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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: HA-AH!
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: je t'ai vu!
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changed username to Dr.D.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: Don't go away this time!
Dr.D.: Hi Daniel, I killed the chat window by accident.
Dr.D.: I didn't even realize that you were here.
Dr.D.: I just opened it up early because I was at the terminal.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi! How are you?
Dr.D.: It's been a very busy week since the last chat...I am sort of tired out.
Dr.D.: I won't be at the chat very long tonight, just long enough to say hello to everyone.
Dr.D.: I haven't been to bed sooner than 1:00 AM for over a week, and I need to stop that long streak tonight :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: James is in Yahoo Messenger... he said almost the same thing as you "extremly tired" (I translated)
Dr.D.: Haha.
Dr.D.: I need to go to bed now and not wake up until noon tomorrow; but that is not an option.
Daniel Bienvenu: why? because of the adamcon chat tonight?
Daniel Bienvenu: go sleep now... I'm here! I will check them all :P
Dr.D.: Yes, the chat tonight, and classes tomorrow.
Dr.D.: (Sorry for the delay; I am trying to get some of the kids to go to bed).
Daniel Bienvenu: You can't find someone to go teach tommorow?
Daniel Bienvenu: At least, you can miss the chat tonight.
Dr.D.: No, not tomorrow.
Dr.D.: There is a big multi-robot obstacle avoidance checkout test scheduled for tomorrow morning.
Dr.D.: I have to be there.
Dr.D.: Did you see my long repost of the ADAMcon 6 Programmers Meeting summary?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, i see it.
Dr.D.: It was so long ago...I would not have remembered those details now, had I not written them down back then.
Dr.D.: I guess that is why diaries and logfiles are good historical documents.
Dr.D.: Back in a little bit...
Daniel Bienvenu: It's normal to not remember everything. But why this particular e-mail is the reason why you have to be online tonight?
Dr.D.: I'm back.
Dr.D.: I'm not here tonight because of that particular E-mail, Daniel.
Dr.D.: I was just curious what you thought of it, since that was from a time in the ADAM community when you didn't know about us, and we didn't know about you.
Daniel Bienvenu: I readed many ADAM text you writed.
Dr.D.: I have written a lot of ADAM texts :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: My prefered ones are about the color palette.
Dr.D.: Haha, everyone else hated them who read "This Week With My Coleco ADAM" :-)
Dr.D.: I think you and maybe Marcel de Kogel are the only ones who liked them.
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changed username to Harvie Powis
Dr.D.: They were too technical for everyone else.
Harvie Powis: Hello
Dr.D.: Hello Harvie.
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Harvie Powis: So what's up Doc?
changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Rich-c
Harvie Powis: Hi Daniel
Dr.D.: Up is temperatures in Cleveland, a bit more bearable than last week.
rich-c: Hey, the gang's not only here, they're early!
Dr.D.: And some more sunshine.
Dr.D.: Hi Richard.
rich-c: greetings Harvie, Daniel, Dr.D
Dr.D.: Daniel and I were here early I think just because we were at our computers already.
Harvie Powis: Hi Rich
rich-c: well, so was I, but I was over on Autoweek chat
rich-c: busy day - Pamela stopped by and she had some computer questions too
Dr.D.: I was telling Daniel that it will not be another late night for me tonight...
Dr.D.: I think I will be in bed by 10:00 PM.
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rich-c: yes, there has to be a limit with your schedule
changed username to Hungry Pamela
Dr.D.: Too many late hours in the last week...but I did get my other big lab presentation done over the weekend, delivered it on Monday.
rich-c: hi daughter, still not fed?
Dr.D.: Eat some chocolate, Pam.
Hungry Pamela: working on it now - being nuked as we speak
Harvie Powis: You just have to learn to sleep fast Doc
Hungry Pamela: you'd think an hour would be plenty of time to get home and get fed, but nooooo
Dr.D.: That's the problem, Harvie, sleep goes by too fast :-)
rich-c: too many cats, Pam?
Hungry Pamela: you need to learn to sleep more, Rich
Dr.D.: Tell everyone else around me that :-)
Harvie Powis: No Pam , just faster
rich-c: hey, I don't have a time I have to be up, and I still often dont get enough sleep
Hungry Pamela: nah, the Esso on Dufferin was at 69.5 so I stopped to fill up, then stopped at Allyson's to drop off the stuff I picked up from you
rich-c: I trust she was appropriately delighted with your haul? ;-)
Hungry Pamela: of course!
Dr.D.: Oh, your petrol prices are down somewhat now? IIRC I paid 74.2 when I left Toronto on the 25th of January.
Dr.D.: I think they have only gone up around here.
Hungry Pamela: gas wouldn't have taken so long but it's finally warm enough to wash the windows so I did. Did you know there's a world out there?
rich-c: ours go up and down like a yo-yo on a string, and often aren't consistent even from block to block
Hungry Pamela: prices have been up and down, Rich
Hungry Pamela: best I've seen recently was 65.9
rich-c: reminds me it's time I refilled the washer resevoir on the van
Hungry Pamela: of course, there was a lineup out onto the road and every pump was in use at the time
Dr.D.: IIRC it was $1.63/gallon when I left Cleveland on January was $1.70-something on Monday.
