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rich-c: well, that's a new handle - is it a new or old Ph.D?
Penny Ph.D.: Hi Richard.
rich-c: an old one, obviously ;-)
Penny Ph.D.: Hard day in the education is only worth $0.01 today :-)
Penny Ph.D.: How is the ticker?
rich-c: not even 2¢ ?
rich-c: sprinting along, not much to report
rich-c: waiting to compare notes with Bob
Penny Ph.D.: Sigh, wonder if there is anything non-medical you can do to quiet it down a bit.
rich-c: doesn't seem to be - Frances has been doing a lot of surfing on the subject
rich-c: she says that really very little is known about it
Penny Ph.D.: There are some things that increase the strength of the beat, would keep it from fluttering...theophylline (in strong tea) for one.
Penny Ph.D.: I know when I took it for bronchodilation, it made my heart pound...
rich-c: well, just had two mug-size cups of strong tea
Penny Ph.D.: What day next week is the appointment with the cardiologist?
rich-c: FWIW tachycardia is classed as an arryhtmia - this doesn't make sense to me
rich-c: week today, Rich
Penny Ph.D.: I guess that is fast for not being trucked stat to the ER again.
rich-c: get the INR for the warfarin levels done tomorrow
rich-c: well, my doctor says I'm low risk and I think the ER doc drew a similar conclusion
Penny Ph.D.: I guess I defer to them.
Penny Ph.D.: It is interesting that this just started up so recently.
Penny Ph.D.: Your COPD hasn't taken any turns for the worse, has it?
rich-c: yes, just suddenly on Jan. 30th, for no apparent reason, but no reduction since
rich-c: I suspect there is a gradual deterioration but nothing perceptible
Penny Ph.D.: I was looking for something sudden.
Penny Ph.D.: Sounds like not.
rich-c: that's why the doctor doesn't want me to take the drug of choice for tachycardia, though
rich-c: seems one of its side effects is that it worsens COPD
Penny Ph.D.: Well...not much to do except hang in there until the experts weigh in.
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changed username to Queen Chick Pea
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Queen Chick Pea: hi uncle richared
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changed username to james
rich-c: think we have a voice in from Windsor
changed username to BobS
james: good morning
Penny Ph.D.: Wow, 3 show up at once.
rich-c: good morning james
Queen Chick Pea: that would be me
BobS: Roight matey's
Penny Ph.D.: Hello James, Bob, Marie.
rich-c: robert, need some infor from you
BobS: QUENN ?????????????????????
rich-c: just Marie, waiting for Pam and Erin to come on
BobS: qenn for a day???
Penny Ph.D.: Royalty (pulls forelock).
BobS: ya mon FIRE
Queen Chick Pea: that would be I
james: just popping in to say hi
james: i can't stay on long
rich-c: your heart problem - is it A-fib?
Queen Chick Pea: Uncle richard have u spoken to pam or eirn today?
BobS: hi james
Penny Ph.D.: How is the weather in Japan, James?
rich-c: effectively no, Marie
BobS: yup, darn thingy
BobS: WHY"????????????
Penny Ph.D.: We have drizzle that is almost snow here in Cleveland tonight.
Queen Chick Pea: ok then
rich-c: I've joined the club, Bob
BobS: probably
Penny Ph.D.: It was nasty driving home in it an hour ago.
rich-c: we're wet but not abnormally slippy here
Penny Ph.D.: All the buds are open...some leaves coming out...hope they don't all freeze.
Penny Ph.D.: Got first green leaves 2 days ago.
james: how is everyone?
BobS: this just means you should be on coumadin to guard against blot clots.......and be REAL lazy !!!!!
rich-c: we have crocus coming out and buds on the small daffodils
Penny Ph.D.: Trying to keep a cold at bay until after Friday, James.
BobS: eats greens to lower coumadin level and booze to raise the same meal and you are good !!!!
Penny Ph.D.: Another lab seminar...another long day/night coming up tomorrow :-(
BobS: I have been bouncing in and out the last few days, SUKS
rich-c: yes, pro tem I'm on Cardizem and Coumadin (warfarin) - see the cardio shop week today
james: yeah, we just had guests here for the last couple days. i'm exhausted
Penny Ph.D.: What guests?
BobS: we'uns is dry so far
james: my former japanese teacher and her husband from ottawa are currently visting around japan
BobS: my cardologist says it Won't kill ya it is just a pesky problem
rich-c: hey, neat, you wouldn't have many friends from Canada dropping by, I'd reckon
Penny Ph.D.: Ah, your sensei :-)
rich-c: well, my doctor is still getting a handle on it
james: so i spent the last couple days playing local tour guide
rich-c: when he picked it up on an ECG last week he sent me to the ER to get it brought under control
BobS: TWO things that might work.....a cardioversion (ZAPs I got) along with Ameodorone to regulate beat
james: i was going to take a nap after dropping them off at the train station this morning
james: but the idiot who takes care of my father-in-law's fish pond insists on coming to the damn door every time he comes
Penny Ph.D.: Sleep is good...Poor Richard's Almanack says, "Fish and guests smell in 3 days" :-)
james: :D
BobS: not a huge problem for a retired gentleman........I told my cardoilogist if I was retired, I wouldn't mess with it
rich-c: they didn't try cardioversion - insufficient data - and some regulators are contra'd by my COPD
Penny Ph.D.: I just hope that Richard can stay out of the ER.
BobS: get tired easily.......need more naps; sweat like the dickens-that was what bothered me for working
rich-c: have a cursor crony had it for a bit, cardioversion didn't work but a new low-voltage ac treatment did
BobS: hmmm....never heard of that
Queen Chick Pea: uncle richared how r u feeling??
rich-c: nor I, I'll have to hit him up for more details
james: bob, have you tried rebooting? :P
Queen Chick Pea: all this happend right befor i came up there
BobS: if you talk to the is guy, find out what the low voltage thing is
Penny Ph.D.: Cardiac reboot is not a nice thought...
BobS: JAMES, straaighten up son!!!!!!
rich-c: well that essentially is what cardioversiion is - the paddles
Penny Ph.D.: Do they at least put you to sleep before doing the paddles?
BobS: the ones they used for me were al ower voltage thing than the standard defibrallation
Penny Ph.D.: I don't think I'd like to be awake during the zap...
rich-c: yes, and there is a BIG difference between A-fib and V-fib
rich-c: I believe the high voltages are for V-fib, aren't they?
BobS: yup, put me out for about 10 seconds or so
Penny Ph.D.: Yes...dunno the voltage, but V-fib zap is 400 watt-seconds.
BobS: yes Ricahrd Atrial fib and Ventricular fib
BobS: started this whoel mess with my heart with SVT.....super ventricular tachacardia
rich-c: and since you're unworried, yours is atrial?
BobS: yup, it is now
BobS: top section just quivers and beats whenever it wants to
rich-c: but you had a dose of ventricular as well? lucky you survived that
Penny Ph.D.: Bleh.
BobS: nurse at hospital said tired is from the heart only pumpling about 70% blood
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
(BobS reboots Guy B.'s computer remotely.)
Penny Ph.D.: Hello Guy.
(Everyone laughs mockingly at BobS)
BobS: ooh.....quiet,,,,,,tippytoes......guy is here....shhhhhhhh
Guy B.: Dr D?
Penny Ph.D.: (Dr.D. drops an anvil on BobS)
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Penny Ph.D.: In the flesh, Guy :-)
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Penny Ph.D.: My education isn't worth much in the lab today.
BobS: why????
Guy B.: What happened today?
Penny Ph.D.: Just long hours and not as productive as I'd like.
rich-c: let me guess - engineers version of hell
BobS: nuthin here rain , no snaow.....just sun
rich-c: everything's perfect, it just doesn't work
Penny Ph.D.: Probably all the cough medicine and Sudafed to keep this cold at bay <sneezes>
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james: "welcome to hell, here's your accordian"
Guy B.: Just the cold. But, a warm-up is coming.
