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Daniel Bienvenu: HA-HA!
Dr.D.: Hello Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm late?
Dr.D.: Just stopping by briefly...
Dr.D.: No, you are not late.
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Dr.D.: Hello Richard.
rich-c: god day, gentlemen
Daniel Bienvenu: Ok! let's the meeting beggin!
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes, it's a good day. We are cleaning a bit our house hoere
rich-c: right, Daniel, I'm up for that
rich-c: aren't you rushing the spring a little, Daniel?
Dr.D.: I have been sick :-( Slept 15 hours last night, got up just a couple hours ago.
rich-c: great heavens, Rich, what bit you?
Dr.D.: Very bad cold, fever, cough, ick.
rich-c: not some variant of SARS, I trust
Dr.D.: Been fighting it all week...but I had a lab seminar to give Friday.
Daniel Bienvenu: translating... "great heavens": "Ciel!" ?
Dr.D.: I doubt it.
rich-c: oh, I'll bet you're popular with the students - all the ones nursing the same thing now, that is! ;-(
Dr.D.: I probably got it from them.
Dr.D.: The cough part was incubating for about a week.
rich-c: pretty much, Daniel, yes - le bon Dieu demeure au ciel, n
rich-c: est-ce pas?
Dr.D.: But the rest of the stuff really hit Wednesday.
rich-c: great - problems on problems
Daniel Bienvenu: well, heaven sounds like "paradis" but the expression we use is "ciel"
Dr.D.: And Thursday was a rough day. Even though my presentation wasn't done, I went home at 9:30 PM because I wasn't getting anything done.
rich-c: just the anglophones messing things up again, Daniel
Dr.D.: So I slept until about 3 AM and came in to finish it...fortunately, I did by 10:30 AM. Seminar was at noon.
rich-c: we are quite conscienceless about it
Dr.D.: So I got through the presentation, seems everyone liked it...then I just crashed on the floor of my office until it was time to go home at 5 PM.
Daniel Bienvenu: on the floor?
rich-c: but now you have had a decent sleep?
Dr.D.: I went to bed when I got home.
Dr.D.: Yes, on the floor. I do have a small pillow and blankets for that case.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! it was not *BANG" on the floor.
Dr.D.: No, I didn't fall down suddenly :-)
rich-c: I suspect, Daniel, that when one is that sick and tired, it may well be with a bang
Dr.D.: "crash" is an exaggeration term.
Dr.D.: But a very common one among students, stay up all night working on something, turn it in, go home to "crash".
rich-c: quite- one of those things that entered the language about the time of the hippies
rich-c: btw, I am now on the DSL line, as promised
Dr.D.: I am still sleepy and tired, but the worst of it seems to have passed: I am not coughing like crazy any more.
Dr.D.: Excellent news, Richard.
rich-c: that at least is a relief, Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: The only thing I can say is "take care" and "keep bed"... last time I was sick (this year), it takes me approx 3 days before starting feeling good enough to continue a normal life.
rich-c: I'm waiting till I try my first serious download - likely an antivirus update
Dr.D.: Part of my mental discomfort was certainly all the Sudafed and Robitussin I was on...but I needed it to keep functioning.
Dr.D.: Were it not for the seminar Friday, I would have taken Daniel's advice and gone home for 3 days.
rich-c: with my prescriptioin meds, most of those OTC things are contra'd for me
Daniel Bienvenu: I used Robitussin too
Dr.D.: Is your heart behaving itself, Richard.
Dr.D.: ?
Daniel Bienvenu: With Tylenol
Dr.D.: Robitussin works...but the codeine cough syrup we used to be able to buy when I was a kid worked much better.
rich-c: well, it's still fast, can't tell of course if there is fibrillation as well - pulse just over 100
Dr.D.: But codeine sough syrup has not been available OTC here for over 30 years.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm feeling too young suddently.
Dr.D.: Does it get faster if you exert yourself, or is it just constant?
Dr.D.: Haha Daniel :-)
rich-c: just have to find a way to smuggle some home next time you're in Canada - just don't let them catch you
Dr.D.: I think you can still buy codeine in Canada OTC.
rich-c: oh yes, including Tylenol with some codeine (with more it's prescription only)
rich-c: but we do have cough syrups and stuff with it
rich-c: and Rich - me, exert myself? surely you jest!
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, the first day I was sick I keep bed approx 14 hours. the second day approx 10 hours. the third day I checked my e-mails only one hour then bed again for 9 hours.
