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rich-c: so if I'm early, what does that make you? :-)
Dr.D.: Hi Richard.
Dr.D.: I was at my computer already and just logged in.
rich-c: gather you were off multi-tasking
Dr.D.: Rather, had just logged in when I first sat down about 2:30.
Dr.D.: Yes, reading some mail from a student about a recommendation letter.
rich-c: anyway, how are things in Cleveland?
Dr.D.: Cold and colder...still only about 9 F this morning.
Dr.D.: A bit of sun, though, so if you stand in the sunshine you can imagine that it's 25 F or so.
Dr.D.: :-)
rich-c: I think we are a bit warmer than that, though I havent checked recently
rich-c: we were supposed to get up to -4C today and may have made it - call it 25F
Dr.D.: It was snowing like made night before last, about 6 inches an hour for a 30-minute spate, then it stopped.
rich-c: you must have been getting lake effect - we got a small dusting but frankly we haven't even bothered sweeping it off yet
Dr.D.: Of course, that was the 30 minutes when I had to drive down to University to retrieve a schoolbook that Christina had left in Joan's car, and needed for a test the next day.
Dr.D.: Joan working evening shift that night.
Dr.D.: So, I had to drive down, park in my lot, walk 15 minutes in white-out to her parking deck, retrieve book (place in plastic bag to avoid damage), and walk back.
rich-c: Pam was going to borrow my truck to help Kim move but chickened out when she saw the road
Dr.D.: Brrrr.
Dr.D.: It stopped about as soon as I got back to the car to drive home.
Dr.D.: But the parked car had 3 inches of new snow on it.
rich-c: which is just as well as her mother had chickened out about loaning it
Dr.D.: (outside surface lot).
Dr.D.: Don't tell Pam I said this, but she drives, um, interestingly...
rich-c: did you read about teh town at the eastern end of Lake Ontario that got 24 inches in five hours?
Dr.D.: No I didn't.
Dr.D.: We haven't had a snowfall like that in Cleveland since Christmas 1996.
rich-c: about 30 miles north of Syracuse - they got teh full benefit
Dr.D.: I spent 8 hours straight shovelling snow that day, to keep the driveway open so Joan could get to work.
Dr.D.: Joan helping of course while she was still home.
rich-c: some towns out there (upstate NY) got almost six feet in 24 hours
Dr.D.: As soon as we reached the end of the driveway, the back part had filled up almost to where it was when we started.
rich-c: oh, I have an electric shovel which is usually adequate
Dr.D.: Of course, we have a long driveway, and a big area behind the house because it's a duplex.
rich-c: when my hip was bad we hadd to hire snow clearing help but may not need it much longer
Dr.D.: We'd need a very long extension cord for an electric anything.
Dr.D.: Just take it easy shovelling on your bionic hip: very easy to twist in naughty ways.
Dr.D.: Better hired snow removal than hospital IMHO.
rich-c: we have electric outlets outside on either side of teh front of teh house and on teh back of the garage
Dr.D.: We do, too, but the driveway is 30 yards long :-)
rich-c: well, I am seeing teh surgeon on Wednesday so will see what he is willing to allow
Dr.D.: Remember to ask for your pre-op X-rays.
rich-c: :-)
Dr.D.: Hey, if you want, I could put before and after on the AC15.5 webpage :-)
rich-c: actually, we intend to get everything Sunnybrook has on me this time
Dr.D.: Which I hope you've had a chance to peruse, BTW.
rich-c: oh yes, I've looked, and so has Frances
Dr.D.: Any comments?
rich-c: just sorry you didn't add the food tables at the Mandarin - they wre so appetizing!
Dr.D.: There was hardly room to stand out there to take a photo...and blinding someone with a full plate might have been catastrophic.
rich-c: I am curious about your comment on Pam's driving - I tend to find her hyper-cautious
Dr.D.: Agreed about the appetizingness of the food, though.
Dr.D.: Compared to Cleveland drivers...she is a zoomer, sometimes tailgater, quick lane changes.
Dr.D.: Perhaps a survival skill in Toronto.
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Dr.D.: Hi Daniel.
rich-c: mind you, a bloody-minded red haze of aggression is a survival minimum in Toronto these days
Daniel B: Hi! Rich brothers!
rich-c: eh, bonjourm Daniel; ca va?
Dr.D.: Yeah, the car's atmosphere was pretty blue from invective at a few points...
Daniel B: ca va!