Penny Ph.D.: All the engineering stuff is working correctly, though.
changed username to PEV/EEM
Penny Ph.D.: Thanks goodness for small favors.
BobS: welcome pev/eem
rich-c: hi daughter, where have you two been?
Queen Chick Pea: well well well look who it is
PEV/EEM: Hi, Rie
Guy B.: Hi Pam
BobS: how is?????
Queen Chick Pea: eem where the heck have u been?????
PEV/EEM: Hi Guy, Hi Dad, Hi James, Hi Rich
PEV/EEM: what do you mean, Rie?
(Guy B. gives PEV/EEM a can of Diet Coke.)
Penny Ph.D.: So much for my disguise tonight.
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at BobS.)
PEV/EEM: thaks Guy
james: hello combined entity pamerin
Penny Ph.D.: We have been attacked by acronymps.
Queen Chick Pea: i called u at work and on ur cell like 5 X
Guy B.: That's for rebooting the P100
PEV/EEM: Greetings oh transplanted one
BobS: you better be watchin your own self there guy
Penny Ph.D.: Acronyms.
BobS: oh well
Penny Ph.D.: "Pamerin"...ick, sounds like some nasty girlie medicine...
PEV/EEM: Chick Pea, I was in the leg all afternoon
james: lol
Penny Ph.D.: Erin not answering her phone at work, tsk tsk.
Penny Ph.D.: Must not be much work going on in agriculture and food this week, then.
rich-c: they get upset if you interrupt teh debates with a ring
PEV/EEM: wasn't at work! Babysitting her mom!
PEV/EEM: they take your phone!
rich-c: btw where is Cybthis now?
PEV/EEM: no, they decided the province doesn't need food : )
Penny Ph.D.: ? I thought Erin's mom was in Windsor...
PEV/EEM: downstairs at Erins housecleaning, Dad
PEV/EEM: she's here for a visit
Penny Ph.D.: Hi mom, then :-)
rich-c: can't Rin clean her own apartment?
PEV/EEM: we'll tell her Rich
Penny Ph.D.: <snicker> Richard, that was mean...I like it.
PEV/EEM: "yes, but apparently not up to Mother's standards"
Queen Chick Pea: eem i got the sergeons name
rich-c: figgers
PEV/EEM: who is it?
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
james: ok, i have to go. will be able to stay on longer starting next week
BobS: DANIEL my man!!!!
PEV/EEM: night James - hugs to all
Penny Ph.D.: Bye James, hope you recover from your guests.
BobS: nite james
Queen Chick Pea: dr heartwell
rich-c: see you james
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes, it's me! :)
Queen Chick Pea: some female dr
Guy B.: Bye James
PEV/EEM: "ah good, Mother will be pleased"
Daniel Bienvenu: oh! bye James!
rich-c: et bien, bienvenue, Daniel
Guy B.: HI Daniel
PEV/EEM: Hi Daniel
Penny Ph.D.: Hello Daniel.
Queen Chick Pea: dr lovell sends all cancer patients to her
james: bye!
james left chat session
BobS: Judy is here nd she HI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PEV/EEM: "Heartwell was Mother's gall bladder surgeon"
PEV/EEM: Hi Judy
BobS: she is not in agood mood she says
rich-c: hi Judy
Guy B.: Well I have one less monitor here in my place.
PEV/EEM: why not?
Penny Ph.D.: Bob has the keyboard?
BobS: don't know, jsut a little "down"
BobS: si senor
BobS: why 1 less monitor
Penny Ph.D.: <Dr. D. sends sunshine to Judy>
rich-c: did it burn down, blow up, or get sold, Guy?
Queen Chick Pea: so now all i havae to do is wait for the date
BobS: tanks Doc
Guy B.: Won't work with one of my PC's. So, out it went.
PEV/EEM created action S/Blushes
Penny Ph.D.: You need a doctor, Marie?
PEV/EEM created action S/Snickers
rich-c: was teh problem with the monitor or the PC, Guy?
PEV/EEM: when do you get a date, Rie?
Guy B.: Besides, one of pins in the socket keeps getting pushed in and eventually it will be bent. And it wasn't Plug N Play compatible.
BobS: heck Guy is filthy RICH from onertime and he just THROWS stuff out !!!!!
Queen Chick Pea: i should get it anyday now
BobS: overtime
rich-c: maybe you should have offered it to the antique shop, Guy ;-)
Guy B.: I do have another one and it works just fine. I'm done with overtime for the time being.
Guy B.: Too late, someone took it.
Penny Ph.D.: There is a "table of trash" in the robot lab building, where old computer equipment is put out for free taking...sometimes monitors end up it was 5 sets of computers speakers.
PEV/EEM: that was a long run of overtime, Guy
rich-c: non plug-and-pray monitors are really old, Pam
Guy B.: I'm using the P100 for both Windows and Dos. Soon as I get the configuration setup. I'll be able to run Adamserve on it along with some old DOS programs.
Queen Chick Pea: eem how r things on the home stead?
PEV/EEM: "ah - good"
Penny Ph.D.: Erin had to think about she must be up to no good...
rich-c: Pam, you-all like to turn up here at 11.30 tomorrow?
PEV/EEM: we should be ready to go at 11:30, Dad - so, about 11:15
rich-c: whatever - from here, 11.30 depart should work, get you there a tad early
PEV/EEM: she's always up to no good, Rich : )
Penny Ph.D.: Where are you all going?
(PEV/EEM snickers evilly)
rich-c: cemetery
PEV/EEM: "mystery is my middle name"
Queen Chick Pea: no it isen't eem
Queen Chick Pea: i know the truth
Penny Ph.D.: "Mystery" doesn't start with E.
PEV/EEM: yes, that's a mystery, isn't it?
Penny Ph.D.: Unless you turn the "M" on its side..but then it's more like a Greek sigma.
Queen Chick Pea: ok i'm off my dear eem
Penny Ph.D.: What is Erin's middle name, Marie?
Queen Chick Pea: not feeling all that well too many meds makes Marie Week and Sleepy
Queen Chick Pea: nonon i'll get shit for that 1
Penny Ph.D.: Hope you feel better, Marie, whatever is ailing you.
Queen Chick Pea: no reveal of the middle names tonight
PEV/EEM: hehehehe
Penny Ph.D.: Then I will guess "Edith"...or "Esmerelda".
rich-c: it's OK, her aunt is standing here, plotting evilly
Queen Chick Pea: ha haa ha
rich-c: but don't worry, I won't let go of the keyboard
Penny Ph.D.: "Ewwwwwwww" is a nice middle name.
BobS: she gonna smack you richard
PEV/EEM: Hi, Mom
rich-c: Frances says Hi Robert
Penny Ph.D.: Hello Frances.
Queen Chick Pea: ok eirn i'll chat with you later
rich-c: Frances says hello all
BobS: LO dear
Queen Chick Pea: tell mum i said hi
PEV/EEM: "it's better than Esmerelda!"
Queen Chick Pea: bye pam
PEV/EEM: bye bye Chick Pea - feel better
PEV/EEM: from both of us
Queen Chick Pea: her middle name is a Secret................
Queen Chick Pea: hehe
(PEV/EEM snickers evilly)
Penny Ph.D.: Better than Esmerelda, and it's a Secret...
Queen Chick Pea: lol
Queen Chick Pea: night all
Queen Chick Pea: night penny
Penny Ph.D.: Hmm, Erin is an Irish name, so I will guess "Eileen".
rich-c: night, Rie
PEV/EEM: hugs, Rie
Penny Ph.D.: Good night Queen C.P.
PEV/EEM: nope, that's mine
Queen Chick Pea: eem pev uncle richared and all
Guy B.: Bye Rie
Queen Chick Pea: noooooooooo hugs they hurt too much right now
Penny Ph.D.: Well, shoot enough arrows, one is bound to stick...
