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rich-c: bonjour, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi!
Daniel Bienvenu: SURPRISE
rich-c: this room gives me a dark grey screen - can we move to Meeting Place?
Daniel Bienvenu: (let's go to the "Meeting Place")
Daniel Bienvenu moved to room Meeting Place
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Daniel Bienvenu: Hey!
rich-c: ah, that is a great deal better, n'est-ce pas?
Daniel Bienvenu: I,m not supposed to be here this weekend
rich-c: vraiment? what were you supposed to do?
Daniel Bienvenu: playing D&D with friends.
Daniel Bienvenu: but... some players wasn't able to play this weekend
rich-c: heavens - is that game still around? it was popular on teh Adam when it first came out!
rich-c: I sort of thought it had faded away by now
rich-c: was it teh wesather that deterred them?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, some french peoples have done a "parody" in MP3 files... like many 2minutes of short (and sweet) humour.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the medieval interrest here is more present now
rich-c: OK, MP3s are something I have never looked at
Daniel Bienvenu: and with the event "Fetes de la nouvelles France" here in Quebec... it's more popular than ever
rich-c: my computer is fully capable of handling them, of course, just no interest
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: it's in french but it's funny
rich-c: are you familiar with the Society for Creative Anachronism?
Daniel Bienvenu: some fans did cartoons with this "popular series"
rich-c: OK, got the URL and will look
Daniel Bienvenu: Society of Creative Anachronism?
rich-c: I'm not too bad at reading formal French - joual is another story
rich-c: they are very active in university circles all over North America
rich-c: the SCA basicaly tries to reacreate the Middle Ages teh way they ought to have been
rich-c: each member assumes a character and they have local communities, so to speak
Daniel Bienvenu: some jokes are more "playing with words" because a word can have more than one definition.
rich-c: they wear teh clothes, cook the food, mimic the speech (to some extent), engage in teh activities
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, our D&D games are more imaginative than realistic
rich-c: yes, the double entendre is a familiar form of humour
Daniel Bienvenu: WE don't use accessories
rich-c: yes, D&D has its roots in fantasy, of course
Daniel Bienvenu: but we use little "figurines" who represent ourself in the game in a flat MAP with many spaces printed on it.
rich-c: but the SCA types are tolerant of medieval beliefs in witches, drawves, dragons, etc.
Daniel Bienvenu: th game master talk when we the players didn't decide anything to continue the story
rich-c: back in my teaching days we went through a period when it seemed every kid in teh school was obsessed with D&D
rich-c: but then along came teh video games and teh kids found a new obsession
Daniel Bienvenu: the longest D&D game I played taken 2 years... because it was very difficult to find freetime for all the players. sometimes, one player can't play and we think about a way to write the sotry to explain this situation.
rich-c: oh, let him get captured by a dark wizard or something and kept on ice for a while ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I remember one who be traped underground with cats colony
rich-c: I am fond of a well-written fantasy when I have time, but don't bother too much with the currently popular
Daniel Bienvenu: and me, I was in a paralele world on and island without water around... only empty space.
rich-c: I remember the parents being upset with teh D&D obsession but teachers figured anything that stretched teh kids' imaginstions was good
rich-c: I assume that teh quality of the game depends on teh skill of the dungeon master
rich-c: or do the board games come with defined locales and plot suggestions?
Daniel Bienvenu: like i said, the MAP was only a flat board with many spaces printed on it... no drawing to suggest anything like water, montains, etc. this particular map can be used with a non permanent pen or pensil who can be erased by water.
rich-c: ah, really just an open grid that you fill in as the plot develops, then
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, that's right
rich-c: is that something you picked up at university or have you been playing longer?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I played for the first time with a friend and friends of my friend after the primary school.
Daniel Bienvenu: I stoped many years
Daniel Bienvenu: and then replay D&D during university... and it continue
rich-c: sort of like the popularity cycle of the game itself
rich-c: do you schedule play at a regular time or just when the group can get together?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the spirit of the "Fetes de la Nouvelle-France" here in Quebec during summer and the RPG games like neverwinter and RPG parody like NAHEULBEUK DUNGEON... I think the D&D popularity is increasing very fast here.