Hungry Pamela: oh, I ran out of that too Dad
Harvie Powis: Pamela, I saw the world out there and threw some mud on the windshield
Dr.D.: I'd have to look in the cash book in the car to be sure.
Dr.D.: Has your snow abated any yet?
rich-c: I can identify with that, Hzarv!
Dr.D.: We've not had any snow for a while, just enough sun in the daytime to start to melt some stuff, but still very cold at night.
Hungry Pamela: someone else threw mud on my windshield, and I drive in rush hour traffic so as much as I'd like to ignore the world, I thought I'd better be able to see it anyway
rich-c: we are hovering either side of freezing next few days, precip maybe late tomorrow, and Friday 80%
Dr.D.: The result in our back driveway is some patches of thick ice.
Hungry Pamela: and someone pooped on the drivers door window too - how rude
Dr.D.: Yuck, Pam!
rich-c: great fun on our street - broken water main on one side, gas leak on the other
Hungry Pamela: brb, going to get my din din
Dr.D.: Oh my...well, light the gas and melt the ice :-)
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rich-c: nothing like looking up around midnight and seeing a big gas company emergency truck parked in front of your house
changed username to Cynthia
rich-c: hi Cynthia, how are things in Windsor?
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changed username to Chick Pea
Chick Pea: hello every1
Cynthia: Very boring as usual
rich-c: hello Marie, Cynthia just came on, Pam is off for a minute to grab dinner
Chick Pea: hi mum
Hungry Pamela: Hi, Aunt C!
Cynthia: hi Marie
Hungry Pamela: Hi, Marie
rich-c: Erin hasn't shown up yet; don't know her plans
Chick Pea: hi pam
Cynthia: Hi Pam
Hungry Pamela: didn't talk to her today either
Chick Pea: she said she'll be here
Hungry Pamela: how are you dear Auntie?
rich-c: we're comparing weather around - mostly lots of snow left but geting towards melting temperatures
Cynthia: Quite tired
Hungry Pamela: did you work tonite?
Cynthia: yes I did
Hungry Pamela: then I'm not surprised you're tired
Hungry Pamela: Are you at Graeme's or at home?
Chick Pea: what time mum i went there but i didn't see u
Cynthia: It was just a short shift but lots of walking
Chick Pea: i was hoping to run into u
Cynthia: I am at home
Cynthia: I worked fro 4 to7
Chick Pea: what time where u at work?
Hungry Pamela: and how are things down there?
Cynthia: I worked from 4to 7
Cynthia: Very boring without my puppy dog
Chick Pea: ok i was there before
rich-c: adopt a computer - they're less demanding
Hungry Pamela: have you considered fostering, Aunt Cynthia? Or volunteering at the pound?
Daniel Bienvenu: James say "hello"
rich-c: that's what Lindsay does, isn't it, Pam?
Hungry Pamela: tell him hi back, Daniel
Cynthia: no they are not Garth just built a new one and it is a oain in the butt
Hungry Pamela: yes it ios Dad
rich-c: oh, was james on earlier, or are you two emailing?
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changed username to Erin
Dr.D.: IIRC Daniel said it was MSN.
rich-c: hello Erin, looking forward to teh big move?
Hungry Pamela: hi Rin - the whole family is here now
Erin: hi all
Hungry Pamela: why is it a pain, Aunt C?
Dr.D.: Hello Ms. Rin.
rich-c: I don't dare look at IIRC - basically when I'm online it's for a purpose I don't want interrupted
Erin: Hello Doctore
Cynthia: not quite Garth and Graeme aren't here
Chick Pea: hi erin
Erin: I am looking forward to the big move, yes
Dr.D.: Not IRC (Internet Relay Chat), but IIRC (If I Recall Correctly).
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi!
Erin: hey Chick pea
Daniel Bienvenu: James is in Y! messenger... not MSN :)
Cynthia: hi Erin
rich-c: OK - but isn't IRC an MSN thing anyway?
Dr.D.: One of those chat things...
Dr.D.: No, IRC is originally a Unix thing.
Erin: hi mom
Hungry Pamela: well, you know what I mean - everyone we might reasonably expect to show up here : )
Daniel Bienvenu: Y! Messenger is almost the same thing as AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and MSN... but it's Yahoo
rich-c: you mean you don't have to sign up somewhere to get it?
Harvie Powis: Don't you know Dr. MSN runs on a linux server?
rich-c: oh - one of those dign here for spam deals
Hungry Pamela: well that disappeared in a hurry
Dr.D.: Wouldn't surprise me...Windows isn't reliable enough to host it :-) <dons asbestos underwear>
Hungry Pamela changed username to Pamela
Dr.D.: What was your supper, Pam?
Daniel Bienvenu: because I registered for a Geocities web page, I have an e-mail account and this e-mail is used for the messenger.
Pamela: send pictures, Rich!
Pamela: Stouffers Bistro Pesto Chicken - yum
Dr.D.: It's a bit itchy, but it is flame-retardant.
Dr.D.: Pepto Bismol Chicken, did you say?