PEV/EEM: virtual hugs don't hurt : )
Queen Chick Pea: lol turew
Queen Chick Pea: night all
PEV/EEM: nighty night, sweetie - hi to Jason
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Queen Chick Pea: i will bye
changed username to Wonald
PEV/EEM: Hewwo, Wonald
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Penny Ph.D.: A Wascally Wabbit...
Wonald: Yo!
BobS: Wonky Wonald
BobS: how is??????
rich-c: Row, Row, it's Wonald fwum the Rest
BobS: mow mum ????
BobS: how mum?????
Guy B.: I taught I saw a puddy tat.
Wonald: not too great, Bob. She's been in the hospital for the past week. Just got back out yesterday.. Congestive heart failure
BobS: ein PUDDY TAT ???????? help me
Penny Ph.D.: Be vewwy vewwy quiet, we'we hunting Wonalds...hahahahaha.
Wonald: but now she's better
Guy B.: Oh my!
BobS: bummer dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PEV/EEM: oh boy
PEV/EEM: that's not good Ron
Penny Ph.D.: Ouch, Ron.
rich-c: seems to be our month for heart problems
PEV/EEM: what have they done for her, Ron?
Wonald: steering a careful course between medication for the heart and something that won't hurt the kidneys....
BobS: let Richard tell ya HIS problem Wonald
rich-c: and that is not easy - what is she using?
Wonald: basically - diurretic (sp?:) and blood pressure pilll
Wonald: she's also on insulin
PEV/EEM: insulin?
PEV/EEM: diabetes too?
rich-c: likely HCTZ plus something else
Wonald: that's been going on for a while--- yes diabetes
Wonald: furosimide
Penny Ph.D.: A diuretic.
rich-c: yes, with diabetes the treatment options change
Wonald: appreciated the wishes, folks... it's very much one day at a time around here
Wonald: so.... anyway.... howz everyone else?
rich-c: yes, that is how it works out and it makes for a very difficult life
Penny Ph.D.: Still working in the slug lab, Ron.
Penny Ph.D.: Lab seminar to give Friday.
Wonald: aha.....
Penny Ph.D.: Trying to get ready for it.
Penny Ph.D.: And not wanting too...sloth sloth sloth
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changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi All
Penny Ph.D.: Hello Fred.
PEV/EEM: Hi, stranger
Wonald: Hey Fred
Guy B.: Hi Freddy
rich-c: bonsoir, Fred - c'etait longtdmps que tu as visite ici
FredK: hehe, been a while, #2 has arrived
Wonald changed username to Ronald
Ronald: Nuff Elmer Fudd
PEV/EEM: congratulations - boy, or girl?
Penny Ph.D.: Version 2.0...
FredK: another Guyle
Ronald: congrats Fred
FredK: tks
PEV/EEM: ah, that's wonderful. Details?
Penny Ph.D.: Guyle?
FredK: 10lbs 6ounces
Guy B.: Hey great to hear that.
PEV/EEM changed username to Pam/Erin
Penny Ph.D.: Is that "guy" or "girl"?
Pam/Erin: Holy Smokes!
FredK: tom boy
rich-c: hoti! 10?
FredK: yes it was a c section
Ronald: I guess
rich-c: that is not a surprise
Penny Ph.D.: 10 lbs is on the hefty side.
rich-c: both doing well, we hope?
FredK: correct if it was a guy would be the brain (joke)
FredK: yes both are well so far
Ronald: good
rich-c: that is a relief - that size is a challenge
Penny Ph.D.: Name?
FredK: Amelia
Ronald: I like Amelia
Ronald: nice
Pam/Erin: that's pretty
rich-c: yes, a good name
Guy B.: Not too many girls with that name.
rich-c: well, not any more, but a lot of the good old names have faded of late
BobS: congrats Fred
FredK: tks all
Ronald: Be right back folks.... mother wants to switch chairs
Penny Ph.D.: Well...there are some kids stories with a very ditzy character named Amelia Bedelia...that has kinda soured folks on the name.
BobS: amelia earhart
rich-c: we've heard from everyone but Daniel - is he off programming or PMing en francais?
Ronald left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm here...
rich-c: yes, that was my first thought, Bob
Pam/Erin: ours too, Dad
FredK: funny how names of ppl you know can infuence your choices
Pam/Erin: too true, Fred
rich-c: was Amelia named for a friend then, Fred?
Daniel Bienvenu: (programming = programmation)
Penny Ph.D.: Yes, there were some names that were "off limits" for the girls because of past associations.
FredK: wife just came up with the name
Pam/Erin: ie old girlfriends?
Guy B.: There we have it. How's the latest project coming?
BobS: a GREAT name i think
FredK: mind you my grandfather sister was named Emilia
Penny Ph.D.: No, girls that Joan didn't like.
Penny Ph.D.: When she was in school.
Penny Ph.D.: I didn't have any off-limits names...but that may just have been luck.
Daniel Bienvenu: If you really want to know, I'm not programming, I write something in my Coleco programming documentation.
FredK: preprogramming
Pam/Erin: Rich, did you know genders before the girls were born?
Penny Ph.D.: Nope.
rich-c: grace a dieu - a programmer who actually documents his work!
Pam/Erin: so you picked boys and girls names for all four?
Penny Ph.D.: Didn't wanna know, don't wanna know, would never wanna know.
Penny Ph.D.: Had the same boy's name from the start...0 for 4... :-(
Pam/Erin: you're batting either 1000 or 0, depending : )
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changed username to Harvie Powis
Daniel Bienvenu: rich: don't be surprised, I'm adding things I writed in my PowerPoint presentation.
rich-c: greetings Harvie
Pam/Erin: Hello, Harvie
Penny Ph.D.: Would have liked at least one Y chromosome in there...but blame me.
Guy B.: Hi Harvie
Harvie Powis: Hello all
rich-c: yep, you're the one who controls it, Rich
Pam/Erin: Girl power!
Daniel Bienvenu: If statements, loops and ram/rom tables.
FredK: im doomed
Penny Ph.D.: <small voice> yes
rich-c: what;'s up, Fred?
(Pam/Erin giggles)
FredK: 3wemon in house=im doomed
(A dog howls in the distance)
Penny Ph.D.: Try 5...and get back to me.
Pam/Erin: no, Fred, blessed!
rich-c: an old song, Fred - "you'll get used to it"
Pam/Erin: you managed with two, Dad
Penny Ph.D.: Reminds me of something our Chinese grad student showed me once:
rich-c: managed may be overly optimistic....
Pam/Erin: okay, you survived
FredK: thanks rich-c
rich-c: c'est mieux
Penny Ph.D.: The character representing "happiness" is a stylized house with a man, woman, and baby.
rich-c: in which languiage?
Penny Ph.D.: The character representing "strife" is the same stylized house, but with an extra mark that represents the mother-in-law :-)
Penny Ph.D.: Chinese.
Pam/Erin: and I was just saying how lucky I was with my in-laws
Penny Ph.D.: Uh-oh, just heard a full name called out upstairs...must be strife.
Pam/Erin: as in Richard Frederick?
Penny Ph.D.: Yes...only Gretchen Carol Drushel...
Penny Ph.D.: And a door slam.
Pam/Erin: oops
rich-c: double oops
Penny Ph.D.: I think it is a bedtime fight...the girls are on Spring Break and want to say up to all hours.
rich-c: such things do not bode well
FredK: in laws turned to out laws
Penny Ph.D.: <snicker>
Pam/Erin: not mine, thank goodness
rich-c: hey, when did we lose Ron?
Pam/Erin: when he went to move Mum
Penny Ph.D.: Wormhole?
rich-c: OK, guess I missed that
Pam/Erin: that could be a problem depending on where the other end is, Rich
rich-c: oh, Harvie, I get my DSL line tomorrow
Pam/Erin: if he's in the Delta quadrant, we're in trouble
rich-c: no, that's on the other side of Georgia Strait, Pam
Penny Ph.D.: Hehe, no more Frances on the dialup line when trying to call from hospital.