Daniel Bienvenu: when can group can be toghter... about 0.5-1 day per week
rich-c: I'd guess it is among the anglophones too but they are more inclined to play online by computer
Daniel Bienvenu: it's why it takes more than a year sometimes
rich-c: well, a complex game can easily take that long - there are no built in time parameters
Daniel Bienvenu: If you have time to came here in Quebec city during summer event "Fetes de la Nouvelle-France" you will see many costumes and activities. :)
rich-c: I have been in Quebec City a few times in the summer but not when the "Fetes" were on
rich-c: as I mentioned, I have a cousin who with her husband owns shops in Lowr Town
Daniel Bienvenu: Currently, I'm programming a memory game to be included with Explosion and Treasure.
rich-c: right, those are your new Colecovision games, right?
Daniel Bienvenu: right! This new game add 1K to the rom file. This mean now there are 3 games in 9K (3K per game)
rich-c: at the TPUG meeting (Toronto Pet Users Group) meeting Thursday there was much talk of Commodore C64 games
Daniel Bienvenu: Someone suggested that what I'm doing is a special boardgames cartridge
rich-c: several of the members had been to a big show in Chicaog quite recently - maybe last week
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm a big fan of Commodor 64 computer.
Daniel Bienvenu: I programmed many things for this computer
rich-c: someone mentioned the MAMAE and I chipped in about the new Colecovision games and
rich-c: TPUG was once the biggest Commodore group in the world - now it's down to a handful of diehards
rich-c: it has Commodore and Amiga chapters with sort-of joint meetings
Daniel Bienvenu: I started programming with a Commodore Vic-20, then a Commodore 64, than a PC computer, with one little programme on Atari (400?) computer and a MAC SE.
rich-c: same time, place, different sides of teh room, so to speak
rich-c: oh - I have a Vic-20 never used, some TI-99/4As, and of course the Adams
Daniel Bienvenu: POKE 36879,8 : REM VIC-20 BLACK SCREEN
Daniel Bienvenu: POKE 36878,8: REM SPEEKER VOLUME
Daniel Bienvenu: POKE 36876, 200: REM high note
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe
Daniel Bienvenu: good time
Daniel Bienvenu: with Commodore 64 it's the sprites programming... yes!
rich-c: the only program I ever did was an Adam thing to pick my 6/49 numbers ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I did more than one program for the 6/49 ... win only 10$ but lost many many times. :p
rich-c: the nice thing about SmartLogo is the number of sprites you can control at once
rich-c: ditto - Adam is no better at picking winners than I am :-(
rich-c: in fact I'm even so far behind the normal odds I must be overdue for a ral big win just to even out!
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the memory game is done... need to adjust the AI part (now it's only random selection)
rich-c: OK, think I understand what you're after; will it be that much of a refinement?
Daniel Bienvenu: like adding a table where the coleco will remember wich "numbers" were find during game to quickly do matches.
Daniel Bienvenu: the way I program this "games-in-1" is more like adding one thing and see if it does something good or not.
rich-c: right - randoms could lead to duplications that mess things up
rich-c: en anglais, "make it up as you go along"
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't like a cpu more intelligent than me. :)
rich-c: never a problem
Daniel Bienvenu: but only random selection is not funny to play. no challenge
rich-c: even the most sophiticated cpu knows only two things - on and off
Daniel Bienvenu: in my memory game, there are 8 mines where you loose points. hehehe!
rich-c: but I ran into a very tricky piece of programming during the past week
Daniel Bienvenu: when you discover a mine, you loose point and the coleco hide the mine .. so you can pickup the mine again. :) LOL
rich-c: it gave me a third virtual drive on my secondary IDE connector - which only supports two drives
rich-c: (my, that's a dirty laugh, Daniel ;-) )
Daniel Bienvenu: when there are 10 spaces left... and you know there are 8 mines but can'T remember where they are? that's a challenge :D
rich-c: especially if you're on your last life...