Dr.D.: The opiate side effects of codeine are actually part of what makes it good for coughs, despite the specific effect on the cough center in the brain (that dextromethorphan, the non-narcotic analogue that's in Robitussin, acts on specifically).
rich-c: that is by far teh smart way to handle it, Daniel
Dr.D.: Robitussin hits the cough center, but doesn't "sedate" you still try to keep to normal activities, which irritates the cough even more.
rich-c: yes, when they took me off the morphine pump at the hospital I went onto Tylenol 3s
rich-c: fair keep a guy buzzed, those do!
Dr.D.: When you are a "manager" type person, with no replacement for you, it is hard to stay away...I can't cancel my classes.
rich-c: I had that problem when I was working - it leads to bad decisions
rich-c: on the other hand when you are away you do hear the horror stories when you come back
Dr.D.: If I weren't teaching, I could put my research work on hold for a few days, easy.
rich-c: yes, the paper shuffling can always wait a bit, but the teaching needs can't
Dr.D.: Cancelled classes, however, means makeups...and those are a hardship on everyone, with lab classes...
Dr.D.: If it was just a lecture class, then you can compensate somewhat. But building a robot, there is no substitute for the lost time.
rich-c: no, that there just can't be
rich-c: from curiosity: have you checked yet who flies from Cleveland to ElPaso?
Dr.D.: Nope, I haven't. Has a date even been decided upon?
rich-c: I have teh impression it's supposed to be last half September
rich-c: in fact your timetable was a major consideration, I was told
Dr.D.: That's all I really know.
Dr.D.: Nobody has asked me about specifics :-)
rich-c: ElPaso isn't exactly your major airline hub
rich-c: maybe we need to push Bob a bit for specfics
Dr.D.: Since my teaching schedule for Fall 2004 is not certain yet, I am not certain about what my departure and return days might be.
Dr.D.: If all I am doing is robot course, then I leave Thursday after class and return Monday.
rich-c: my guess is my best ruote will be Toronto-Dallas then out the spoke, so to spoeak
rich-c: guess my choice will depend on what gets the best air fare
Dr.D.: But there is a chance that I will be teaching some different classes too, if my job gets reclassified, and if those are M-W-F, then I might have more restricted attendance.
Daniel Bienvenu: Yesturday, you received my e-mails about my "codec" to add a movie-clip in a Coleco rom file. I received these e-mails too. I talked about the codec in the first e-mail, then a sample in the second e-mail. If you have time wednesday, I would like to talk about my codec with you... if you think it's a good idea, if there is a better way to do video compression, if someone already did a codec like this for the Coleco Adam, etc.
rich-c: if Southwest via Phoenix is much better, then I could look at that, for instance
Dr.D.: But in any case, I am there for sure Sat. and Sun. (even if I were to have to leave Sun. after the banquet).
Dr.D.: Your codec is remarkable Daniel, I am still digesting it.
Dr.D.: Only Dale Wick could comment with more technical authority, he is the only other person I know who did any kind of complex video-like animation on an ADAM.
rich-c: 'm afraid it's a technical area I just don't understand, Daniel, but it sounds great
Daniel Bienvenu: The idea works not bad, it tooks me approx. two days to make it.
Daniel Bienvenu: I was inspired by the previous roms I did last week.
rich-c: to the extent that I understand what's going on, Daniel (which isn't much) you seem to have some significant accomplishments
Dr.D.: It's great inspiration.
Daniel Bienvenu: Next step is probably adding colors and sounds but the rom file is already FULL.
Dr.D.: I hate to be a spoilsport...but I am going to have to go lie down again :-(
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's almost time to return to your bed, Dr.D. A good sleep before dinner will probably helps you.
Dr.D.: I should be my normal self on Wednesday again.
Dr.D.: I hope that your cardiologist visit goes well, Richard.
rich-c: getting to you a bit, is it, Rich? Well, glad you did show up anyway; thank you and take care!
Dr.D.: Say hi to the rest of your clan for me.
Dr.D.: Back to Sickbay...