BobS: when he went to help mum
Harvie Powis: Good job! I think you will be favourably impressed rich
rich-c: picked it up from John yesterday afternoon
Guy B.: Oh yes Rich. You will be amazed how fast everything is.
Penny Ph.D.: I think I will leave the Delta Quadrant to whatever was living there in the last few Seasons of DS9 that I didn't watch.
Pam/Erin: yes, mother's first words to Dad upon his return (after "should I kill him or kiss him") were "so, spouse, when are we getting DSL?"
Harvie Powis: Do you have a router rich?
rich-c: oh, I've used DSL lines elsewhere, so I know about that
Pam/Erin: no that's the Gamma quadrant, Rich
Penny Ph.D.: I actually suggested that to Richard in the chat Saturday before he told me he was already there.
Pam/Erin: Delta is where Voyageur went
Penny Ph.D.: Then it can bloody well stay there, too!
Guy B.: I have mine almost 6 months and it's great. The best thing I ever did.
rich-c: just the modem and an NIC, Harv
Penny Ph.D.: <can you tell I despise ST:VOY?>
Pam/Erin: no no, they came back
Penny Ph.D.: More's the pity...
Harvie Powis: Get yourself a router, it has a built in firewall and you don't need access software
rich-c: and Harvie, do you remember Richard Himel, can to MTAG occasionally?
rich-c: sorry, came to
Harvie Powis: Can't say I do
Pam/Erin changed username to Erin/Pam
rich-c: I have Zone Alarm anyway, and the modem is preconfigured
rich-c: anyway heard from Richard day or so ago - now has a 5 year old son and is dusting off the old Adam for him
rich-c: he was delighted when I told him Daniel was writing new Adam games and having them burned into carts
Harvie Powis: You can get a Lynksys BEFSR41 for about 40 bucks
rich-c: maybe if I decide to add another computer, though a hub would do
Harvie Powis: The router also looks after ICS for you
rich-c: ICS?
Harvie Powis: Internet Connection Sharing
Guy B.: You might want to consider what I did Rich. Get a couple of NIC cards and a crossover computer to connect two of them together. That's what I did.
rich-c: right - though pro tem that isn't an issue, have no capable computers
Guy B.: That's crossover cable, not computer.
rich-c: could get an Ethernet PC card for the laptop, of course
Harvie Powis: I use a USB nic with my laptop
rich-c: my Dell is just a P166 - the USB card is a PCMCIA
rich-c: if I ever have cause to get a new second computer, then it will be an issue, but not now
Harvie Powis: A used PC Card nic is about 20 - 30 bucks
rich-c: true, though teh used computer/parts shops seem to be fading away
Guy B.: The beauty of another system to share with the main one is you can be on one and Frances on the other.
rich-c: given how cheap new computers and parts are now, they can't have much business
Harvie Powis:
Daniel Bienvenu: rich: Which Daniel does Adam games into carts? I do ColecoVision games, I don't use the potential of the Adam computer. :)
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Ron
rich-c: Daniel, since the slot on the Adam console is made for Colecovision games, we refer to them as Adam games
Guy B.: Ron's back.
Ron: Re hi all
BobS: yyou back
Erin/Pam: Hi Ron
BobS: mum settled in???
Ron: ah is, my man
Harvie Powis: Hello Ronald
Ron: yep
rich-c: in fact look at some of the original CV carts and they say "for Colecovision ADAM"
rich-c: welcome back, Ron
Ron: I swear, she came out of the hospital this time with more bruises than she had when she went in.
Guy B.: As far as I know all Colecovision carts will work with Adam.
Ron: I don't know what they do over there
rich-c: is she on warfarin or some similar blood thinner?
Ron: no, not at this point Rich
Ron: but the shins are paper thin because of the diabetes
rich-c: I suspect they had her on an IV at the hospital, Ron - those will bruise up your arm very thoroughly
Ron: not this time Rich -- so far as I know
Ron: but then I wasn't there all the time
rich-c: especually when they take you in they like to establish an IV
Ron: Hi Harvie...just noticed you up there
Ron: right.. I know they did the last time
Harvie Powis: Kinda hard to miss
Ron: just like the guy on the other side of the mirror Harvie
rich-c: were you here when Freddy came in, Ron?
Ron: yes
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't see any e-mail from Dr.D about the image file I sent to him last week.
Penny Ph.D.: It never arrived, Daniel :-(
Penny Ph.D.: At least I don't think it did.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I will try another time
Ron: Daniel, I am remiss... you sent me a couple of things, and I haven't had time to look.
Penny Ph.D.: Try sending it to Daniel.
Ron: are Erin/Pam at the same set of coordinates?
Penny Ph.D.: <snicker>
Erin/Pam: yes we are Ron
rich-c: still having problems with, Rich?
Ron: aha
Penny Ph.D.: Yes, is letting me down :-(
Erin/Pam: <P> Erin doesn't have a phone line or a 'puter yet
Daniel Bienvenu: Sending file roght now
Erin/Pam: <P> so we share for a while : )
Ron: well hey..... life must then stop completely
Penny Ph.D.: She needs to get on the stick, then...
Daniel Bienvenu: rrrrrrrrrrr.... stupid keyboard :P
Harvie Powis: So you use rfd Mayberry? :)
rich-c: Erin, any word on when you will be getting a phone line?
Ron: no phone, no 'puter? What's life worth?
Penny Ph.D.: They are my initials, Harvie.
Penny Ph.D.: Richard Frederick Drushel.
Erin/Pam: she has a cell phone but no land line yet
Ron: oh well
Ron: then life is good
Penny Ph.D.: Put a computer on the cell phone? Will a modem work?
Harvie Powis: Just kiddin Doc
Daniel Bienvenu: rrr... Ron, I don't see which e-mail I may send to you... second
Erin/Pam: because they want a huge deposit for the land line
rich-c: that does diminish the urgency - till she gets the computer
Erin/Pam: exactly
Ron: please Daniel
Penny Ph.D.: I will donate a penny if Erin wants to take up a collection for a new/used computer...
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron, you received e-mails from me?
Erin/Pam: Daniel why are you growling at the keyboard?
Penny Ph.D.: A penny's worth of Ph.D...
Ron: sec will go look
Erin/Pam: is that US or Canadian, Rich?
FredK: Dear all, take care and hopefully will have time to chat soon again, bye bye
Penny Ph.D.: Name your poison, I have plenty of both :-)
Harvie Powis: Most cell phones have modem capability
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't send any e-mail to you now... you talked about many e-mails I sent to you.
Erin/Pam changed username to Pam / Erin
rich-c: bye Fred, come again soon
FredK left chat session
Penny Ph.D.: Had I know she needed a computer, I bet I could have smuggled one of the junk ones from the robot lab into Toronto when I came in January...
rich-c: yes, but how much would two hours of chat cost on a cell phone?
Pam / Erin: well it's moot at the moment anyway Harvie -she doesn't have a 'puter yet
Penny Ph.D.: An older Mac, but servicable...
rich-c: oh, we have a fw old computers around here available when the time comes
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam/Erin: it's simply because of the "focus", I'M typing here and then in another popup windows, then I switch back to the adam chat to finish what I'm writting and I typed ROGHT, not RIGHT. rrrrrrr
Harvie Powis: If I recall correctly , they run at 14400
Pam / Erin: we're working on getting her one
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron?
Ron: Daniel.... nothing tonight, but the ones I got from you were a few days back
rich-c: 14.4? that's what Noah used when he got off the Ark
Penny Ph.D.: If Erin has a bake sale to raise $$$, I will buy a cookie.
Ron: I read them, but never opened the attachment
Pam / Erin: heck, even our laptop is 28.8
Daniel Bienvenu: I also received e-mails from me... it was viruses.
Pam / Erin: just one cookie?
