Daniel
Dr.D.Take2: Whom are you asking, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you get the rom files I sent in the mailing list? or it still in your mailbox?
Daniel Bienvenu: ask to everyone
rich-c: I got them
Dr.D.Take2: I got them from the mailing list, Daniel, but I have not unpacked them or anything yet to try them out.
Dr.D.Take2: I am still busy trying to get classes started here this week.
Dr.D.Take2: Christina just brought me some birthday cake...
Dr.D.Take2: ...she was 17 last Friday.
rich-c: lordy, how time does fly!
Pamela: Happy Birthday, Christina
Pamela: hmm, cake, chocolate cake, chocolate - oh heck
Daniel Bienvenu: I see... thanks for your answer. I will wait a few more days before sending another version.
Dr.D.Take2: Okay folks, time to go...
Daniel Bienvenu: to let you try the rom you get now
Pamela: Gee it's awfully quiet all of a sudden
Dr.D.Take2: 3s and 8s, we gone, bye-bye.
Daniel Bienvenu: me too.. I have to go.
Pamela: g'nite, Rich - now GO TO BED
Dr.D.Take2: <crackle of static>
Daniel Bienvenu: James is at his job right now... but he says "hello"
Dr.D.Take2 left chat session
Pamela: nite, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: good night!
rich-c: nite, Daniel
Pamela: what happened to Ron?
Daniel Bienvenu: see you next week.
Pamela: a bientot : )
rich-c: he's still showing but I don't know if he's there
Daniel Bienvenu: (maybe not saturday)
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Pamela: in spirit, but not in body
rich-c: en tout cas, a la prochaine
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: is Mom still around?
rich-c: well, she's on the Amiga
Pamela: i'm thinking to disconnect and call you for a minute - or should I wait until tomorrow?
rich-c: I can go offline - hold on while I ask her
Pamela: just for a short minute
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Eric
Pamela: hello Eric
rich-c: Eric, we are just in the process of closing down
rich-c: our chat starts at ( Eastern and it's now bedtime
rich-c: want to give it a shot on Saturday or email me?
Pamela: ah, the silent type
Eric: Hi all, sorry, was putting my daughter to sleep earlier and accidentally dropped off myself. :)
rich-c: and I hope it's obvious I am glad you did choose to join us
Eric: One of those days.
rich-c: you're on teh west coast?
Eric: East coast. Hyde Park, NY
Eric: 90 miles north of Manhattan
Pamela: you should have stayed asleep Eric : )
rich-c: OK, about a day;s drive from here. Roosevelt country
Pamela: Dad, I'll call tomorrow instead okay?
rich-c: and yes, I've been to FDR's home
rich-c: hold on Pam
Eric: Took a chance you guys were still here. Yes, the Roosevel estate is about 2 minutes from here
rich-c: anyway Eric we must go but do try Saturday at 3 or next Wednesday - OK?
rich-c: and do let me know if you have an email address that will allow attachments
Eric: I'll try for the Sat chat, have a goodnight everyone.
Pamela: goodnite, Eric - thanks for dropping by
rich-c: goodnight Eric and thanks
rich-c: Pam, I'll clear the phone for you in 90 seconds
Pamela: you sure it's okay?
Eric: I had mentioned in the e-mail I sent both you and Bob that either address can receive e-mails with attachments
rich-c: OK, I didn't get that - can you resend? remember mine is
Eric: Will do, goodnight Rich.
rich-c: sorry, @
rich-c: OK - goodnight all around
Pamela: nite Dad - I'm calling in two minutes
rich-c: colour me gone
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c left chat session
Eric left chat session
Pamela left chat session
Ron left chat session
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