Chick Pea: yes she did mum
Chick Pea: i'll trim it tomorrow
rich-c: must be academic surplus - the real world has switched to Nomex these days :-)
Pamela: no no, no heartburn involved
Pamela: the new Bistro line is quite delicious
Dr.D.: No, it's the respiratory hazards that have made asbestos go away.
Dr.D.: My supper was home-made chicken soup with carrots, celery, and turnips.
rich-c: I know - they've changed Asbestos, P.Q. into a ghost town
Chick Pea: abour 5 or 5:15
rich-c: pity, practically the only burg in the province not named for a saint
Dr.D.: Joan put it in a pot to simmer before she went to work this afternoon.
Pamela: ya gotta love these dinners in a bowl - eight minutes in the microwave and they're ready to eat
Dr.D.: Convenient they certainly are.
rich-c: the problem is finding space to put the microwave
Harvie Powis: You place it where the range used to be, rich
Pamela: we made space for the microwave, Dad
Pamela: around here we couldn't live without one
rich-c: 'fraid that doesn't quite work hereabouts, Harvie ;-)
Chick Pea: ohhhhh i know eirn told me
Dr.D.: I could live without one...but I don't think the girls could.
Pamela: ya gotta remember Harvie, their stove predates me and I'm pushing 39
rich-c: of course, Americans don't have lectric kettles so they use the microwave to make coffee
Dr.D.: You're as old as Jack Benny now, Pam.
Pamela: almost Rich
Harvie Powis: Haven't caught up to the disposable socirty yet rich?
Pamela: gotta few months to go
rich-c: I suspect she's too young to get that, Rich
Dr.D.: Haha, not yet, Harvie.
Pamela: give me a little credit, Dad
rich-c: well, Jack Benny was off the air by the time you were paying attention, Pam
rich-c: and Harvie, we've talked seriously of having our stove rebuilt
Harvie Powis: He;s still on the comedy channel once a week
Pamela: so were Tom Lehrer and Victor Borge but I have some knowledge of them : )
rich-c: new insulation, new burners, a few tweaks and it'd be good for another half-centurey
Cynthia: Richard how is my sister?
rich-c: well, Tom Lehrer you had your parents subversive influence - Borge, too
Dr.D.: Jack Benny had great timing.
Pamela: well then, does Jack Benny not follow?
Dr.D.: I think his funniest bit ever is "Your money or your life!".
rich-c: carefully avoiding the chat tonight, the Amiga meeting is tomorrow and she wants to frame her questions
Dr.D.: About 3 lines...but stretched into 5 minutes by facial expressions.
rich-c: yes, Benny was arguably teh all-time master of timing - at worst a tie with Bob hope
Pamela: She's fine, Aunt Cynthia - Dad's taking good care of her : )
Pamela: she's feeling organized enough to organize her plastic bags
rich-c: Rich or Harvie: if I want to add a fifth IDE device (via a PCI bus card connector) will my BIOS support it?
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Pamela: that's my mom for you
left chat session
Pamela: what happened, Erin?
Dr.D.: Goodness, I have no idea, Richard...I thought IDE was 2 devices.
Dr.D.: Per interface, slave and master.
Erin: what do you mean, Pam
Pamela: you disappeared and reappeared
Pamela: nice trick, by the way : )
rich-c: I have two IDE connectors that support two devices each, but they're all in use
Harvie Powis: I think the controller on the add-on card tells the BIOS how to handle it, rich
Erin: oh I dunno.......Princess needed to be at the top i guess lol
Pamela: we're eating your pie, by the way
rich-c: so if I want to add in the Syquest EZ135 I just got, it might be workable?
rich-c: that's assuming there's a Win98SE driver for it, of course
Pamela: and I forgot to give you a piece of wedding cake
Dr.D.: Ick, still a piece of cake?
Harvie Powis: I think so,rich. Get a promise IDE card
Pamela: Aunt Cynthia, didn't you say something about coming down at the end of March?
Pamela: it's frozen, Rich
Erin: oh right
Dr.D.: Mummified by now :-)
rich-c: OK, I'll keep that option in mind. I think my RAID connector is a promise
Chick Pea: bye every1
Pamela: I beg to differ - it's well wrapped and sealed in another freezer container
Pamela: it should be fine
Cynthia: Yes I hope to be down from the29th to April 1st
Pamela: night, Rie
Pamela: Cool!
rich-c: leaving , MZArie? 'night, then
Erin: nite Chick pea
Dr.D.: Well, the Egyptians put all kinds of nested layers of sarcophagi around their mummies...
Chick Pea: night every1
Harvie Powis: Good wedding cake is well marinated with rum and will not die ")
Chick Pea left chat session
Pamela: I'll probably still be on the unemployed list then
Dr.D.: Good night...well, Chick Pea beat me to it.
Pamela: able to spend some quality time with you
Dr.D.: :-( Pam
rich-c: what brings you to our town, Cynthia?
Pamela: oh don't fret, Rich
Cynthia: well you can visit with while rin is at work
Pamela: it will hopefully be only for a couple of weeks
Pamela: Yay!
Pamela: lots of time to sit and gossip
Pamela: and no long distance : )
Pamela: by the way, remember our nice long chat after Christmas?
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: will you be able to bunk in your daughter's new apartment, Cynthia?