Dr.D.: So you approve of ADAMcon 15.5, Daniel?
rich-c: we were just discussing Toronto drivers
Daniel B: approve? I have no approbation to give .:)
Dr.D.: I meant that you seemed to think it was a good idea.
rich-c: I used to do that, Rich, but have sort of given up - now Frances does it for me, and she doesn't even drive!
Dr.D.: I can't imagine Frances saying some of what, um, Pam said...
Daniel B: Yeah! it looks like you had a lot of fun!
rich-c: so Pamela at least comes by it honestly
Dr.D.: It was a blast, Daniel.
Dr.D.: If Dale Wick is able to keep to his schedule and have ADAMcon 17 in Toronto, it would be great to have you there.
Dr.D.: That's some of the kinds of non-technical stuff that we do at ADAMcons.
rich-c: pity it's so far from Quebec City to Toronto; you could have joined in
Daniel B: why not!
Dr.D.: The days of 72 hours of straight hard-core tech are over for ADAMcons, I think.
Dr.D.: So you might be a little bored with us nowadays.
rich-c: yes, these days it is far more a sort of family reunion
Dr.D.: But growing family, too.
rich-c: yes, the accretion is gradual and not all stick, but it's there
Daniel B: un chien dans un jeu de quilles
Dr.D.: A something something a something of the pen?
rich-c: now that's an idiom I haven't encountered before, Daniel - is it Quebecois or Euro French?
Daniel B: Expression: simply, something who doesn't have to be there
Dr.D.: Or is it literally feather?
rich-c: chien is a dog, Rich - jeu is a game but also a collection
Daniel B: translation word by word? a dog in a bowling game.
Dr.D.: And the metaphorical meaning?
rich-c: must be Quebecois - in Euro French it would be a cat ;-)
Daniel B: in a "private" meeting, a stranger like me is more "un chien dans un jeu de quilles".
rich-c: oh, you are very much one of teh gang by now, Daniel
Dr.D.: Daniel, you're part of the family.
rich-c: you are very regular in our social activities and making a BIG mark in the technical area
rich-c: like, what more could you do?
Dr.D.: There was a time when I, who didn't attend an ADAMcon until 1992, felt like I was a complete outsider and had missed the real "glory days" of the ADAM.
Daniel B: recreate the coleco company?
Dr.D.: I am admittedly the second wave...but I am still here, when most of the "pioneers" have moved on.
rich-c: yeah, that lasted till you (and the others) organized AC04
Dr.D.: AC04 was 1992.
rich-c: oh - I though you had made it to South Bend
rich-c: but you're right, AC02 was teh year I retired, 1990
Dr.D.: I could have attended ADAMcon 3, but still didn't feel interested enough in the whole convention thing to attend.
rich-c: in retrospect, I don't think you'd consider that decision validated
Dr.D.: I met Herman and George via the Cleveland Freenet ADAM Forum in October 1990.
Dr.D.: Well, for the time, me still trying to finish my Ph.D. dissertation...and Joan getting ready to have Diana in August 1993, I think it was probably wise.
Daniel B: In years 90-92 I was a simple student in a "college" and I programmed games in QuickBASIC.
rich-c: all things considered, I guess you're right; still...
rich-c: CEGEP?
Daniel B: yes CEGEP
Daniel B: I'm still a young men. and with my black hair, I look like "un mouton noir".
rich-c: when you came in, Daniel, we wre talking about the weather - how is your end of th9ings doing?
rich-c: I am more teh eminence gris type
Dr.D.: Whatever "grey" is in French, that is my hair.
Dr.D.: Ahh, "gris".
Daniel B: how is my end of things doing? errr.... are you talking about my coleco projects or more about my social situation?
rich-c: your weeather, with all of us getting exceptional cold or snow
Daniel B: Here in Quebec is ok! ... a bit cold but ok
Daniel B: It's the "carnaval de Québec"
rich-c: we have not seen the thermometer into plus numbers since about New Year's Day - unusual for us if not unheard of
rich-c: right - Bonhomme Carnival is holding court
Dr.D.: We are at least -13 C here in Cleveland.
Daniel B: Bonhomme Carnaval arrived yesturday night.
Daniel B: err... last night (is better?)
rich-c: and now the festivities have begun -how's the temperature?
Daniel B: well, like i said before.... it's a bit cold but ok
rich-c: I was reading about Key Lake, Saskatchewan - they had -52.6C (63 below F)
rich-c: apparently that's enough to make vehicle engines sieae, but I'm not clear why
Daniel B: -11 C here
Dr.D.: Good day to stay indoors next to a toasty fireplace...too bad we don't have a fireplace in our home.
rich-c: ah, for Quebec in the coldest week of teh year, that isn't bad at all
Dr.D.: I am wearing my insulated boots indoors, thoughl
Dr.D.: though.