Dr.D.: Hailing frequencies closed.
rich-c: I shall certainly do that Rich
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Daniel Bienvenu: And about my Gamepack2 project, only a couple of things to optimize and fix... the games are already done, I'm adding a nice touch to it.
rich-c: well, pity he could not stay, but I am glad he did come
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! I like talking with Dr.D... and you too, of course.
rich-c: I'm hoping that your work is strong enough to be commercially viable, Daniel
rich-c: certainly it sounds as if it should be
Daniel Bienvenu: To be honnest, I did this project because GoodDealGames marked "#1" on my first Gamepack project.
rich-c: yes, I can toos in a bit of francais on occasion, and Rich understands your work
rich-c: in anticipation of geting the rights from you for more? that's an optimistic sign!
rich-c: I sort of visualize counters loaded with carts - "The Welcome Gamepack #18"
rich-c: naturall for teh American market they would have to translate "Bienvenue" 8-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't think I have enough imagination to do 16 more Gamepack
rich-c: oh, I don't know - how many different variations on Pac-Man alone are there?
Daniel Bienvenu: The fact is that i will probably not do a Gamepack#3. Gamepack#1 didn't become a "bestseller" like my previous projects.
rich-c: any idea why? would it respond to a little "tweaking"?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's because they want one single game in a cart with many animations and effects. My Gamepack project is more a tribute to the great 8bits games I played when I was young.
rich-c: guess what you are saying is that folks want longer games with more extended play value
Daniel Bienvenu: And I think that I will release a "shooter" game this summer... I hate violence but it this kind of game the gamers want.
rich-c: still, many of the classic games are only 8K, so four would fit on a 32K ROM
rich-c: ever taken a look at teh "Carnival" game?
Daniel Bienvenu: My games in Gamepack are approx 2,2K size each
rich-c: maybe fewer but bigger would be the answer then, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: they are like Vic-20 games... limited to 4K ram (program and data).
rich-c: if that results in too much effort, remember folks still happily buy individual old 8K Coleco carts
rich-c: the virtue of Colecovision was that the graphics were so superior - but it took more programming to support them
Daniel Bienvenu: But Nintendo and other companies did last year some "games collection" with their classics.
rich-c: did they upgrade them to take advantage of their new machines?
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes and No, they did a kind of conversions and emulation with no change.
rich-c: what we need is a patch for teh emulator that lets it drive a contemporary joystick/keypad
rich-c: it's hard to play a game meant for a fast responsive joystick with keys
Daniel Bienvenu: Why you think I did my Gamepack by reprogramming games in my way to be playable with the ColecoVision.
Daniel Bienvenu: For my Gamepack#2 project, tested by some people, the three best games are: Connect Four, Explosion and Treasure.
rich-c: isn't the assumption in your programming that, when burned into ROMs, your games will play on the Colecovision?
rich-c: basically, all the "original" ROMs floating about for the emulator are inages of original Coleco cartridges
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I have to reprogram games in C from scratch to make sure that it will run just fine.
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah, they are image of the original rom from cartridge
rich-c: one of the dissatisfactions with the emulator is that it does not allow the use of a joystick
rich-c: that makes many games impossible to play satisfactorily
Daniel Bienvenu: ... i see that no one updated the web page to add the powerpoint of Coleco programming in "sunday" link (Adamcon 15).
rich-c: is that on Dale Wick's web page or one of the others?
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale Wick
rich-c: well, Dale seeems to have entirely too much on his hands these dayshe does not seem to get around to the web site much
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe dunring summer this will change
rich-c: really hard to tell - if he's having a fit of ambition lots will get done, if not, nothing
rich-c: Dale is not someone who responds to pushing - he works to his own schedule
Daniel Bienvenu: to his own schedule... that's fine!
Daniel Bienvenu: I also have to update my Coleco web page. :)
rich-c: but hard on the rest of us when we are waiting for something :-(
rich-c: yes - teh Adam community seems short of round tuits
rich-c: "I'll do it when I get a round tuit" -English joke
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
rich-c: wonder where Guy is? he seemed to think he'd be by today
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know, but I will probably be offline in a couple of minutes
rich-c: yes, you usually start dinner about 4 p.m., don't you?
rich-c: making dinner, that is, not eating
Daniel Bienvenu: Not today, but someone here may need the phone. :)
rich-c: quite - that's no longer an issue for me; with the DSL line I can surf and use the phone at the same time
rich-c: in fact my ISP coached me over the phone while watching me set up the service online
Daniel Bienvenu: I find a way to convert the wmv files of the Adamcon 15 to mpeg.