Pamela: Hi Judy
Dr.D.: Judy, back from Florida?
rich-c: hey Judy, where's the old man?
Judy: Hi, yes I am back, boo hoo
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Pamela: well we're glad you're back
changed username to SunnyBob
Judy: sitting right here
rich-c: OK, I can identify with that, Judy ;-)
Harvie Powis: Did you leave Bob there?
Dr.D.: I bet it feels like 100 below compared to toasty Florida.
SunnyBob: yup
rich-c: naw, now he's here too - allo, Roberto
Judy: don't know what he is up to, thought he was already on
Pamela: Hi, Bob
SunnyBob: huya fellas and gals
SunnyBob: huya
SunnyBob: hiya
Pamela: Judy, I have a favour to ask
SunnyBob: whew. that was hard
Judy: what is it?
(SunnyBob groans loudly)
Dr.D.: Hello Bob, too.
SunnyBob: CAREFUL....that is a little touchy.....on my sunburn ~~~~
Judy: it was a real bummer going out this morning
Pamela: I need you to check the price of a three pack of Just My Size cotton hi cut briefs in size 11 at your local Walmart / Target / whatever and let me know how much it is with tax
Cynthia: I certainly hope so
Dr.D.: <blushes>
Judy: will do, just a minute have to write it down
Pamela: brb, gonna kiss my husband goodbye
rich-c: Erin, things a little more quiet at work this week?
SunnyBob: comeon.Dr D.......with a wife and 4 girls you gotta get tough boy !!!!!!!!
Pamela: if you could check that the next time you're there I'd appreciate it
Pamela: thus speaks the father of two daughters
Judy: will do, not a problem
Cynthia: Yeah shes not in Ottawa
Pamela: many thanks
Dr.D.: Haha Bob.
rich-c: exactly - figured the heat has been transferred for a while
Dr.D.: Hey, I've even had to buy undies and other unmentionables for them...I can deal.
Pamela: it's other peoples unmentionables that make you blush?
SunnyBob: good man Rch
Cynthia: Nite all got an early morning
Pamela: okay - call you Sunday?
Judy: if they even have them, I had trouble the last time I was looking for underwear, couldn't find what I usually wear
rich-c: OK Cynthia, take care
Dr.D.: Well, while we *are* family here of a's not quite the same :-)
Cynthia: Promises promises
Pamela: Walmart is usually pretty good - that's where I got the last set, when we were in GR
Cynthia left chat session
Judy: ok, otherwise Meijer is good with that sort of thing, also
Pamela: very cool.
rich-c: shows how out of date I am - last time I ws by, Meijer was groceries only and nowhere near GR
SunnyBob changed username to BobS
Dr.D.: No Meijer's up as far north as us yet, Judy, though lots of them down south of Columbus.
Pamela: you can't get the stupid things here, and they're the most comfy undies going
BobS: ah Richard, may be different one......
Judy: Meijer has been in town for years, many stores
BobS: there is the local chain and then there is another chain w/ same name soemwhere else
Erin: well folks....I gotta go pack
Pamela: and Just My Size won't ship from their website to Canada
Erin: thought I'd just stop bye to say hi
Pamela: ah Rin
Pamela: okay
rich-c: OK Erin, see you later
Judy: hi, Erin
BobS: PACK!!!!!!! leavin home ???????
Dr.D.: Packing is over-rated.
Pamela: have a good trip. When are you home?
Judy: bye Erin
Pamela: no leaving for home, Bob
Erin: 4 tomorrow
Dr.D.: I think she has a political trip.
rich-c: no, she's changing home - going to live in the same building as Pam
Erin: have a good night all!!!!!
Pamela: trip to Windsor this weekend
Erin: :-)
Dr.D.: Starting her campaign for PM :-)
Erin: <poof>
Erin left chat session
Pamela: nite Rin
Dr.D.: Bye Rin...
Judy: trav eling is the pits
Dr.D.: Rats, missed her.
rich-c: at the moment, the job of PM here is not too popular
Pamela: you're right though Rich - political convention this weekend in Windsor
BobS: AND.....poof....she was gone
Judy: flying is for the birds
Pamela: then she has to pack to move in here
rich-c: Pam's landlord doesn't advertise vacancies any more, just tells Pam
Pamela: that move will be easy, it's Ally's move I'm shuddering over
Dr.D.: Does Pam get a cut of the recruiting?
(BobS smiles)
Pamela: oh, I wish
Judy: do you get a cut in rent, Pam
Pamela: would that it were so Judy - but I do have the goodwill of the landlord : )
Judy: Mandy moved while we were gone
Dr.D.: Well, don't be too good a finder if you can't get a finder's fee, Pam.
Pamela: Lindsay brought us in here, we brought in Kimberly, then Allyson. Allyson brought in Monique, now Ally's moving out and Erin is getting her apartment
Judy: we called her to find out if she was all moved before we would lea ve Florida
Harvie Powis: Good move Judy :)
rich-c: yes, Allyson has an awful lot of fiddly breakables, right?
Judy: didn't want to move that stuff again
Pamela: That's supposed to say Pamela giggles - gotta fix that
Pamela: Heck Dad, Allyson has a lot of everything
Dr.D.: Pamela is without action.