Pam / Erin: no sale of less than a dozen
Ron: trouble is, you see, I read all my mail on the iMac first, for that very reason
Penny Ph.D.: Depends on what kind...and how big.
Ron: the silly stuff doesn't to anything over there
Penny Ph.D.: Okay, a dozen.
rich-c: haven't you put in the 33.6 modem yet, Pam
Penny Ph.D.: What kind ya got?
Pam / Erin: not yet Dad
Ron: so I guess I shouldn't them eh?
Pam / Erin: Chocolate chunk, of course
Penny Ph.D.: (cookie talk making me hungry...)
rich-c: it's no big deal - pull old out, push new in
Pam / Erin: is there any other kind?
BobS: heck, nost of the time i can only get 26k on any modem here
Pam / Erin: we'll get around to it Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry Ron, I can't see in my "sentmail" any emails to you.. except those for the Adamcon.
BobS: slow phone lies I GUESS.
Ron: cookies - did somebody say COOKI
Pam / Erin: sorry Ron
Pam / Erin: yes, the subject did come up
Penny Ph.D.: I like chocolate chip cookies...
(Guy B. quaffs a cold glass of fresh milk.)
Ron: please!
Penny Ph.D.: How about a dozen that are 10 inches in diameter...
Pam / Erin: which reminds me, I haven't had my milk today
Penny Ph.D.: The local bakery sells them like that.
Penny Ph.D.: Huuuuggge cookies....
Ron: major cookies
Penny Ph.D.: Each one the size of a pizza.
Penny Ph.D.: And you'd have to cut it up like pizza, too.
Pam / Erin: that's not a cookie, that's an edible plate
Guy B.: Oh boy! That's all I need. BIGGGGGG Cookies.
Ron: :)
Harvie Powis: Chocolate chip pizza? :)
Penny Ph.D.: One way to look at it, P/E.
Penny Ph.D.: Hold the anchovies...unless they too are chocolate.
Ron: Harvie, you and I shouldn't be thinking about such things
rich-c: Daniel, the last email I have from you is dated March 24th - have you sent any to the list since?
Pam / Erin: as long as all you do is think - thinking doesn't have any calories
Ron: yeah... but....
Harvie Powis: No calories in virtual chocolate Ron
Ron: right Harvie
rich-c: thinking has this unfortunate characteristic of leading to action...
Ron: that's right Rich
Guy B.: Just baked some oatmeal raison cookies Sunday.
Daniel Bienvenu: I sent two e-mails : one to Adamcon and the other to drushel
Ron: so I will conjure up a few million bucks in my mind
rich-c: besides, I can put on two poundss just thinking about chocolate chunk cookies
Penny Ph.D.: Thinking burns calories, P/E.
Penny Ph.D.: So, all you have to do is think harder than you eat.
Pam / Erin: that seems to be the consensus
Pam / Erin: so think about three cookies, and eat one
Daniel Bienvenu: yep, two e-mails in 24th march
Ron: Now..... If I were to think about excercising..... would I lose weight?
Pam / Erin: mind over matter, Ron
Penny Ph.D.: If you imagined it very realistically.
Ron: If I were to think about dieting.... would that work too?
rich-c: hey - if you can get that to work, Ron, I'm all for it!
Guy B.: Abby and I walked the bike trail before it got dark tonight.
Ron: :)
Ron: If a tree felll in the forest.....
Pam / Erin: yes.
Harvie Powis: " I think, Therfore I am... Thinking"
Penny Ph.D.: Daniel, your E-mail with GIFs arrived okay at
Ron: and nobody was there to see it, did it really happen?
Pam / Erin: ask the squirrels
Ron: could be
Daniel Bienvenu: 24th March: 7games - improved version. blah blah blah...
rich-c: yes, because physical evidence remained
Harvie Powis: Not in BC Ron. Theres no trees left :)
Penny Ph.D.: If the tree fell on the squirrels, I could make them into potpie.
rich-c: but did it make a sound, with nobody to hear?
Ron: ya got that right Harvie
Pam / Erin: ick
Penny Ph.D.: And use the wood from the tree to cook them.
Pam / Erin: ick ick
Penny Ph.D.: Squirrel potpie is good eating.
Penny Ph.D.: I should cook you some sometime.
Pam / Erin: ick ick ick
Penny Ph.D.: Failing that, I could do chicken stew...they taste about the same.
Pam / Erin: I feed squirrels!
rich-c: there's a recipe in the Roadkill Cookbook
Penny Ph.D.: Squirrels feed me!
Penny Ph.D.: Reciprocal altruism!
Penny Ph.D.: (that's a biology term)
Pam / Erin: and they taste like peanuts?
Harvie Powis: Are you from West Virginia Doc?
rich-c: not to be confused with symbiosis
Penny Ph.D.: They taste like what they eat...acorn- or beechnut-fed squirrel is tasty.
Penny Ph.D.: No, Ohio.
Penny Ph.D.: In West Virginia, they eat groundhogs and possums. I won't go there.
rich-c: but OH and WV have a long common border
Pam / Erin: what, to West Virginia?
Penny Ph.D.: Yes, but I am from north of it :-)
Pam / Erin: <E> obviously not far enough north
Penny Ph.D.: No, "go there" as in "eat groundhogs and possums"...unless starving.
Harvie Powis: Squirrel hunting is a rite of passage in Appallachia
Penny Ph.D.: Well, I suppose with some assistance, I could get further north...
Pam / Erin: had groundhog once. Ick.
Pam / Erin: get that man a green card!
Penny Ph.D.: I would be taking food from a Canadian mouth, I couldn't do that...
Guy B.: Well folks. Got to go, I'll see how Saturday goes, otherwise next time.
Pam / Erin: <E> well if you're going to continue to eat squirrels, you can have my share
Penny Ph.D.: Good night, Guy.
Pam / Erin: Night, Guy
rich-c: as it happens, we have a surplus of squirrels at present
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Guy!
Harvie Powis: Goodnight Guy
Penny Ph.D.: It would ruin my diet, eating for two, E.
rich-c: OK Guy, will check Sat aft
Penny Ph.D.: I can barely eat for one...
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: we have an extra raccoon around, too, if you like ;-)
Penny Ph.D.: Import some falcons or something...
Pam / Erin: then you'd have a well stocked larder
Penny Ph.D.: Coonskin cap, I would like one of those again.
Pam / Erin: Ick Daddy
Penny Ph.D.: I had a Dan'l Boone cap as a boy.
Penny Ph.D.: (I'm not old enough for the Davey Crockett craze)
Penny Ph.D.: Fess Parker apparently recently donated his original Davey Crockett cap to the Smithsonian.
Harvie Powis: Davey Crockett had a Dan'l Boone cap :)
Penny Ph.D.: Amazingly, he also wore it through the entire run of "Daniel Boone" on TV, the same DC cap.
rich-c: surprised Disney didn't sue him to get it back
Pam / Erin: <E> that's a big Nooooooooooo
Penny Ph.D.: Walt wouldn't have sued him.
Penny Ph.D.: Walt wouldn't have done a lot of things that the current "Disney" company does...
rich-c: maybe not but his heirs would be unlikely to have compunctions
Ron: back - again
rich-c: especially if there was some coin to be made
Harvie Powis: Eisener has had his ears clipped by the Disney board
rich-c: I mean, think what it would fetch on eBay
BobS: severely
rich-c: and deservedly, from the reports
Penny Ph.D.: Eisner should have his head clipped and impaled on an animation pencil...
BobS: don't follow what he did but it sure ticked some people off
rich-c: now, now, Rich, don't be nasty...
Penny Ph.D.: Not me, Richard, talk to the animators who have all been laid off...
BobS: time for me to go to fellas and gals
BobS: Judy says BYE
Penny Ph.D.: Bye Judy, smile!
