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rich-c: hi Rich
Dr.D.: Hello Richard, just popping in briefly.
rich-c: how are things over in Cleveland today?
Dr.D.: Weather is okay.
Dr.D.: Computer situation is somewhat dire, however.
Dr.D.: Major network outages at CWRU, cause still unknown.
rich-c: we have cold - about -5C but sunny and predicted high was -10
Dr.D.: It was 26 F when I got back from the lab about 30 minutes ago.
rich-c: got all the local gurus chasing about madly, I gather
Dr.D.: But it feels like 40, not sure why.
rich-c: if you have sun like we do, that will do it
Dr.D.: We did earlier in the day, now overcast again.
rich-c: anyway, I assume the individual computers work fine off net?
Dr.D.: Other computer problem, however, is my venerable 486: Joan seems to have accidentally killed it yesterday.
rich-c: oh dear - what sort of killed?
Dr.D.: Off-net computers work fine, just can't communicate if needed.
Dr.D.: As in she slammed the freezer compartment door of our basement fridge into it.
Dr.D.: The 486 table sits next to the fridge. If the door is allowed to go open more than 180 degrees, it will hit it.
rich-c: oh, oh - sounds like something got jarred that shouldn't be jarred
Dr.D.: She somehow really flung it open--the 486 was scooched about 8 inches out of position, the entire integrated stand/keyboard tray that you've seen at ADAMcons.
Dr.D.: Yes, seems to have had major HD head crash, at least.
Dr.D.: I came back from the Film Society last night and saw it with a BSOD.
Dr.D.: Failed to reboot, always BSOD>
Dr.D.: I turned it off.
rich-c: if I recall HDs back then were a lot less shcok resistant than they are now
Dr.D.: Retried it just now, can't even get out of BIOS POST, when it hits the drive check, it hangs.
Dr.D.: I haven't done any physical troubleshooting, so it could be misseated card or connector.
Dr.D.: But I bet it's head crash.
rich-c: well, the machine may be OK, but sounds like the hard disc is history
Dr.D.: I hope not, of course only partial backups exist of stuff.
rich-c: but yes, you will have to check all teh cables and connectors
Dr.D.: It's actually a 2-drive system, C: is the original 340 MB, D: is a 2 GB I added much later.
Dr.D.: Anything I really care about is on C, D was just to make it easier to run WinNT.
rich-c: you should be able to save the D drive then, unless it suffered teh same fate
Dr.D.: So, that's what I'm going to do soon, take it upstairs and troubleshoot.
Dr.D.: If controller has died, I can at least take the SCSI drives into the lab and dump the data to one of the SCSI-based Macs.
Dr.D.: I have an external box I can put the drives in one by one and connect them to a Mac SCSI bus.
rich-c: I'm feeling much better now; just about the first thing I did when I got my DVD burner was an image backup of my hard disc
Dr.D.: Accidents do happen, but truth be told, I am quite furious about it, unfair as that may be.
rich-c: yes, if they respond in the Mac, at least you'll know it isnt a head crash
rich-c: *I know how you feel - a few months ago Frances deleted all my bookmarks on me
Dr.D.: Joan and computers should not be anywhere in the same room, she is bad for them, and they are bad for her.
Dr.D.: They caused her trauma in college that she has never gotten over.
Dr.D.: :-( Re: bookmarks
rich-c: as you know, Frances' approach is rather dissimilar to that
rich-c: I later realized I could copy most over from my laptop, as I'd synchronized them not all that long before
Dr.D.: That's at least something.
Dr.D.: Well, I suppose I should go start my autopsy...
Dr.D.: If Daniel shows up, tell him hi.
rich-c: today we're having an argument because I don't want her signing up for N>E>T> Passport (on MSN)
rich-c: I will do so, ditto should we get Ron on
Dr.D.: Passport is a giant security hole from everything I've heard.
Dr.D.: Still no news from Ron?
Dr.D.: I'd think if Mother actually died we'd have heard at least that.
rich-c: still no news from Ron, and I confess I'm getting worried
rich-c: it's the leadup - we've been down that road too much in the last 20 years, Frances and I
Dr.D.: I know his mom has been really important to him.
rich-c: yes, and for that matter it isn't that long ago that he lost his father
Dr.D.: I know my mom was.
Dr.D.: I didn't know that about his dad.
Dr.D.: I can't recall him ever talking about his dad, just Mother.
rich-c: can't give you a time line but it was either just before or just after he retired
Dr.D.: That was some time ago, though, at least 10 years, right?
rich-c: his father had a big model train collection and I remember his having to help sell it
rich-c: one loses track - it's hard for me to realize I've been retired 13 years now
Dr.D.: :-)
Dr.D.: So much fun :-)
rich-c: yes, there's that, for sure
Dr.D.: I can't believe ADAMcon IV was 14 years ago.
Dr.D.: No, 12.
Dr.D.: What was I thinking.
rich-c: but went to the trailer show Thursday and - still no viable replacement for our 20 year old unit
Dr.D.: Nothing even close?
rich-c: not really, no
Dr.D.: You might just have to bite the bullet and spend more than you'd like and get something that's nice.