Daniel B: Laval (Montreal) problem with the water... big problem...
rich-c: what, one of the big water mains break?
Dr.D.: Supposedly this weekend is typically Cleveland's lowest temperatures of the winter...on average, it's all supposed to get warmer from here.
rich-c: yes, that the weather pattern around the Great Lakes, Rich
Dr.D.: Punxatawney Phil better stay deep in his hole, however...he will freeze his little feet if he bothers to come up to see his shadow.
Daniel B: because Hydro-Quebec need to release water.... a few houses are in danger.
Dr.D.: Daniel: that's our American silly "holiday" of Groundhog Day. A groundhog is what in French, "marmot"?
rich-c: right, when teh streams are frozen over a release can cause serious flooding
Daniel B: it's simply ice+snow+more water... in the river
Daniel B: but the water, is going out the river.
rich-c: our groundhod is Wiarton Willie (generation 2 at least)
rich-c: yes, and if teh release breaks up teh ice, it can be pushed way up the river banks
Dr.D.: I spelled it wrong, Punxsutawney.
Daniel B: many people try to help... bags of sand... break the ice in the river... etc.
Dr.D.: You can learn more at
Dr.D.: That's the official site.
rich-c: of course, Willie being a native Canadian groundhog, a litle chill won't bother him ;-)
Dr.D.: February 2nd...they all had better stay underground.
rich-c: that's unusual, Daniel; usually the problems seem to be on the South Shore not around Laval
Daniel B: My brother is living in Ste-Dorothee... it's close to this region.
Dr.D.: So far, Cleveland has had no water main breaks or other ice/water problems.
Dr.D.: (Christina says hello, she just got back from visiting a friend)
rich-c: we always have a lot of minor water main breaks in winter, but major ones are rare
rich-c: hello from here to Christina
Daniel B: Hi Christina!
rich-c: but we are very expert at spotting our neighbourhood breaks and phoning them in
rich-c: oh, got to try out my new DVD burner in read mode yesterday
rich-c: Pamela loaned me her DVD of Harry Potter
Dr.D.: (Christina acknowledges all the hellos)
Dr.D.: What do you think of Harry Potter?
Daniel B: I don't read the books to be more fascinated when it's time to see the movie.
rich-c: well the basic story is a tall-tale version of your classic English boarding school story
rich-c: but the special effects in the mvoie wre simply incredible
Dr.D.: Wait 'til you see the 2nd movie, then...
Dr.D.: These are films definitely worth seeing in the theatre.
rich-c: I thought in general that most of the casting was very well done though perhaps Dumbledore was a hair overdrawn
Dr.D.: He's more subdued in the 2nd film, though, mostly because the actor was dying :-(
rich-c: I shall have to look at the outtakes disc first; she also loaned me the second
rich-c: I still have to make time to read the latest of the books, too
Dr.D.: The books are definitely worth reading, Richard.
Dr.D.: If you've not already done so.
rich-c: oh, I've read all but the latest
Dr.D.: Re: latest book, I read it in 6 hours, the night it came out :-) We were at one of the opening parties at Border's Books.
rich-c: and look in your pictures - it's sitting on the table beside my chair
Dr.D.: Gretchen wore a HP cloak and Sorting Hat that Joan made for us to use at the Film Society when we showed the first movie 2 years ago.
rich-c: I will have to fit it in among all the other stuff; for instan e right now the Daytona 24 Hours is on TV
Dr.D.: That was when we divided the theatre into the 4 Houses, had staffers as Heads of House, and me as Albus Dumbledore, complete with beard.
Dr.D.: I think there might be some photos on the Films Society's website, not sure anymore.
rich-c: you folks certainly do have your fun
Dr.D.: It was fun to see the girls get sorted...especially Gretchen into Slytherin :-)
Dr.D.: It's good fun and more harmless than many alternatives :-)
rich-c: I'm sure she must have just loved that!
Dr.D.: Hehe.
Dr.D.: There is a "God microphone" up in the projection booth. That's what we used for the voice of the Sorting Hat.
Dr.D.: By prearrangement with the projectionist, I had Gretchen sorted into Slytherin :-)
rich-c: but yes, it's much more wholesome than so many things kids are tempted with these days
Dr.D.: She didn't really protest.
Dr.D.: HP is a fundamentally good boy, and so are his friends.
