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Daniel Bienvenu: sorry rich... i'm late
rich-c: 0bon apres-midi, Daniel - ca va?
Daniel Bienvenu: ca va!
Daniel Bienvenu: Et comment va Rich?
rich-c: yes, I'll not have great amounts of time
rich-c: the Daytona 500 is tomorrow afternoon so I must take my shower this afternoon
rich-c: the race can run very late into the day
rich-c: still I can chat for a short bit
rich-c: test: am I still on line?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, you still online.
Daniel Bienvenu: my mailbox is full, i wanted to clean it up a bit
rich-c: oh, I though you had left and was about to sign off
Daniel Bienvenu: no, i'm still there
rich-c: how is your weather today?
rich-c: we had big storms and highways blocked to teh north yesterday but very nice here
Daniel Bienvenu: Fine! the sun is shinning. It's cold a bit but OK. no problem.
rich-c: we are transitioning through flurries from about 0 to -20 tonight
rich-c: but it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm answering a Coleco programming question now. A classic one: difference between RAM and ROM when declaring arrays, tables.
rich-c: you mean, when it needs to be burned into the ROM, and when it has to be changable?
Daniel Bienvenu: not exactly. he wants to declare values in a table and be able to modify them. I answer to declare two tables: one to be in rom and one to be in ram. the ram table will be initialised with the values rom table (memcpy) and this way he will be able to work on the values in ram.
Daniel Bienvenu: It's not the first one who asked me this question.
rich-c: that would mean putting the initial table in ROM then when playing loading it into RAM with a program to modify it as required, wouldn't it?
Daniel Bienvenu: the other one think his program was right and the emulator was wrong (except virtual coleco who let him modify values in rom).
Daniel Bienvenu: rich, you understand very fast.
rich-c: once more, you are out of my technical depth
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I have to add a page somewhere in my coleco doc about this RAM-ROM. I need a good title for this short page.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have... I need is mor appropriate
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I talked about RAM and ROM tables in the PPT presentation
rich-c: Initializing and transferring tables and arrays, perhaps?
Daniel Bienvenu: Now, i nedd a good place to add it in my doc
rich-c: well, it always pays to keep docs in loose leaf form - much easier to add, delete or revise
rich-c: even better of course to keep it in your WP program and never print till you have the final form
Daniel Bienvenu: Printing a book on coleco programming is more a dream than a possibility.
Daniel Bienvenu: Who will pay for it?
Daniel Bienvenu: no one
Daniel Bienvenu: I find a good place, just after the actual MEMORY section
rich-c: quite, but you can create the document in electronic form, then decide if you're willing to distribute it for free
rich-c: if you are wiling to give it away, just post it on your website
rich-c: if you want to sell it, then offer it on a disc or CD for a fee
rich-c: on a CD you could even throw in a copy of the emulator, Guy's utilities, and a few of your games
Daniel Bienvenu: A kind of packadge, with SDK and more.
rich-c: SDK?
Daniel Bienvenu: SDK means: System Development Kit
rich-c: yes, and anything else you deem suitable, too
Daniel Bienvenu: Daniel Coleco Suite softwares :P
rich-c: after all, CDs (here, anyway) only cost about 30 cents each ($30/100) and hold 700 MB
rich-c: pour l'audience anglais, Coleco Welcome Package ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: ;-)
rich-c: anyway, have to log off and take my shower now
rich-c: see you Wednesday?
Daniel Bienvenu: me too... i have to log off... but it's for dinner
Daniel Bienvenu: Wednesday? probably, yes!
rich-c: OK, bon appetit!
rich-c: bye now
Daniel Bienvenu: I will send you a new version of my coleco doc before.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye!
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