Dr.D.: I presume that's the chief objection, at any rate...
rich-c: one Jayco unit that might not be intolerably offensive
rich-c: oh no, cost is no consideration, weight and width are
Dr.D.: Too heavy and too wide for Meteor?
Dr.D.: I'd think you could pull stumps with Meteor :-)
rich-c: we'd happily get an Airstream Bambi if they added about 3 feet to it - though then it would weight 3 tons 8-(
rich-c: oh, the Meteor will pull stumps and so will the truck, especially now with the V-8
Dr.D.: Maybe a whole motor home is what you seems that's the direction such things have evolved into, rather than separate trailers.
rich-c: but - having been spoiled by an 84 inch wide trailer, 96-100 inch width doesnt appeal
rich-c: they are so big now they're hopeless too
Dr.D.: Yeah, that's the other problem, too big. I saw George Koczwara's once and I have no clue how he can drive it.
rich-c: in fact there is a nw class evolving being called the B-plus
Dr.D.: Just to get it in his driveway, it clears his 2nd story window awnings by about 6 inches or so.
rich-c: exactly -I need to find a 1973 GM Motorhome in really good shape - a 23 footer
Dr.D.: If he has a bad day, he will take out the whole corner of his house.
Dr.D.: Arizona or New Mexico?
rich-c: yes, even teh Slopsemas' old rig is a large handful
Dr.D.: Not sure where else you'd hope to find one that old in good shape.
Dr.D.: At that point, I guess you need to do the John Madden thing and hire a driver...
rich-c: well, they have fibreglas bodywork, so rust is less of a problem
Dr.D.: Or get your own Pullman car :-)
rich-c: I'd rather drive myself with a trailer behind that meets our needs
Dr.D.: Of course, understood.
Dr.D.: Maybe you need to go through some agent or something.
rich-c: but the industry now has all sorts of brands all offering teh same model in each size, in effect
Dr.D.: If cost is not the rate-limiting step, then maybe an agent's finder fee wouldn't be a bad investment.
rich-c: they are unbelievably chintzy - windows aer small with little opening area, some don't even have windows front and rear
rich-c: oh, there's RV sale site all over the internet, that isn't the problem
rich-c: the problem is wanting to buy what no one wants to build
Dr.D.: Sad if true, but maybe the industry itself doesn't make what you want any more.
rich-c: that's exactly the problem - this year the fad is slideouts
Dr.D.: I hate it when things like that happen, something that works perfectly well for me and doesn't need to change, gets discontinued, and there are no viable replacements.
rich-c: that's just what we ae up against, and it's very frustrating
Dr.D.: Any chance to refurb what you have, then?
Dr.D.: Might cost less money overall.
rich-c: that may well be our only viable alternative
Dr.D.: Or is there some serious structural problem with it?
Dr.D.: Or modify a new one that's close-but-not-quite?
rich-c: so far not that we have found, though don't know what a serious examination will show
Dr.D.: Why do you want/need a new one?
rich-c: our current one is light duty -even says so right in the owners manual
rich-c: we've given it pretty heavy duty over 20 years
rich-c: we have to figure even if there are no problems now, we are living on borrowed time
Dr.D.: So it is just worn out, then.
rich-c: say wearing, rather
rich-c: for instance we may have to get now axles because there are no magnets for the brakes available any more
Dr.D.: I think, then, that modifying something new that's close to what you want is your best bet.
rich-c: wouldn't mind Mor-Ryde axles, and maybe add shocks, mind you - though pricey
Dr.D.: Good, fast, cheap--pick any 2 of 3, but you will never get all 3 at once.
rich-c: no, trilers have "hard points" where heaters, plumbing, water heaters, etc. must go - you can only modify around them
rich-c: you can play around with layouts a bit, but the options are limited
Dr.D.: If you want it now, you'll pay a lot for what you want, or what you get won't be good.
Dr.D.: All I can do is hope you find something, because I've never gone anywhere in a trailer, just walked inside parked ones that people we knew had.
rich-c: remember "a lot" is a comparative term - compared to the price of a new unit one can do a lot of repairs
rich-c: well, we will continue to look and see about rebuilding what we have
rich-c: we were talking to a trailer rebuilder at the show
Dr.D.: Sounds like a good strategy.
rich-c: yep, we'll just have to see how it works out
Dr.D.: Any chance to get a custom one built to your specs? For maximal cost, I am sure...
rich-c: most bulders aer in teh U.S. and don't want to touch a unit as small as we are looking for
Dr.D.: Make them refuse your $$$ :-)
rich-c: everyone else wants to be able to take the grandkids and half the house and is going to a destination
Dr.D.: All right, I am going off to autopsy the 486...wish me luck...
Dr.D.: See you Wednesday night.
rich-c: we want to wander at will - we think a travel trailer is for travelling
rich-c: OK Rich, see you then - take care
Dr.D.: <poof>
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rich-c: and good luck with the autopsy
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