Dr.D.: As the books go on, they confront true issues of good and evil, love and hate.
Dr.D.: It's more true to my life than the latest postmodernist cussfest/sexfest.
rich-c: oh yes, and teh story tradition demands the lead character get into all sorts of scrapes and mischief
Dr.D.: And who is Cornelius Fudge by the end of Book 5 but Tony Blair/Geo. W. Bush?
rich-c: yes, that I suspect is much of teh appeal of the wave of fantasy these days
Dr.D.: So there is even satire.
rich-c: I haven't read book 5 yet, but I'll look for that
Dr.D.: Even end of book 4...
Dr.D.: I am off-by-one in my numbering.
Dr.D.: But moreso in 5, 'tis true.
Dr.D.: Has HP been translated into French, Daniel?
rich-c: yes, and the satire of journalists, and government bureaucrats
rich-c: and then of course there are Harry's step-parents and their spoiled brat
Daniel B: Harry Potter? of course
Dr.D.: I have known a few Dudleys in my time...
Dr.D.: The whole Dursley clan is a great homage to Roald Dahl's sort of characters (James and the Giant Peach, The Twits, Charley and the Chocolate Factory).
rich-c: I'd love to know how much of teh Hogwarts castle is real
Dr.D.: Jo Rowling is living in a Scotch castle she bought...
Dr.D.: ...and Hogwarts is supposed to be in Scotland.
rich-c: Roald Dahl came along after Pamela had outgrown such books, so I'm not familiar with his work
Dr.D.: I recommend highly the 3 titles I listed.
Dr.D.: The Twits is the shortest one, and perhaps the most savage.
rich-c: I know the first and thirdd are very highly recommended by current childrens' librarians
Dr.D.: My girls loved me to read it to them, just so they could hate how vile the characters were, Mr. and Mrs. Twit.
Daniel B: Twit?
Dr.D.: A slang term for an idiot.
Dr.D.: British slang, now in use here.
Daniel B: I know!
Daniel B: We use Twit here too
rich-c: Anglo slang for a person lacking in, among other things, common sense
Dr.D.: The Twits in this story, though, are not bubbly air-head type of twits, but are really quite evil and nasty people.
Dr.D.: In addition to not having common sense, as Richard indicated.
rich-c: have you ever read any of Guy Gavriel Kay's fantasies, Rich?
Dr.D.: Unfortunately not.
rich-c: it's an omission you really should remedy at your earliest convenience
rich-c: like just cut back from four to three hours sleep a night :-)
Dr.D.: I've indirectly read some of Kay's stuff, though, as Christopher Tolkien sought his help in patching together some of the ragged bits of J.R.R. Tolkien's "Silmarillion" manuscripts.
Daniel B: ... sorry... I'm thinking about "connect 4" and "minesweeper" to be added in my gamepack project
rich-c: when he gats off on his own he really starts to fly
Dr.D.: Places that JRRT had not touched for so many years that there were bad contradictions, or things that never got written.
Dr.D.: Kay either wrote or helped CJRT to write some linking stuff to hold it together.
rich-c: the Fionavar Tapestry trilogy was his maiden effort; paralleling the Arhturian saga indirectly
Dr.D.: Name sounds familiar...maybe Joan has read it, she likes Arthurian stuff.
Daniel B: minesweeper... in one or two words?
Dr.D.: Me, the last serious Arthur stuff I read was T.H. White's "Once and Future King" back in high school...and of course Mallory in the original.
rich-c: it was excellent - for a first try, but he has just gotten better and better with every book since
Dr.D.: One word I think, Daniel.
Daniel B: In my french windows is "démineur"
rich-c: yes, in this contesxt one word is likely more appropriate, though splitting could be argued
Daniel B: thanks... now it have to fix that name in my project.
Dr.D.: Arthuriana has sorta been ruined for me, though, by the Monty Python version...
rich-c: en Anglais, "minesweeper" is a class of naval vessel, while a sapper who sweeps mines is a "mine sweeper"
rich-c: I have nevr seen a monty Python skit
Dr.D.: Our funny papers carried Hal Foster's "Prince Valiant" on Sundays when I was a boy, I used to read that and marvel at the excellent artwork (still continued by his apprentice, John Cullen Murphy).
Dr.D.: I think you'd laugh at some of it, Richard, but it is indeed not for everyone.
rich-c: I remember the strip but it left our area many decades ago
Dr.D.: I think you'd laugh at the political satire in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", though.
Dr.D.: Might remind you of current government follies, on both sides of the border...
rich-c: oh, I'm sure I would, and many others - just never happen to have encountered them.