Daniel Bienvenu: there are no lifes... only loosing points. otherwise, it's too difficult. :)
rich-c: yes, towards the end I bet points get lost in big bunches
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah... but you can't have a negative score
rich-c: I reckon a zero would leave one feeling beat up enough!
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a list of games to use the same graphics to not use to many rom space.
Daniel Bienvenu: I will not add checker
Daniel Bienvenu: probably minesweeper (only one player)
rich-c: yes, ROM space is limited in the Colecovision environment
Daniel Bienvenu: if I add checker, it will be a lite version without AI.
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe connect four could be done.
rich-c: that would make it a bit of a dumb game to play then - knowing the rules doesn't mean you know the right move within them
Daniel Bienvenu: if you have any suggestion... about new games to be played in a 8x8 board, you know my e-mail. :)
rich-c: right, though there is alreadu a chess game, runs under CP/M - TDOS
rich-c: maybe you should try backgammon, or some form of poker
Daniel Bienvenu: I found tiouk tiouk
rich-c: that one I don't know - does it have an English name?
Daniel Bienvenu: tiouk tiouk? it's an africain game
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: found a version for the Oric computer
Daniel Bienvenu: it plays on a 8x8 board
rich-c: well, as you know, I am not much of a games player
Daniel Bienvenu: tiouk tiouk it's more a "puzzle" than a game
rich-c: I may watch others sometimes with some amusement, but that's it
rich-c: my choice of puzzle at the moment is Free Cell
Daniel Bienvenu: i think i can't add a freecell game in this rom. and it's not a 8x8 boardgame :)
Daniel Bienvenu: rich, you like card games like freecell? I invented one cardgame... easy and funny to play
rich-c: no, it likely requires more memory than a CV environment can support
Daniel Bienvenu: My cardgame is named "patience carré"
rich-c: really? if it's a game that can be beaten but requires some strong thinking to do it, it's my sort
Daniel Bienvenu: let me explain
Daniel Bienvenu: shuffle your deck (52 cards)
Daniel Bienvenu: do a square of 4x4 cards infront of you
rich-c: solitaire is also sometimes called patience in English - is it a form of that?
Daniel Bienvenu: It's a form of that ... but you need to think what to do before continuing.
rich-c: that is my way
Daniel Bienvenu: I suggest you to try it during my explanations
Daniel Bienvenu: during all the game you have to do this:
Daniel Bienvenu: "swap" two cards (different values) to be able to pickup 4 cards who matchs
Daniel Bienvenu: how to match cards? they have the same value and there are no cards between them.
Daniel Bienvenu: the two cards must be is the same horizontal or vertical line
Daniel Bienvenu: two pairs of two cards must be choosed to continue the game
rich-c: if you're only dealing with four cards on teh table, matching pairs are pretty unlikely
Daniel Bienvenu: but, the magic touch of this game is: when you pickup the first two cards who matchs, this can reveals more matchs.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, maybe you need an example.
rich-c: yes, but if you start off with four unmatched cards, it's game over befoe you start
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, put cards infront of you in a square of 4x4 cards. and tell me the cards values from left to right, top to down.
rich-c: don't have a deck handy, Daniel, or a place to put them
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, so i will do it.
rich-c: I assume you realize I play freecell on teh computer
rich-c: it's one of the games packaged with Windows 98
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I have this 4x4 cards configuration:
Daniel Bienvenu: Q-10-1-8
Daniel Bienvenu: 3-2-4-J
Daniel Bienvenu: 1-Q-9-Q
Daniel Bienvenu: 2-3-1-7
Daniel Bienvenu: actually, there is no matchs
rich-c: ah, ok, you have 16 cards out - sorry, I made a wrong assumption
Daniel Bienvenu: the two Q at the 3rd line are seperate with another card, so I can't pickup them
rich-c: queens in line 3 must be adjacent?
Daniel Bienvenu: but, if I swap the 9 (the one between the two Qs) with a 1. I can pickup the two 1s... then the two Qs. see?