(Pamela laughs heartily)
rich-c: guess Dale hasn't got that programmed properly yet
Pamela: there, that worked
Dr.D.: None of the default actions are ever what I want.
Dr.D.: So I will just make my own.
Dr.D.: <Rich laughs like a maniacal Toon vehicle>
Pamela: that's what I tried to do Rich - obviously I didn't do it right
Pamela: laughs evilly is one I really want
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: I see you'tre back, Daniel
Pamela: I've gotta go get a sweater - it's getting cold in here
Judy: Hi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi!
Daniel Bienvenu: A phone call to do... and my computer use a dialup modem. :)
rich-c: yes, it causes conflicts, Daniel
Harvie Powis: Do you think that was a dig at you Doc?
Pamela: that's what the cell phone is for Daniel : )
Dr.D.: Hello Daniel.
rich-c: Frances is using tht as an excuse to push for us to get a DSL line
Dr.D.: Haha no digs at me, Harvie.
Daniel Bienvenu: my fortune is not enough to pay a cell phone
rich-c: actually I think it's because she's spending more time on this computer than I am
Dr.D.: Pam knows better :-)
Dr.D.: Though I do think she would beat me in an all-out battle...
Pamela: of what?
Dr.D.: Of wits, asides, rejoinders, repartee.
Harvie Powis: Richard, I hesitated getting DSL but would hate to go back to dial-up
Pamela: I doubt it Rich
Dr.D.: You get in good zingers, Pam :-)
Pamela: sometimes but sometimes I'm half armed : )
rich-c: you stayed with Tamco for teh DSL, Harvie?
Harvie Powis: Yes, I can't imagine there is a better ISP than John
Pamela: Harvie, you're on Tamco too?
Pamela: cool
Pamela: I did not know that
rich-c: it's a one man outfit - but that does mean you get a voice you know when you yell for help
Dr.D.: Too bad my ISP got eaten this summer and everything has gone to perdition...
Harvie Powis: Yes Pam, I was his first non-commercial DSL customer
rich-c: which ISP did you lose, Rich?
Pamela: and he sends nice replies to your emails, especially when you ask him for name changes due to marriage : )
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe it's not important... I started a connect four game to be in the rom "Explosion and cie".
Pamela: Wow!
Dr.D.: APKnet.
Dr.D.: Was swallowed by E-xpedient in July.
Dr.D.: Hostile takeover.
rich-c: but you still have your email address with them?
Dr.D.: They kept the "brand"...but all the personnel are gone.
Dr.D.: I would not be surprised if in a year or so they just fold it all into
rich-c: I gather we may have to change where we send your email soon, then
Dr.D.: Of course I'd let everyone know.
Pamela: darn - that was so easy to remember
rich-c: maybe Bob can get you in to Netpenny
Harvie Powis: And when the domain registration expires you will have to change
Dr.D.: I am only being pessimistic..who really knows.
Pamela: Harvie, what do you do?
Pamela: employment wise, I mean
rich-c: BTW, Bob, I assume Netpenny is offfered up in northest Michigan, around the thumb?
BobS: joined while in Florida and it is going good......$10 US a month
BobS: netpenny is everywhere I think
Harvie Powis: It's hard to explain Pam, I'm a Jack of many trades
Pamela: are you self-employed?
rich-c: have a cursor crony who was tossed off Speed Channel chat for finding a way to beat their bad-language censor
rich-c: Daniel, he was using the ASCII-number substitution trick
Pamela: that must have taken talent
Daniel Bienvenu: ?
rich-c: oh no, I can do teh same thing using the All-chars TSR, it's just too much effort
Harvie Powis: Yes, mainly I sub-contract to my brother-in-law. I design, build, install and maintain, mainly sewage pumping stations.
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
BobS: Higuy
rich-c: hello Guy, how's life in the Winless City?
Dr.D.: Hello Guy.
Pamela: Ohhhh!
Pamela: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Windy and in the 40's, Finally!
rich-c: 40s! hey, you're livin' it up, man
Harvie Powis: We also did all the mechanical installation of the Central De-icing Facility at Pearson Airport
Pamela: Commercial, Harvie?
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: very cool
changed username to Meeka
Meeka: hello
BobS: ah Guy ........'tis not spring yet sir
rich-c: hi Meeka
Pamela: Hello Meeka!
Dr.D.: I am going to take Pam's advice and go sleep some more...and maybe try to cram in some of Harvie's that I sleep faster.
Guy B.: Who cares. We needed this Bob.
Dr.D.: Mini-robot contest in class tomorrow first thing.
Pamela: sounds like a good idea Rich
rich-c: go for it, Rich - we'll miss you but we understand very well
Dr.D.: So I should be awake for it.
Daniel Bienvenu: YES! robot contest!
BobS: RIGHT....warmth is lways appreciated
Dr.D.: Yes, obstacle avoidance check-out day.
Harvie Powis: Good night Doc
Guy B.: See you Dr. D
BobS: nite Rich
Dr.D.: BTW, the Egg Hunt this semester is Sunday, 2 May.
Daniel Bienvenu: Good night Dr.D.!