Harvie Powis: See ya Bob
Ron: night Judy
BobS: we have to get our rest ya know
Pam / Erin: night, Bob - night, Judy
rich-c: right Bob, take care of the ticker
BobS: get mum BETTER there Ronald
Ron: thank you Bob, I'll pass that on
BobS: taking enough meds to keep a dead horse ticking Richard
Ron: will do what needs to be done
rich-c: k ow the feeling, Bob
BobS left chat session
Ron: think he left
rich-c: well, he got lucky - gather he had ventricular fibrillation
Ron: oh>
Pam / Erin: stick to the atria, Dad
Ron: ?
rich-c: that's treacherous - basically the normal first symptom is sudden death
Ron: when?
rich-c: atrial is a nuisance but it takes a while to get dangeropus
rich-c: been going on for several weeks, Ron; you've missed a few of late
Ron: yes, I have. Wasn't aware of all this
Penny Ph.D.: Well, your kitties are safe from me, not much chance of me getting anywhere near them.
rich-c: we were talking about it before you came on - I have atrial and was asking for comment
Ron: aha
Penny Ph.D.: That was for P/E, talking about their nice kitties.
Ron: Kitties are good
Pam / Erin: looks like Erin will be acquiring a kitty soon
Ron: they don't like me much
Ron: but I like them
rich-c: long as you aren't allergic to them
Ron: nah
Pam / Erin: that's what antihistimines are for
Penny Ph.D.: Erin is getting a cat?
Ron: there have been 4 or 5 in my life at one time or another. Always, my role is to pay the rent, keep the food dish full, and make sure the door is opened on demand
Pam / Erin: Lindsay has another foster mama and kittens - she got this one full and all the kittens are healthy
rich-c: no, but a cat may be getting Erin
Harvie Powis: Lead works better than antihistimine
Penny Ph.D.: hahahaha Harvie!
Pam / Erin: Erin wants mama
Penny Ph.D.: Pam/Erin will now hunt you down and kill you.
Pam / Erin: she was obviously someone's pet
Penny Ph.D.: With all the kittens?
Pam / Erin: nope, just mama
Pam / Erin: kittens are easier to find homes for
Penny Ph.D.: What kind of cat is it?
Ron: there is some kind of karma thing with me and cats
Pam / Erin: DSH - smoky grey
Penny Ph.D.: DSH?
Pam / Erin: what, do they not like you Ron?
Pam / Erin: domestic short hair
Ron: nope
Pam / Erin: you should come and meet mine - they like everyone
Ron: they tolerate me, as long as I do all of the above
Pam / Erin: come with treats and they like you even better
rich-c: that's standard, Ron. Cats don't have owners, they have staff
Penny Ph.D.: Hard to see in the dark...don't trip over her.
Pam / Erin: bring chicken, and they'll love you forever
Ron: exactly Rich
Penny Ph.D.: Own a dog, feed a cat.
Pam / Erin: dogs come when they're called, cats take a message and get back to you
Penny Ph.D.: But I will not bait the cat-lovers any more...
Harvie Powis: To the dog?
Penny Ph.D.: <snicker>
Pam / Erin: NO
Pam / Erin: hmph
Penny Ph.D.: Now they are going to hunt *ME* down and kill me...
Penny Ph.D.: <enters witness protection program>
Pam / Erin: we know where you live!
Ron: :)
Penny Ph.D. changed username to John Smith
rich-c: think it's time for me to pack it in, people
Pam / Erin: very original, Rich
John Smith: Excuse me, is this the Coleco ADAM chat?
Ron: yes..... you people in the east should all be in bed
Daniel Bienvenu: It's done... I did the update in my coleco programming doc for today.
rich-c: whoops - where did John Smith come from?
Pam / Erin: he used to be Rich
Ron: John Smith..... speak to us
rich-c: right- so I see - goodnight John
Pam / Erin: c'mon people, pay attention
Ron: may the Force be with you all
Pam / Erin: Night Dad, we'll be there about 11:15
John Smith: I used to live in Jamestown.
Ron: and now?
rich-c: OK Pam, Rin, see you tomorrow then
Pam / Erin: <E> nite Uncle Richard
Harvie Powis: Goodnight rich
John Smith: Good night, Richard.
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Ron: bye
Daniel Bienvenu: he's gone!
Ron: I'm going to try to ressurect a Norton Ghost clone of my Linux drive
Ron: seems to have strong objections to being moved
John Smith changed username to Dr.D.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I don't know for you but I need a hot chocolate to continue... and you will probably leave the adamcon chat during this time. So, let me say: "Goodnight" to you.
Dr.D.: Hot chocolate, mmmm.
Pam / Erin: bonne nuit, Daniel
Ron: well now.... if you e-mail me some.... I'll stay
Harvie Powis: Bye Daniel
Ron: Nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: hehe! look at the gif file and make this logo available somewhere. :)
Dr.D.: Okay Daniel, I will do so.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Ron: be well all....g'nite
Pam / Erin: are you going Ron?
Ron: well I don't have to, seemed like everyone else was
Harvie Powis: Hey Doc, my nephew wanted me to ask you, what's a good price for a pirate to get his ears pierced?
Pam / Erin: we have a few minutes anyway
Dr.D.: He wanted to talk to John Smith, but Mr. Smith left early.
Ron: It's only 8:100 pm out here
Dr.D.: Dunno Harvie...
Ron: 8:10 I mean
Harvie Powis: About a buck an ear :)
Dr.D.: <rim shot>
Pam / Erin: wookie sound
Ron: bada bing, bada boom
Dr.D.: Allow me to introduce you to the remaining idigenous life form on Ceti Alpha Five...
Dr.D.: These are pets...and not yet quite domesticated...
Ron: you mean they will bite off you hand without provocation
Dr.D.: Okay Harvie, here is one just as bad...
Dr.D.: What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhinoceros?
Ron: ?
Pam / Erin: ??
Harvie Powis: Darned if I know
Dr.D.: 'Ell if I know... (say it aloud)
Pam / Erin: major wookie sound
Ron: give me a break
Dr.D.: I told you it was bad.
Harvie Powis: Good one, he'll love it
Dr.D.: Which bone?
Ron: sounds like it must have been a university joke
Dr.D.: Heard it on TV in 1976...
Pam / Erin: how can you tell when there's an elephant in the back seat of your car?
Ron: dunno
Dr.D.: Dunno, Mistuh Bones, how?
Pam / Erin: by the faint smell of peanuts on his breath
Pam / Erin: how do you hide an elephant in a cherry tree?
Dr.D.: <smirk>
Dr.D.: How?
Pam / Erin: paint his toenails red
Dr.D.: <aiyiyi>
Pam / Erin: how can you tell when there's an elephant in your refrigerator
Dr.D.: ???
Ron: you guys are taking me back to my high school years
Ron: elephant jokes
Pam / Erin: by the footprints in the butter
Dr.D.: What do you call10 blondes standing in a line?
Ron: grade 11
Pam / Erin: a wind tunnel
Dr.D.: Yep.
Daniel Bienvenu: ~o) mmmm hot chocolate!
Harvie Powis: What do you do with an elephant with 3 balls?
Pam / Erin: how can you tell when blond has been using your computer?
Ron: now Daniel, you have to partager ca
Dr.D.: How?
Pam / Erin: by the white out on the computer screen
Ron: he tech minded.... he can figure a way
Dr.D.: <oof>
Pam / Erin: why is there white out on the computer screen?
Dr.D.: Why?
Pam / Erin: because she couldn't find the eraser
Dr.D.: <vaudeville lives>
Ron: Ok now tell me..... is the correct spelling of <blond> blond or blonde?
Pam / Erin: what DO you do with an elephant . . . ?
Daniel Bienvenu: I see... it's non sense jokes time?
Dr.D.: -e makes it a girl, I think.
Dr.D.: A monk, a clone, and a Ferengi were going bowling...
Ron: so a male with that colour hair is blond
Dr.D.: I think so.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D is right about "e"
Ron: and a female is blonde?
Ron: ok. Consider myself duly educated
Pam / Erin: my favourite blond joke: what's black and blue and lying on the floor writhing in agony?