Daniel Bienvenu: Then I replace free space with cards
Daniel Bienvenu: and I continue
rich-c: OK, follow you so far
Daniel Bienvenu: In my expample, if I swapt the 9 with the 1 beside the Q, I have:
Daniel Bienvenu: Q-10-1-8
Daniel Bienvenu: 3-2-4-J
Daniel Bienvenu: 9-Q-1-Q
Daniel Bienvenu: 2-3-1-7
Daniel Bienvenu: I take the first "pair"
Daniel Bienvenu: the two 1s
Daniel Bienvenu: they have no cards between them
Daniel Bienvenu: and they are in the same vertical line
rich-c: OK
Daniel Bienvenu: remember than you can pickup cards in a horizontal or vertical line only
rich-c: no diagonals
Daniel Bienvenu: Now, I have to pickup a second "pair"
Daniel Bienvenu: that's it, no diagonals.
Daniel Bienvenu: The situation is:
rich-c: and in your example you have teh queens in line now
Daniel Bienvenu: Q-10-1-8
Daniel Bienvenu: 3-2-4-J
Daniel Bienvenu: 9-Q- -Q
Daniel Bienvenu: 2-3- -7
Daniel Bienvenu: See that the two Qs have no cards between them
Daniel Bienvenu: So, I can pickup these two Q to finish THIS TURN
rich-c: right
Daniel Bienvenu: I replace free space with cards
rich-c: OK
Daniel Bienvenu: and then I continue
Daniel Bienvenu: the game
Daniel Bienvenu: the best part is when there are no more cards in the deck
Daniel Bienvenu: normally, you can finish the game if you do the right things.
rich-c: as in, there's only 16 total left...
Daniel Bienvenu: during the game to put in the same line the same values
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah, but the game continue only there is no cards in front of you
Daniel Bienvenu: each turn is: swap two cards, pickup two pairs.
Daniel Bienvenu: and of course add new cards if there are cards in the deck
rich-c: OK, think I get the general idea
rich-c: and it would take a certain amount of advance planning
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, and you don't know which card you will put on the table in advance
Daniel Bienvenu: HAVE FUN!
rich-c: right
rich-c: anyway, right now I am feeling much relieved
rich-c: I got my new DVD burner installed and running
Daniel Bienvenu: So, try it someday. And tell me if you like it... next week during chat session?
Daniel Bienvenu: a new DVD burning, lucky guy!
rich-c: doubt I'll have time that soon, Daniel
rich-c: when us old retired geezers say we can't imagine how we found time to go to work, we aren't kidding
rich-c: well, I watched teh market closely, and when Future Shop had a real special, I bought it
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, but now, when you will play freecell, you will probably remember me now. :D
rich-c: oh yes, I'll know there is the other option ;-)
rich-c: anyway, the neatest part of teh DVD burner is the software that comes with it
Daniel Bienvenu: which software?
rich-c: they have even figured out a way to back up a hard disc without (apparently) dropping you into DOS
rich-c: it's something new and proprietary that comes with teh LG drive
Daniel Bienvenu: nice!
rich-c: it's just called B's Recorder Gold - there's also B's Clip which I haven't quite figured outv yet
rich-c: and a DVD-RAM driver which - get this - creates a virtual removable disc on your secondary IDE connector
rich-c: in short, it sees teh burner as both an optical drive and a removable drive (like a Zip)
Daniel Bienvenu: is it your third virtual drive, now?
rich-c: actualy, since I don't plan to use DVD-RAM discs any time soon, I deleted teh driver
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
rich-c: the trouble was it came in ahead of my optical drives rather than after
rich-c: since I originally installed Windows from the CD drive as G I didn't want it moved to H
rich-c: and I also wanted my backup image of my C drive to go to the DVD burner as H
rich-c: if I can figure out how to install the RAM driver but have it assigned drive I, I'll put it in
Daniel Bienvenu: you better no change what is working in the world of computers
rich-c: yes, it's very easy to get into deep trouble playing around with drive letters
rich-c: that's why the RAM driver shocked me - I didnt believe you could fake Windows into accepting a third drive on an IDE connector
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I don't know for you but me, I have to prepare something to eat. :) see you next week? bye!
rich-c: OK Daniel, byb now, see you Wed.
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof* *poof* *poof*
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