Pamela: oh, fun! Enjoy, Rich
rich-c: don't be shy about sending some our way, Guy
Dr.D.: Good night, all.
Pamela: G'nite
Dr.D.: Energize, Mr. Scott...
Dr.D.: <transporter effect>
Dr.D. left chat session
Pamela: Busy night tonite
Pamela: lots of in and out
Pamela: yes Guy, please send some of the heat up here - I'm freezing
Guy B.: Your still cold up there Rich?
Daniel Bienvenu: ...
rich-c: well, we got pretty close to freezing today, and tomorrow may be better
Guy B.: Well, then we should give some to you guys then.
Guy B.: Were expecting rain on Friday.
Harvie Powis: The bananas will be ripe in a couple of days if this heat wave stays around Guy
rich-c: right, don't forhget to unload a little for Bobn on the way by
BobS: we'll "let you have it" about Sunday !!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Pamela: we need it sooner than that Bob
Pamela: lots of activity happening Friday and Saturday
rich-c: just so I don't have to drive tomorrow night in freezing rain...
rich-c: verglas is SO bad for my morale
Pamela: hear hear
BobS: there, there
Harvie Powis: What's the weather like in Quebec Daniel?
Pamela: at this rate I'm going to need a hot toddy and a blanket
Daniel Bienvenu: cold... but ok!
rich-c: they have pictures of the Ice Hotel in Quebec in today's Toronto Star
Daniel Bienvenu: really?
Pamela: we've got to find a way to better insulate this room
Harvie Powis: Is Conan's dog in them? :)
rich-c: yes, big spread in teh food section, actually - maybe you should try their website (thestar,com)
Guy B.: We still have about a month of winter left and St. Patrick's Day is one month away too.
rich-c: still, the average temperature is rising every day, and every day is longer
rich-c: we'll be to the equinox in another31 days
Guy B.: The days are starting to get longer too.
Harvie Powis: We quite often get a heavy snowfall mid-March, just to keep our attention
Pamela: I must admit it's nice to come home in the light for a change
Guy B.: No more snow.
rich-c: and don't forget the traditional first week of April storm
Pamela: it's not the March ones that bother me Harvie, it's the ones in April!
rich-c: but actually, four more weeks and we'll be getting fit for human habitation again
Pamela: which, IMHO, is too darn late for snow
Guy B.: I remember one in 1975 that dumped 9 inched here. Got out of school early because of it.
Pamela: we got one in '74 I think
Harvie Powis: I remember one year it was 80 iat Easter and snow on Victoria Day
rich-c: that wasnt that long ago either, was it, Harv?
Pamela: that must have been the year I fell off my bike on Easter Sunday
Harvie Powis: I think that was 72
Guy B.: In 1974 on April 3rd. Severe weather hit half the U.S. here. Over 900 tornadoes that day.
rich-c: I remember in '62 we had a long winter that lingered late, then suddenly jumped to 80 - man did that snow go in a hurry
Pamela: that would be about right. Remember that Dad? I walked home in the storm with Maureen from school
rich-c: right, that's consistent, Pam
Pamela: I also remember getting home, then having to go out in it again because Maureen didn't want to walk the rest of the way by herself
Pamela: I walked her to the path
rich-c: like winter 1948 - we wre able to play baseball in the schoolyard right up to Christmas
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: been out and back, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: ...disconnected...
Pamela: I also remember a storm in junior high that I had to walk home in
rich-c: and did the Star have anything on the site?
Daniel Bienvenu: i can't find any ice hotel in the star
rich-c: when you go too long without saying anything, this program seems to disconnect you
Daniel Bienvenu: ...
Pamela: Meeka, how's the exercise program going?
Daniel Bienvenu: funny, I didn't find any ice hotel in the star... and i don't use drug
Harvie Powis: I see Daniel is listed twice in the current users box
Pamela: we could fix that : )
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to Hey it's Me!
Hey it's Me! requested to ban Daniel Bienvenu
Guy B. confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Hey it's Me! changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela: see?
Guy B.: Ok Daniel
Meeka: not bad, but not great either
Judy confirmed ban
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Pamela: well that's definitive
Meeka: lol
rich-c confirmed ban
changed username to SunnyBob
Meeka: I lost 3 pounds and 1" in a month
Guy B.: What happened to Aloha Bob?
Pamela: so what's not great about that?
Meeka: I was hopeing it would go a bit faster, I am not good withthe whole delayed gratification thing :P
Pamela: Oh, I understand
rich-c: Daniel, if you click under the "Features" box at top left ehre it says food, that will take you to the right page
Pamela: but you have to keep it up
rich-c: then if you click on "the IT drink" it will take you to teh full story (it's about vodka"
Pamela: you'll start seeing results more quickly soon
rich-c: only one of the pictures is reproduced, though :=(
Pamela: and remember, muscle weighs more than fat
Meeka: ya, I know. It will be easier to do when I go back to part time too, cuz then I can do it in the mornign before I go to work without having to get up at 6am
Meeka: yup
Pamela: 6 a.m. Ick.
rich-c: why, what time do you get up, Pam?