Ron: ?
Pam / Erin: the last person to tell a blond joke
Dr.D.: Start writhing...
Dr.D.: :-)
Ron: :)
Dr.D.: Dog pile on Pam!
Pam / Erin: you stil havent' answered the last elephant one
Dr.D.: I thought the footprints in the butter...
Pam / Erin: the three balls?
Ron: And so the ADAM computer chat room continues its ecclectic consideration of all subjects
Harvie Powis: Walk him and pitch to the Giraffe
Pam / Erin: ROTFL
Ron: it's makes us what we are
Dr.D.: Sounds naughty...not sure I want to know this one, Pam...
Pam / Erin: blame Harvie
Pam / Erin: heck some nights I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe
Ron: So is the hot chocolate hot Daniel?
Dr.D.: Old Mother Hubbard
Dr.D.: Went to the cupboard
Dr.D.: To buy her poor daughter a dress.
Dr.D.: When she got there
Dr.D.: The cupboard was bare,
Dr.D.: And so was her daughter, I guess!
Daniel Bienvenu: my hot chocolate? very good! ~o) but I have only one cup.
Ron: aw
Pam / Erin: mothers' favourite: three mice went to heaven
Pam / Erin: when they got there they were welcomed and given the run of the place by St. Peter
Pam / Erin: after a few days, they came back and asked for roller skates, because heaven was so big it was hard for them to get around
Pam / Erin: St. Peter gladly granted their request
Pam / Erin: the next day, three cats went to heaven
Pam / Erin: they saw the mice go by
Pam / Erin: turned to each other and said . . .
Dr.D.: ...
Pam / Erin: "oh look - Meals on Wheels!"
Dr.D.: haha
Pam / Erin: it's the only one Mom can remember
Dr.D.: Here is the joke Christina's French friend told her (in French) when she was in Paris:
Dr.D.: A redhead, a brunette, and a blonde robbed a bank.
Dr.D.: They ran down the street with sacks of money, trying to escape from the gendarmes.
Daniel Bienvenu: translating... trois souris vont au paradis. rendus au paradis on leur souhaite la bienvenue et sont conduites à St-Pierre. Apres quelques jours, elles demandent des "roller skates" parce que le paradis est si grand que c'était dur pour elles d'en faire le tour.
Dr.D.: They ran into an alley, which was a dead end.
Dr.D.: Hearing the gendarmes, they looked for places to hide.
Dr.D.: The redhead jumped into a dumpster.
Dr.D.: The brunette hid behind some boxes.
Dr.D.: And the blonde crawled inside a sack of potatoes...
Dr.D.: The gendarmes came and searched the alley.
Dr.D.: They heard a noise from the dumpster...but the redhead said "woof woof", and the gendarmes thought it was just a dog.
Dr.D.: They heard a noise from behind the boxes...but the brunette said "miau miau", and the gendarmes thought it was just a cat.
Ron: gonna have to leave you guys.... Mom needs my attention
Ron: g'nite all
Pam / Erin: night Ron
Dr.D.: Then they heard a noise from the sack of potatoes...and the redhead said "potato, potato".
Ron left chat session
Dr.D.: That is the joke...Christina doesn't know why it is funny...
Dr.D.: blonde said, rather.
Dr.D.: Maybe it is funnier in French? She doesn't know...
Pam / Erin: is it funnier in French, Daniel?
Harvie Powis: Well, I suppose it's time for me to retire for the evening ( no reflection on the joke :)
Dr.D.: It was bad, Christina alluded to it when she was on chat.
Pam / Erin: no comment, Harvie : )
Pam / Erin: g'nite, Harv
Dr.D.: Well, the French think that Jerry Lewis is funny :-)
Dr.D.: Bye Harvie.
Harvie Powis: Goodnight all
Harvie Powis left chat session
Pam / Erin: I'm trying to remember all of a joke
Dr.D.: I have scared everyone off...
Dr.D.: No jokes remain in my head...just empty space.
Dr.D.: Actually, I wish my head *were* empty space...I have a bit of a stuffy nose.
Dr.D.: Trying to keep a cold at bay until after Friday...sigh.
Pam / Erin: how about Newfie jokes?
Dr.D.: Sniff, my noise is kind of runny...
Dr.D.: nose, rather.
Daniel Bienvenu: Translating... une rousse, une brunette et une blonde volent une banque. Elles courent dans la rue avec des sacs plein d'argent poursuivit par des gendarmes. Elles arrivent à un "cul de sac". En entendant les gendarmes arriver elles se cachent. La rousse dans un "dumpster". La brunette derrière des boîtes. Et la blonde dans un sac de pommes de terres. Les gendarmes arrivent au cul de sac. Ils entendent du bruit dans le "dumpster", la rousse fait "wouf wouf", les gendarmes se disent qu'il sagit juste d'un chien. Ils entendent du bruit derrière les boîtes, la brunette fait "miaou miaou", les gendarmes se disent qu'il sagit d'un chat. Puis, les gendarmes entendent du bruit dans la sac de pommes de terre, et la blonde dit "patate patate".
Daniel Bienvenu: I already knows this joke.
Dr.D.: Wow, Daniel...I gotta grab this for Christina!
Dr.D.: Got it.
Dr.D.: I thought "potato" was "pomme d'terre" or something.
Daniel Bienvenu: pomme de terre (standard french) = patate (familiar)
Dr.D.: What is "patate"?
Dr.D.: Is it a double entendre or something, or is it funny just because of the stupidity of the blonde girl?
Daniel Bienvenu: patates... potatoes looks similar
Pam / Erin: so why is this funny?
Daniel Bienvenu: why is it funny? because potatoes don't talk.
Dr.D.: I guess it's just Waiting for Godot or something.
Dr.D.: Christina will be very pleased to see your translation, Daniel.
Dr.D.: I just printed it out.
Pam / Erin: so - Newfie jokes?
Pam / Erin: apparently not
Dr.D.: Sorry, had to go take some icky cough medicine.
Pam / Erin: ick
Dr.D.: Newfie = Newfoundland?
Daniel Bienvenu: Newfie jokes? they were replaced by blonds jokes
Pam / Erin: yes
Daniel Bienvenu: but some jokes are very similar...
Dr.D.: Someone told one about a 1-armed Newfie in a tree...
Daniel Bienvenu: they just change the word "newfie" by "blond"
Pam / Erin: how do you get a one armed Newfie out of a tree?
Dr.D.: "Wave" was the answer.
Dr.D.: So I did hear that one somewhere.
Pam / Erin: you stole Erin's punchline
Dr.D.: I didn't mean to be a thief...
Pam / Erin: tief! tief!
Daniel Bienvenu: In french we said "tirer la chasse d'eau" to describ when we flush toilet.
Dr.D.: That means "deep! deep!" in German BTW.
Daniel Bienvenu: but "tirer" is also the verb shoot
Daniel Bienvenu: so why a newfie goes in the bathroom with a gun?
Dr.D.: ???
Pam / Erin: ??
Daniel Bienvenu: the answer is in the french translation.
Daniel Bienvenu: Pourquoi un newfie s'en va aux toilettes avec un fusil. C'est pour tirer la chasse d'eau.
Pam / Erin: can I be off colour?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I saw the exact same joke with a blond... not a newfie.
Dr.D.: I suppose...
Pam / Erin: how about "to shoot the shit"
Dr.D.: ick.
Pam / Erin: hey, I asked first
Dr.D.: That you did.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's like the two guys in the desert. one guy said to the other guy: "why you bring a car door here?" The other guy said... (I'm sure you know the answer.
Pam / Erin: so I can roll down the window when it gets hot
Dr.D.: So when it gets too hot, I can roll down the window!
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam: "tirer la chasse d'eau" is pressing the lever to flush the toilet.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, my translation is not very well on this.