Daniel Bienvenu: I will be able to extract images and then try my codec on it
rich-c: sorry - I forget which format wmv is -
Daniel Bienvenu: a MS Windows Media Player format.
rich-c: that's hot the Aplle Quicktime format, is it?
rich-c: ah, OK - as I recall Microsoft does not make it easy to work with those files
Daniel Bienvenu: To be able to use it with the converter, I needed to rename wmv to asf.
rich-c: again, I know the media files are out there, I have the programs to open them, but use them very little
Daniel Bienvenu: poor quality of the video clip... i will not make it as a Video CD.
rich-c: you're getting over my head now, really into stuff I don't know about
rich-c: there is a longer learning curve involved than I ewant to climb
Daniel Bienvenu: mpeg-1 format is used normally to do a VCD, to be able to play it with a VCD player or a DVD player.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not converting the WMV files into MPEG files
Daniel Bienvenu: but I will not put these mpeg files into a VCD project... the quality is bad.
rich-c: what's a VCD player? DVDs I know
Daniel Bienvenu: As far as I know, VCD players was very popular in Japan but not here. Only a few have a real VCD player. Some VCD player played huge VCD format (looks like good old vinyl disc '33).
rich-c: oh, are you talking about teh things called Laser Discs here? I have one of those but no player
Daniel Bienvenu: With my CD-RW, I use NERO. With NERO I can create VCE project and burned into normal CD-R.
Daniel Bienvenu: But the video files most be transformed.
Daniel Bienvenu: So I use another tool to convert video files
Daniel Bienvenu: and I'm using this tool right now to convert the WMV files of the ADAMCON15 meeting into MPEG format.
rich-c: I got some new software with my DVD burner that seems very capable
rich-c: I wonder if I could find a way to play my laser dis if I could transcribe it to a DVD?
Daniel Bienvenu: Because the tool I use to extract frames from a movie clip don't read WMV format.
Daniel Bienvenu: if your "laser disc" is the same size as your DVD player, you can try it.
rich-c: OK, I think I am beginning to get the idea
Daniel Bienvenu: I mean, if it fits into the DVD player, you may try to play it
rich-c: no, the laser discs are as you say about the size of an old 33 rpm - about 12"
rich-c: have a buddy with a player but it doesnt work any more
Daniel Bienvenu: so, you need a "monster" VCD player.
rich-c: actually for a while some folks were making players that handled CDs, DVDs, and Laser discs
Daniel Bienvenu: The only person I know who have one VCD player of this kind is Norman Brigthwaith (not sure I'm speeling his name right). In Quebec, everyone know him.
rich-c: but I'm not going to go out and spend $100 to maybe play one disc once
Daniel Bienvenu: mmm, the conversion of the WMV file will takes about 20 minutes.
rich-c: the local Cash Converters have two of teh combination players on sale
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, with a good videocard and the appropriate VCD player pluged into your computer, you may be able to extract the video file from the laser disc like recording TV.
rich-c: well, I have an nVida card I think - just no VCD player
Daniel Bienvenu: I recorded a movie from VHS with my computer this way and I put the result into a CDR.
Daniel Bienvenu: rich?
Daniel Bienvenu: it loks like you leave
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Daniel Bienvenu: rich?
rich-c: sorry
rich-c: went to check my video card and dumped myself
rich-c: didnt realize the inventory program would preempt
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe!
rich-c: at least the DSL let me get back in a hurry
rich-c: anyway my video card is an nVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model64/64 Pro
Daniel Bienvenu: looks good
Daniel Bienvenu: my video card is ATI RADEON VIVO 64DDR
rich-c: I suppose - maybe my buddy will get the player working
rich-c: he bought half a dozen laser discs at a garage sale for $9 and wants to see them
Daniel Bienvenu: you have a DVD burner?
rich-c: ATI are pretty good - their headquarters are in Toronto so we see them every time we go up the Don Valley Parkway
rich-c: yes, I bought one at Future Shop about a month ago - an LG 4X multi-format, very neat
Daniel Bienvenu: well, you will have no problem to capture and the record the result into a DVD+/-R.
rich-c: the burner can handle =, -, RW in either, DVD-RAM. and CDs
rich-c: sorry, +, - (etc)
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it's time to say goodbye
Daniel Bienvenu: I finally have to cook bacon
Daniel Bienvenu: see you wednesday
rich-c: getting on, isn't it? - eh bien, au revoid
rich-c: revoir
Daniel Bienvenu: adios amigos!
Daniel Bienvenu: n'importe quoi! hehe!
rich-c: c u Wed!
Daniel Bienvenu: mercredi!
Daniel Bienvenu: chow!
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rich-c: ciao!
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