Pamela: 6:45 or 7:00 depending on how many times I hit the snooze
Pamela: also depending on when I went to bed the night before
rich-c: oh, I had the impression it was earlier than that
Pamela: alarm goes off at 6:30 but unless I have an early meeting I never get up then
Guy B.: I get up at 4 AM during the week. 5 AM if going in on Saturday (Yes, I Am Again), otherwise 6:30 AM. 7 AM on Sunday
rich-c: as in the time I get up in the morning depends on the time I go to bed in the morning
Pamela: something like that Dad : )
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Daniel Bienvenu: thanks Rich! :) I found it!
changed username to ME
rich-c: maybe it's inherited
ME changed username to BobSME
Pamela: wouldn't surprise me. After all, I got just about everything else : )
BobSME changed username to BobS
rich-c: OK, sorry they didn't have the other photos that are in the paper edition, Daniel
Guy B.: Aha, It's Aloha Bob!
BobS: aloha, em boiy
Daniel Bienvenu: it's ok! :)
Pamela: which reminds me, indirectly, that we got the wedding pictures from Art
BobS: darn puter froze TWO times, so got another one out
Guy B.: Can't wait to see those Pam
BobS: like me sellping?????
Pamela: guess I'm going to have to get someone to post them for me
Guy B.: Which system Bob?
BobS: farn dingers..........
BobS: HP 133
BobS: laptop
Guy B.: So, you're using the desktop?
Pamela: but also, I want to bring them over so you and Mom can go through them and see which ones you'd like copies of, Dad
BobS: was working great, althoug the keyboard is a little smaller than the Toshiba
Harvie Powis: Sure Bob, I'll bet you're still on the beach and people keep tripping on that 300 foot Lan cable :)
BobS: nope, all laptop on router and wireless
Guy B.: What about the desktops?
rich-c: OK, and I can do scans and send them to Meeka or Rich or such if you like
BobS: those are in the basement and it is chilly down there!!!!!!!!
BobS: YOUCH.......want warmth
Meeka: cool :)
Pamela: actually, that won't be necessary - Kimberly and Art had a CD done when they got the pictures developed
Guy B.: You should have one of the desktops upstairs.
rich-c: oh, well then all you have to do is get online and upload them
Pamela: all I have to do is get the CD from them (and from you with Mom's pictures, and from Lindsay)
BobS: oh yea, got one UPstairs, but not up there.........
Pamela: the CD got misplaced in their move
Guy B.: Working on a budget using Adamcalc. The one that came with it is buggy.
rich-c: reminds me - how did the move go? forgot to ask
Pamela: Kimberly's move? Surely you jest. How else could it have gone except perfectly? We're talking the master of organization here.
rich-c: Pardon me! Old men forget...
BobS: what was buggy Guy?????? ADAMcalc or some pd budget program? or Coleco budget program????
Guy B.: The Home budget that is included on Adamcalc.
BobS: ahso
Daniel Bienvenu: to help james (and me) go check and send comments to me or james or in the adamcon mailing list.
Judy: Meeka, we went to see Mandy's apartment tonight, it is really nice
Guy B.: The totals don't come out correctly. So, I'm creating my own.
BobS: we ALSO have budget........what I bring home.......Judy spends !!!!! Works out pretty good........
Judy: you will have to get over there and get the tour from Ryan, what a hoot!!
Meeka: yes, I saw it when I brought Ryan home the other night
Pamela: she gathered about a dozen extra people and a Budget panel van and we moved all the boxes on Friday evening. We had a box brigade going from the condo to the parking lot, and from the driveway into the house on the other end. Whole truck loaded in about an hour, and unloaded in about half an hour.
Guy B.: Should watch what she buys then.
Harvie Powis: Is Colecoshop up now Daniel?
Pamela: that's the way it's supposed to work Bob
Judy: didn't know that, did Ryan give you a tour?
Daniel Bienvenu: there is a "coming soon..." temporary page.
Meeka: lol, I like your budget dad
Guy B.: Even though I have Excel. I want to give Adamcalc a try at it.
rich-c: I can tell you, Guy, that Adamcalc straight makes a fine budget spreadsheet
Pamela: Ick, I don't like Excel
Guy B.: I do like the Hold/Release feature.
Meeka: kinda, he would walk into the room and tell you what was going to go in there
Pamela: prefer Lotus 1-2-3
Meeka: it was kinda empty still when I saw it
Harvie Powis: Judy, If you are only spending what he brings home you ain't tryin hard enough :)
Judy: I did spend a little in Florida
BobS: a LOT
rich-c: Frances used Adamcalc for all our wrok till she was a couple of years into the Amiga - now she uses that
Guy B.: I also have in addition to Adamcalc and Excel. Quadro Pro,
Judy: but we want to retire someday with money left over
Pamela: you mean your kids aren't going to support you in your old age Judy? : )
Harvie Powis: As if that can ever happen :)
Judy: bought two suitcases and had them both filled by the time we came home
Pamela: wow, I should have sent you shopping in Florida!
Judy: don't think so
rich-c: Guy, look at Easy Office at - it's a big download but it's free
Guy B.: I read in today's paper that some companies may ask older workers to stay on longer since some the Baby Boomers are hitting retirement age.
Pamela: why do I hear Meeka snickering in the background?