Pam / Erin: it's funny in either language Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: it's the same thing with the answer "WAVE" for the armed guy in a tree
Daniel Bienvenu: I still don't get it
Pam / Erin: when you greet someone from far away Daniel, what do you do with your hand?
Daniel Bienvenu: Now I see...
Daniel Bienvenu: waving my hand
Pam / Erin: and the one armed man waves back
Daniel Bienvenu: so he can't stay on tree or lost his gun.
Dr.D.: Precisely.
Daniel Bienvenu: intelligent
Dr.D.: My brain cannot think of jokes right now.
Dr.D.: Not short ones, anyway.
Pam / Erin: well it's time for bed anyway, don't you think?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, in french i have a very good joke but it can't be translated.
Dr.D.: I suppose so...
Pam / Erin: you must sleep some time!
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! it's time to sleep
Dr.D.: There are times to sleep and times to be awake.
Pam / Erin: now is the time for all good men to get some sleep
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't sleep now, I drink a hot chocolate
Dr.D.: But I am not very I don't have to sleep.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: your brain still working. :P
Pam / Erin: we have to get up in six hours
Dr.D.: It doesn't want to shut just can't think of one-liner jokes right now.
Dr.D.: 5 hours for me.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I can't beat it
Dr.D.: Well, good company beats good sleep in the short term...
Dr.D.: That is why ADAMcons run with no sleep...
Daniel Bienvenu: and don't forget to start thinking of doing a copy of the Coleco user manual. :)
Pam / Erin: Erin needs her beauty sleep : )
Dr.D.: Yes, Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: good night all!
Dr.D.: Good night, Daniel.
Pam / Erin: g'nite Daniel
Pam / Erin: bonne nuit
Dr.D.: Beauty sleep, eh?
Daniel Bienvenu: *energize* hehe
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Dr.D.: Ah, now I think of a joke.
Dr.D.: An engineering joke.
Dr.D.: New metric unit:
Pam / Erin: will it make sense to the rest of us mortals?
Dr.D.: are all well-enough educated.
Pam / Erin: proceed
Dr.D.: millihelen: the amount of beauty necessary to launch one ship.
Pam / Erin: very good
Dr.D.: Bonus if you can recite the line of poetry it comes from...
Dr.D.: ...and chocolate if you know the poet/playwright...
Pam / Erin: the face that launched a thousand ships - Homer
Dr.D.: Nice try.
Pam / Erin: half points?
Dr.D.: Well, it is about Helen of Troy...
Pam / Erin: we still get the chocolate, though
Dr.D.: It's from Christopher Marlowe's play, "Doctor Faustus":
Dr.D.: Was this the face that launched a thousand ships,
Dr.D.: And burnt the topless towers of Illium?
Dr.D.: Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss.
Dr.D.: (we had to memorize the whole soliloquy in high school)
Pam / Erin: what happened to good old fashioned Shakespeare?
Dr.D.: Marlowe and Shakespeare were contemporaries.
Dr.D.: I can give you Shakespeare out the wazoo, as they say.
Dr.D.: But not unless asked (having mercy upon your patience).
Pam / Erin: Double double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Pam / Erin: <E> 'what do you know best?
Dr.D.: Hmmm.
Dr.D.: Juliet balcony scene...
Dr.D.: Antony's funeral speech for Caesar...
Dr.D.: Some stuff from "Merchant of Venice"...
Dr.D.: Romeo on Juliet...
Dr.D.: Odd lines from Hamlet.
Dr.D.: "Hamlet", rather.
Pam / Erin: call the literary police - he forgot the quotes
Dr.D.: Guilty as charged, m'lady.
Pam / Erin: deportation to Toronto is so ordered
Dr.D.: Remember, however...
Pam / Erin: (Erin applauds)
Dr.D.: "The quality of mercy is twice-blessed;
Dr.D.: "It blesseth him that gives, and him that takes.
Dr.D.: "'Tis mightiest in the mightiest, and it becomes
Dr.D.: "The throned ruler better than his crown."
Dr.D.: Deport to Toronto...hope you have nice gaol cells there.
Pam / Erin: padded, even
Dr.D.: (Do you use 'gaol' or 'jail'?)
Pam / Erin: jail
Pam / Erin: prison?
Pam / Erin: the big house
Dr.D.: (makes a note)
Dr.D.: Well, padded is fine...
Pam / Erin: detention centre
Pam / Erin: futon padding
Dr.D.: The cells have futons?
Dr.D.: I'd think just a matress on a metal frame or something.
Pam / Erin: padded with same
Dr.D.: Ahh.
Pam / Erin: comes with a nice white coat with extra long sleeves
Dr.D.: Don't forget the 12-foot wall with barbed wire on top.
Dr.D.: Thorazine twice a day?
Pam / Erin: of course
Dr.D.: Sounds like heaven...where do I sign up?
Pam / Erin: write to Dr. E. MacLean c/o the Funny Farm, where life is fun for everyone . . .
Pam / Erin: otherwise known as the Ontario Government
Dr.D.: Dr. E. MacLean...board-certified in what?
Pam / Erin: insanity
Dr.D.: I thought it was agriculture and food.
Pam / Erin: what kind of doctorate would that be?
Dr.D.: But I guess they are close enough.
Dr.D.: W.D., Doctor of Wackology.
Pam / Erin: with a B.A. in Crazy Freaks
Dr.D.: And if the wackos get too squeaky, the W.D. can apply WD-40 to make them stop.
Pam / Erin: after al the squeaky wheel gets the oil
Dr.D.: Reminds me of another joke...
Dr.D.: From the movie version of "Popeye"...
Pam / Erin: tell all
Dr.D.: Popeye finds a baby and decides to name him Swee'Pea.
Dr.D.: Olive Oyl thinks it's a dumb name.
Dr.D.: Popeye says, "Well whadija want me to name him, Baby Oyl?"
Pam / Erin: mild chuckle followed by wookie sounds
Dr.D.: I think it was a Robin Williams ad-lib.
Dr.D.: Is Erin's mom still cleaning?
Pam / Erin: probably asleep by now
Dr.D.: Well, go make some more mess to wake her up! :-)
Pam / Erin: that's just cruel
Dr.D.: Wow, P/E baiting is not working out well tonight.
Pam / Erin: Erin just went to get a glass of water
Pam / Erin: besides, you don't want to wake her up
Pam / Erin: it ain't prettyh
Dr.D.: She can't throw it far enough to get me wet...
Dr.D.: Wake up her mom?
Dr.D.: (ain't pretty, that is)
Pam / Erin: yeah, aunt Cynthia can get a bit snarky if you wake her up
Dr.D.: Then I shall let sleeping snarks sleep.
Pam / Erin: Zzzzzzzzzz
Dr.D.: I guess that's a hint...
Pam / Erin: We're thinking it really is time for bed
Dr.D.: I am quite awake, but I will let you both go to sleep.
Pam / Erin: and since you have to be up at five
Dr.D.: Before it's on the keyboard.
Dr.D.: Yes, 5...but I will live.
Dr.D.: I can sleep long on Friday night.
Pam / Erin: I have to drive tomorrow - and they recommend you be awake for that
Dr.D.: If Erin isn't back from her drink of H2O, tell her good night.
Pam / Erin: she's here
Dr.D.: If she is back, she can read it here.
Pam / Erin: <E> Nite Ricky
Dr.D.: Well, drive carefully wherever you're driving.
Pam / Erin: to the cemetery : )
Dr.D.: Well...then that requires a lot less care...
Pam / Erin: shortcut
Dr.D.: It's easy to get there...just hard to leave.
Dr.D.: I recommend no short cuts.
Pam / Erin: and on that morbid note
Dr.D.: Okay, Ricky is going away now.
Pam / Erin: we shall away as well
Dr.D.: <sniff>
Dr.D.: Good night, ladies.
Pam / Erin: g'nite from both of us
Pam / Erin: hugs
Dr.D.: hugs
Dr.D.: <blip>
Pam / Erin: kerpoof
Dr.D. left chat session
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