Dr.D.: If I come to visit you ever again, I will bring my VHS tape of Holy Grail...if we haven't worn it out ourselves by then.
rich-c: actually our governments at the moment are more or less quiescent, but that can change
Dr.D.: Elanor can recite whole sections of dialogue.
Dr.D.: On an unrelated note...
Dr.D.: Did you say you'd heard from Pam this week?
rich-c: maybe you should burn it to a DVD so you wont have to worry about wear
Dr.D.: I haven't heard anything from her except the brief note about missing chat due to the farewell party for her boss.
rich-c: she dropped by for about 30 seconds last night to borrow a bicycle pump (don't ask)
Dr.D.: Haha, sounds incriminating....
rich-c: all I know is she is helping Kimberly and Art move to their new house today
Dr.D.: In such cold weather, urrgh.
Dr.D.: Hope K & A don't have a ton of stuff. (tonne?)
rich-c: yes, why they picked to close in the coldest week of the year I'll never know
Dr.D.: They can burn their furniture to keep warm...
Dr.D.: Speaking of which...
rich-c: don't know - the condo they are moving from was Art's originally
Dr.D.: The basement is finally too cold for I think that I will sign off and go upstairs to warm up before Joan gets home from work.
rich-c: that's the way Republicans run an economy, isn't it?
Dr.D.: Haha
rich-c: OK, trust you will be on Wednesday
Dr.D.: And Democrats burn someone else's furniture...
Dr.D.: I ought to be.
Dr.D.: Thank Frances for the 2 digital photos.
rich-c: I will have seen the surgeon by then and have more up to date word
Dr.D.: Yes, looking forward to more good words from your orthopaedist.
rich-c: she's out right now but I'll tell her
Dr.D.: Not really sure, Daniel.
Dr.D.: I thought DOS, but could be wrong...if I am, I'll change it.
Dr.D.: Richard, do you know?
rich-c: I think it is AmigaDOS, Daniel
Dr.D.: I never had an Amiga.
rich-c: and it is now up to version 3.9
Daniel B: I don't find it in the GUI timeline web site.
rich-c: most of the Amiga stuff is on the Aminet
Dr.D.: All right, I'm shutting down for the afternoon...nice to chat with you both!
rich-c: the Amiga is still very popular and vigorous in Europe
Dr.D.: Until Wednesday, Starbase Cleveland closing hailing frequencies.
rich-c: OK Rich, see you Wed then - take care
Daniel B: Bye Dr.D.
Dr.D.: <transporter dissolve effect>
Dr.D. left chat session
Daniel B: hehe! StarTrek fan!
rich-c: Daniel: is an Amiga historical technical site
Daniel B: funny! the web page title is "404 File not found"
Daniel B: ok! missing one "S" in the URL
Daniel B: workgroups.html
rich-c: oops! try perhaps
rich-c: anyway Frances has about 40,000 Amiga bookmarks so no problem finding something useful!
Daniel B: hehe! it looks like there are AMIGAOS and AMIGADOS
rich-c: yes, there is a subtle difference in usage involved, I suspect
rich-c: I gather you have been on Dr. D's adamcon 15.5 page, by the way
Daniel B: Impossible... to late to be prepared
rich-c: sorry, I mean I assume you have looked at it
Daniel B: I looked the web page.
Daniel B: I read all the review of this event
rich-c: so now you have an up to dte look at what your chat cronies look like
Daniel B: I'm not sure...
Daniel B: I see you
rich-c: I think it may be teh first time a clear and reasonably sized picture of me has appeared in our group photos
Daniel B: in one picture
Daniel B: with a computer
rich-c: yes, that's where I am and what I look like now - except I'm wearing a brown shirt
Daniel B: I see the picture (restaurant) with everybody of the 15.5 adamcon
rich-c: of course we made sure we had cleared our plates first
Daniel B: hehe! of course!
rich-c: the piles tend to get embarassingly high at a buffet
Daniel B: mostly because of your "appetit"?
rich-c: oui, et mon age donne, je ne me gene pas ces jours
Daniel B: hehe! eating good food... it's good anyway!
rich-c: yes, the temptations are exceedingly strong
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, think it's time to go see how the Daytona race is doing - time to shut down
Daniel B: yes! and I have things to program.
Daniel B: see you next week!
rich-c: right - trust you will be with us Wednesday?
rich-c: oh, see you then - bye now
Daniel B: i will try to be online in time
Daniel B: bye!
rich-c: look for you
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Daniel B: *poof*
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