Judy: yes, got some great deals!!!
Meeka: cuz I am
rich-c: and they have a pretty attractive spreadsheet, if I recall
Pamela: thought so
Guy B.: Can't get enough younger ones.
Harvie Powis: Niether can I Guy
Guy B.: I also have OpenOffice.Org and that has a spreadsheet.
BobS: well........IF the money were ; to say;....DOUBLE...and the hours to cut 1/2........maybe
Judy: that would be nice, they are doing good and could problably afford to take care of us
Daniel Bienvenu: easy office? it's a shareware or a freeware?
rich-c: I have the older version, Star Office, but never use it
rich-c: easy office has a time-unlimited free sample version
Judy left chat session
Guy B.: OpenOffice is freeware. It's from the same sourcecode as Staroffice.
rich-c: it's so good youll be tempted to but teh full version but you don't need it
Meeka: lol, we still have a spare room ;)
Pamela: you mean you haven't filled it with crafts yet Meeka?
Meeka: nope, my nephews use it when they come over. there are a pair of twin beds in there
Pamela: you're not trying hard enough
Daniel Bienvenu: ??? editing DPF file?
Daniel Bienvenu: PDF files?
Guy B.: As long as the older version works for what you need. Why upgrade. I'm still using Quicken 99.
rich-c: OpenOffice is a fantastically good free office suite - but on dialup it takes all night and half the day to download
Guy B.: Took 30 minutes on DSL to download.
rich-c: by DSL standards, that's a big chunk of eternity
Daniel Bienvenu: 30 minutes?... and a dialup modem? 3 days?
Guy B.: That's why I love it. Netzero still hasn't canceled my account yet.
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changed username to BobS
Guy B.: We got twins.
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: Except for Judy.
rich-c: Easy Office will take a while to download - in fact, I did it on a cable connection at Videolink if I recall
Pamela: Boy, you two are really having trouble tonite
Judy: I am here, again
Judy requested to ban BobS
Meeka confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Meeka: lol
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
Pamela: the Slopsemas have arrived
Guy B.: Well folks, got to run. I'll see you all later. Have to work again this Saturday.
rich-c: anyway Daniel try Easy office - set it up as you go to bed, it'll be by morning ;-)
Pamela: again
Pamela: nite Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: taquin va!
rich-c: OK Guy, see you next week then
Guy B.: Can use the extra money.
Harvie Powis: Goodnight Guy
Guy B.: Poof
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Guy B. left chat session
Meeka: night
Judy: we were, but Bob got thrown again and trying to come back
changed username to BobS
Pamela: there we go
BobS: here I is
BobS: feel like a bath towel !!!!!!!!!!!!
Judy: bye, Guy
BobS: thrown here and there.........
rich-c: is that what you get with a $4.95/mo. connection?
Harvie Powis: Just can't take the hint eh Bob :)
BobS: nope $9 a month
rich-c: hey, living it up - highstream, then?
BobS: and already have highstream paid for, but not using in Mi yet.......
BobS: will cancel local one and switch over......soon
Pamela: actually, I think that Guy has the right idea. Judy, can I leave that research with you?
Judy: what is that a bout, Pam
Pamela: the Just My Size
BobS: oh....dsl would be nice....but costly compared to $9 a month for all over the US connections
Judy: yes, you can
Pamela: great - thank you
BobS: SAR RIGHT pilgrim
Pamela: with that, I think I'm going to turn in
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changed username to Colecoshop
Judy: that is one thing I do really well, shop!!!!
Meeka: ok night pam
BobS: \and ???????
BobS: this is......
rich-c: if we do extensive travelling it could be worth our looking at it
BobS: nite Pam
Colecoshop: yes, i was disconnected again!
Judy: night, Pam
Colecoshop requested to ban Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
Pamela: I only hire the best, Judy
Colecoshop changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: bummer dude
rich-c: goodnight, daughter
BobS: hire?????????????????
Pamela: figure of speech, Bob
Judy: hire
Judy: he thinks I need a job
BobS: OLE taco !!!!!!!
Pamela: I'm going to bed before I get picked on some more. Goodnight all!
Meeka: night
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! goodnight all!
Pamela: kerpoof!
rich-c: nitey nite
Harvie Powis: Good night Pam
Pamela: nite Daddy
Judy: night again
BobS: auf wiedersehen
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: It almost time to sleep.
BobS: g'bye
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit tout le monde!
Daniel Bienvenu: *pouf*
rich-c: you're on your way, Daniel? bonsoir!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Meeka: ok, bed time for me too
Meeka: see ya next week
rich-c: nite Meeka
Judy: night , meeka and daniel
rich-c: guess it's just about time for all us old folks to turn in
Harvie Powis: I think I'll back on out gracefully (as if I ever did anything gracefully)
Judy: think it is time for me also, so good night everyone
BobS: for us also........had a good trip home from Florida, but one heck of a day today ......... WORK (four letter word) and all
rich-c: OK Harvie, see you Saturday or next week
BobS: need to find a way to retire
rich-c: goodnight, all
BobS: so GOODbye guys!!!!!
Harvie Powis: Nite all
BobS left chat session
Judy left chat session
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